Have You Seen Ancient Apocalypse by Graham Hancock?

It’s on Netflix. He’s an investigative journalist, not an academic and the academics would like to throw him over the cliff because he’s revealing what he’s finding.

Graham Hancock’s birth gateway.

Have a look.

Now we see the Great Pyramid of Cholula in Mexico. A GINORMOUS monument bigger than any monument anywhere. It’s dated 1200 A.D.

They carved Tunnels into this great pyramid. 8 kilometers of tunnels made by archeologists. There are more underground from 800 BC. Then 1200 BC.

This is a black hole in mesoamerican history!

They’re talking about the whole complex being built over a spring that led to the underworld. It sounds like Red Moon, Mulac, the archetype for Methionine, the start codon in a DNA sequence.

Gudang Padang in Indonesia, built as a steppe pyramid also has a spring at its heart. It’s also found in the Giza pyramids.

My intuition says our E.T. ancestors were helping us by building these pyramids all over the world to use as energy stations and to teach us about our origins as time itself. We do not live IN time but AS time. You heard it here first.

The pyramids mark sacred places, maybe time portals. There are HIDDEN inner chambers in these pyramids that the scientists won’t investigate.

They are oriented to the second Sun on the summer solstice, June 21st. They aligned them precisely to true astronomical north. It’s telepathy shared by our ancestors imo. Death and world Bridgers come in here.

My comment; Cycles of life and death in physical ARE TIME. They are our bodies literally and our ancestors want us to know our SOURCE: TIMELESSNESS/ETERNITY and it comes through OUR MOTHERS, our DNA are the GAP kin, the female galactic inbreath.

According to myth, the giants or the Ancient Builder Race built them. Now they are talking about the rain God chuac or Blue Storm tryptophan, tribe 19.

Texcotzingo pyramid is next. This is Aztec. There is a PRE Aztec site there. Clolac is the rain God.

Now quetzocoatl, the feathered Serpent was a teacher. They worshipped him as a deity. He brought the gifts of civilization.

Our E.T. ancestors have always been here helping us and still are. They just can’t do it for us or we wouldn’t learn. It’s parenting. Use discretion

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