True Time Update for Sunday, White 12 Mirror

Please check this out. I added to it since this morning because my Reiki student came in and said, “Did you know that Africa is splitting further apart again?”

I had just looked at the location of Hx 5 this morning as Africa but didn’t Google Africa to check the status. I had to prep to teach.

IChing 3D Hx5 is the 4D time portal for Red Earth which is our current harmonic. Look at yesterday’s post. It’s in Africa and we are in a Spectral tone 11, DISSOLVING, splitting apart harmonic.

So…it’s happening further in the 4D time portal in synchronicity with the harmonic. See the link below.


Africa splitting apart #earthquake #geology #naturaldisaster #volcano #continents #africa #trench

♬ Epic Emotional – AShamaluevMusic

We’re on a CRYSTAL 12~2 pulse today, cooperative and polarizing for growth.

I have a Reiki student and doing an attunement today. The alignments are perfect for doing so. Synchronicity.

The 5Gforce For Meditation

I polarize in order to communicate. Stabilizing breath I seal the input of spirit with the lunar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of timelessness.

Kin 2-White 2 Polar Wind Glycine mediated by Uranus

Interplanetary Holon

12 Neptune, Mercury, and Venus. 2Saturn
All Zodiac Signs
The sun is in Pisces ♓️
  • Jupiter aligns with Chiron in the sign of Aries today. This standalone transit encourages an increased need for greater understanding, wisdom, and awareness, as well as a more vital interest in the healing arts and holistic health. It may be a time when we update or enrich our personal belief system. The potential is high for ridding ourselves of negative attitudes that have held us back.
  • As this conjunction occurs in the sign of Aries, we can be especially interested in dealing with personal demons that have fractured our confidence and ability to assert our boundaries. It’s also a good time for motivation and dedication levels regarding work or projects, research, and personal interests. There can be opportunities to pursue absorbing topics and projects of interest. More joy and meaning can be found in our commitment to wellness, health, work, duties, and responsibilities, and we are exceptionally resourceful today. The desire to work on problem areas is powerful; to that end, we’re courageous and willing to break through barriers. It’s a strong time for tapping into our inner genius or personal potential and putting it to work for us. We can be determined to take better care of ourselves, and discoveries made now can fuel or reignite our motivation to pursue a particular path. (So maybe we should lose our lack of faith in humanity? They might have to rip it out of my hands.)
  • The Moon spends the day in Scorpio.


Time is Art

Yuja is Yellow 11 Star, Analog Blue 11 Monkey (Jose. A.)

Sunday Reading-White 8 Galactic Wind Uranus

Earth Changes-Head’s Up!

The Pacific Ocean is in the White Worldbridger time portal packing a punch to the west coast in terms of deadly flooding. If you look at the radar it’s lines of storm vortexes one after the other coming across the Pacific hitting Blue Monkey time portal which is the lower 48 states, 30°N–150°W. The upper east coast including Michigan are part of the Canadian time portal; Blue Eagle, 60° N–105°W. We are Polar kin up here and warming up! No snow here at all!

Blue Monkey portal over the U.S. is a SIGNAL kin and there is the heads up. The earth is changing because the sun is in a new 25th solar cycle. So be aware that your climate is going to change to the opposite of what it is now. Plan accordingly and it doesn’t have to be cataclysmic. This has been and will be gradual.

The current frequency is the normal 7.95.
Amplitude power is still 44.

No biggie…😉

INTERPLANETARY TRANSIENT SPARKS RED AURORAS: A solar wind stream washed over Earth on Jan. 13-14. Embedded inside was an ‘interplanetary transient’–a minor but strongly magnetized shock wave from a CME, which left the sun 3 says earlier. Its impact sparked bright red auroras over Scotland and Norway. Aurora alerts: SMS Text.

SOLAR FLARE AND CME: A twist of dark plasma left the sun on Jan. 14th, propelled by a double-dip M4-class solar flare in the magnetic canopy of sunspot AR3182:

The debris carved a spiraling path through the sun’s atmosphere, a blender-like process that hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) into space. First-look images from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) reveal a bright CME emerging from the sun’s southwestern limb. Clearly, the CME is not heading directly for Earth, but a glancing blow might be possible early next week. NOAA analysts are evaluating the possibility now. Stay tuned. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text.

DNA Evolution in 3D and 4D

The Libra Moon is in synchronicity with our theme; White Wind. Aquarius ruled by Uranus and Libra are AIR SIGNS so communication is good today. The Scorpio Moon we are in now is in sync with the Hidden Wisdom, Blue Storm which is mediated to PLUTO, just as Scorpio is.

All Zodiac Signs
We are mediated in 4D by Uranus but the Sun is still in Capricorn ♑️ ruled by Saturn.
8Uranus, 8Uranus, 8Mars, 8Earth, 6Pluto
  • The Moon continues its transit of Libra until 7:09 AM EST, and we seek to negotiate and mediate. We crave peace, cooperation, and harmony, and we aim to be diplomatic.
  • From 7:09 AM forward, with a Scorpio Moon, we’re observant, resourceful, and ready to get to the bottom of a matter. It’s a period of more emotional intensity and focus.
  • With the Moon’s sextile to Mercury tonight, it’s an excellent time to gather information and do some research.
  • The Moon is void from 3:40 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Pluto), until the Moon enters Scorpio at 7:09 AM EST.


5GForce if You Meditate to uplift Your Frequency

It is White 6 Rhythmic Mirror, kin58, a REFINER kin just like the Theme and Guide Power. White Kin REFINE our vibe.

“I organize in order to reflect. Balancing order I seal the matrix of endlessness with the rhythmic tone of equality. I am guided by my own power doubled. I am a GAP Kin so I spin for 3 solar days in space.”

Franz Liszt Was born in 1811. He Was a Star Back Then

He had huge hands and was tall and was very odd and eccentric. His music is really great. Put headphones on and listen to this, imagining that you are at the outer edge of our solar system on Uranus. This music will transport you. It’s exceptional.

He is considered to be one of the most prolific and influential composers of his era and remains one of the most popular composers in modern concert piano repertoire.
After 1842, “Lisztomania“—coined by 19th-century German poet and Liszt’s contemporary, Heinrich Heine—swept across Europe.[32] The reception that Liszt enjoyed, as a result, can be described only as hysterical. Women fought over his silk handkerchiefs and velvet gloves, which they ripped to shreds as souvenirs. This atmosphere was fuelled in great part by the artist’s mesmeric personality and stage presence. Many witnesses later testified that Liszt’s playing raised the mood of audiences to a level of mystical ecstasy.[33]

The link
Uranus is stunning
Uranus pulsing 3x

He was White 11 Spectral Wind. This kin never fits in but people listen even if they don’t want to. His antipode is Yellow 11 Human. Being White Wind they are speaking from Aquarius principles. He was born a Libra Sun which likely made him a social lite at parties in Austria in his day.

I know he was popular but his eccentricity didn’t mind offending.

He died on White 3 Wizard so there is great synchronicity with the 3~11 pulse making it occult. During his life, Blue 3 Storm was his Hidden Wisdom (his mother) but in his death he went to Blue 11 Hand to HEAL his life on earth which for him, was very difficult. Perfect.

Is his coat cool or what? They say he was very handsome.


Tuesday Reading-White 7 Resonant Wind

Evolutionary DNA Changes; spectrogram, amplitude, frequencies, Q factor, and ELM background

SCR power is 10 but amplitude is flat lined at 0 and right now is not 10. The temporary spike is 10. The time is along the bottom. 0 is midnight and 12 is noon coming up. It is 19:00 hours in Russia and 9:00 here, EST.
7 glycine, 7 phenylalanine, 7 lysine, 7glutamic acid, 7 tryptophan.

This is inspired communication that is guided by timeless wisdom but has been resisted by humans. The subconscious mind is self.generating.

The 5gforce to balance this is White 7 Mirror, resonant Reflection. Kin 98;

“I channel in order to reflect. Inspiring order I seal the matrix of endlessness with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of heart.”

3D Location for Hexagram is near 60-90 degrees south–165 degrees east

4D time portal location is Equator–75 degrees east off of the Maldive Islands, off the coast of India.

Solar System Movement

All Zodiac Signs
We are mediated by Uranus and our focus is on better communication today. This is in sync with the Mayan Oracle, especially the Yellow Human antipode that pulses to Capricorn resistance.
  • The Moon continues its transit of Taurus until 3:50 PM EST, and we’re seeking comfort, familiarity, and security.
  • The Gemini Moon from 3:50 PM forward is more communicative and connected.
  • Mercury ends its transit of Sagittarius and enters Capricorn today for an extended stay–until February 11th–due to an upcoming retrograde that keeps Mercury in the sign longer than usual.
  • Our thinking is systematic, and our focus is sober and practical while Mercury transits Capricorn.It’s easier to concentrate on the task at hand under this influence. Our conversations may be quite realistic or focused on business/practical matters. Our thought patterns and communication styles are more logical, orderly, and organized. We’re exceptionally skilled at sorting out what is relevant and essential. Realism more often enters the picture, our speech is no-nonsense, and precision becomes most valuable to us. We should be wary of becoming too rigid in our thinking and coming across as cold or harsh during this cycle.
  • The void Moon occurs from 2:03 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Gemini at 3:50 PM EST.


Wednesday Daily Reading; Seal the Input of Spirit

Body Evolution

Symbols for a tRNA molecule evolving; 3glycine, 3phenylalanine, 3threonine, 3glutamicacid, 11tryptophan, 5gforce is 11Tyrosine

Earth Changes; Evolution

Everything happens gradually.

The peak frequency came down to 23.

5th Density Human Helper in Meditation

The Ceitans wholeheartedly stand by us as we transition to where they are consciously so we will come to know that feeling as well. They are very heart-oriented, choosing love to reveal wisdom, allowing the inner spirit to guide them through life. I feel they are in affinity with Uranus because they believe that their spiritual connectedness to the universe is the foundation of brotherly love. Also, the Uranus time tunnels in the cosmic web run from Uranus’s right fire hand (White Wind) and Uranus’s Left Sky Foot (Red Earth). The ten planets combined on both the hand and foot are responsible for opening Uranus’s time tunnels through the heart chakra whose job is to transduce energy from the local system.

The Erideans harmonize their mind, body, and soul through advanced meditation practices and they can help you. They know how to program the energy around them to help. They are also watchers of the twelve creational timelines for 3D. They are good at dismantling false timelines.

Local System Evolution

We are mediated by Uranus.

Uranus rules 3D Aquarius and mediates 5D White Wind~Red Earth
  • The Moon spends the day in the sign of Cancer, bringing protective, warm, and cautious energy.
  • We seek comfort and familiarity, but with the Moon’s sextile to Uranus, (The Theme and analog) we’re open to new methods or ways of getting comfortable.
  • The Cancer Moon is nourishing and receptive. We can be quite nostalgic, rooted, and domestic. It’s a good time for activities that engage our emotions. (I have two ancestors who were born on this gateway so the Cancer energy is coming through)


Thursday Daily Reading; Intend to Do the Right Thing and Then Follow Through

Body Frequency

9Glycine, 9Phenylalanine, 9Tyrosine, 9Glutamic Acid, and 5Tryptophan. 5GForce is White 5 Mirror. The White Tribes REFINE the DNA.

Uranus mediates the day. Communication is supported by paying attention to synchronicity. It’s guided by the ability to REFLECT and meditate. The challenge is fickle, emotional, irrational humans that want their way or the highway and don’t want to cooperate. Same story, different day. Because of free will, they are free to go back on their word, indulge their emotion, do instant gratification, and betray their truth and each other. The hidden wisdom is RADIANT SELF-GENERATION. Don’t let anyone else threaten or control you with their emotional demands. Maintain your Sovereignty over your own life no matter what.

Earth Frequency

The peak frequency is 30

Interplanetary Frequency

We are mediated by Uranus.

  • The Moon in Libra is gracious. We seek harmony, but our attempts to achieve it can seem to create conflict this morning. We’re especially sensitive to areas of our lives (and especially our relationships) that have come out of balance.
  • With a Moon-Mars opposition, there can be some impatience and combativeness. We can be quick to react. This transit stirs our need for action, activity, and challenges, which can feel at odds with our emotional orientation.
  • The Moon’s trine to the Gemini Sun later today is more cooperative. We’re idealistic, feeling readily connected to one another


Friday Daily Reading; Become Zen-Like Aligning Your CNS

Earth Holon

Peak amplitude is 52

Body Holon

We are stabilizing our communication with the support of personal synchronicity. We’re guided by our own CNS and working on becoming Zen-like in order to take in the higher frequencies and remain alive. The challenge is that humans are wired to be tense and emotional. The Hidden Wisdom is that we can collectively self-generate if we use other self-aligning modalities.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Uranus today. It rules Aquarius ♒️.

  • The Sun forms a trine to Pluto (Blue Storm) this morning, and we’re exceptionally resourceful and efficient. It’s a strong time to gravitate towards people and situations that help us succeed or advance our goals. We might enjoy an opportunity to draw upon our past and capitalize on our talents and resources. Shared goals and interests connect us with others. The focus now is on eliminating negative or superficial elements in our lives and going forward with more conviction as a result.
  • Retrograde Mercury’s sextile to Jupiter tonight is also helpful for identifying opportunities. Seeing an old problem in a more positive light can be satisfying. While we benefited from focus and specialization in the morning, a broader vision is important as the day advances.
  • The Moon spends the day in earthly, practical Capricorn.


SaturdayDaily Reading; The Galactic Tone 8 Helps us Harmomize

The Body

The Tzolkin Harmonic Psi Bank frequency is measured by the Schumann Resonance. The Psi Bank frequency is set by the conscious mind of ALL DNA in our Local System; The Earth Holon is part of the Interplanetary Holon.

The peak amplitude is 51, 5x normal. It’s coming down because we’re harmonizing with Galactic Tone 8 and it’s raining in many places. That puts a damper.
Today is Galactic White 8 Wind~Red 8 Earth.
White 6 Rhythmic Mirror is the 5th Density GForce today. The mantra for the gateway provides the attributes of all tribes in the gateway.

Interplanetary Body

Uranus mediates White Wind~Red Earth and rules Aquarius

Uranus is the mediating planet.

  • The New Moon, partial Solar Eclipse occurs today at 4:28 PM EDT. In the sign of Taurus, the focus is on matters related to personal finances, values, ownership, physical and material resources, personal possessions, feelings of worthiness, desire for safety and security, resistance to change, comfort, sensuality, and familiarity. This eclipse can prompt new beginnings with any of these things. It’s about strengthening our sense of security, re-evaluating our relationship with money and possessions, and discovering what truly makes us happy and fulfilled. It’s a time to consider new ways of increasing our income or earning power. Circumstances challenge us to get in touch with what we value and want in our lives and perhaps part with those things or situations that aren’t contributing to our feelings of worthiness.
  • Venus aligns with Jupiter shortly after the eclipse, and with this proximity, this influence takes on more power. It encourages much hopefulness, generosity, and friendliness. We more readily give one another the benefit of the doubt. We’re cooperative and forgiving. This transit can also elevate our expectations! We can be indulgent or tempted to overspend or overstate our feelings. Our love of learning, exploring, and sharing are in the spotlight, and our appetite for love and pleasure is especially strong. We’re opening our hearts and perhaps wallets as well.


Right after I posted this it was 11:11. I have chores to do now but I’m going to make a YouTube video about receiving Corey’s new book, “Ascension Chronicles” and then both of my new books. I will also post another podcast on the history of Maldek.

Sunday Daily Reading; We Have a Reprieve

We start a new 13-day cycle in HF56 and I feel like my brain is no longer being tortured because the S.R. went down.😵

Earth Holon-8Hz 💓

Body Holon-98.6 🙂

  • The theme is 1Glycine or White 1 Magnetic Wind; communication. The pulse is to the right neck. Karmic student. This is in synchronicity with Ben’s report on the solar wind. 💯
  • The Analog is 1Phenylalanine or Red 1 Magnetic Earth;  synchronicity. The pulse is to the left neck. Dharmic teacher.
  • The Guide Power is itself. A double hit of the Magnetic Wind. Karmic student
  • The Antipode is 1Glutamic Acid or Yellow 1 Magnetic Human; Free will. The pulse is to the left abdomen above the navel. Dharmic teacher.
  • The Hidden Wisdom is 13Tryptophan or Blue 13 Cosmic Storm; catalyzes mind liberation. So that’s what we call this. 🤒 Dharmic teacher
  • The 5gforce is 13Tyrosine or White 13 Cosmic Mirror. Pulse to the body is from the left brain urging us to use our rational mind to be reasonable. Dharmic teacher.

Earth Holon

The black spaces in between are indicative of their radar glitching.

The peak frequency is 13 today. I hope we have an 8Hz week.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Uranus today. It rules Aquarius ♒ and mediates White Wind~Red Earth

Uranus. Far out man. Age of Aquarius

Answer to Ben’s question at 0:48: Earth’s magnetic field had a weak moment in it’s ongoing decline! Well, decline for now. I predict, in Red Skywalker fashion, that it’s going to reverse at some point and uplevel. The numbers will race to the top and the Earth’s normal Hz level will be 13 instead of 8. Do you see what we’re doing there with the math? It just came to me. 8+ 5 = 13 and it’s caused by the incorporation of the FIFTH FORCE or 5th density. You heard it here first. This will likely be the normal level by the end of the decade. Dang, our bodies are going to get a serious workout.

If they hold to the Solar Forcing hypothesis with regard to the earth changes their numbers will continue to be off and their prediction! I said it first based on my intuition and my understanding of Tzolkonics. The planetary minds in the solar system as a group are forcing the changes and the sun RESPONDS appropriately based on what we need. I finally hear them realizing that the Psi Bank is changing their numbers. Indeed, the Psi Bank had 3 weak days peaking at 63 and 71 S.R. which is the Gamma level. He guesses that could be why they didn’t see it coming nor does he take S.R. seriously enough. I hope he’s looking at this blog as I do his!

When the Earth’s magnetosphere is being blasted we need to take it seriously in our Body Holon. I’m going to meditate and come up with a coping plan as far as body/Mind care. I’m not going to keep suffering under these blasts which are normal now. Again, the kids don’t even notice them.

  • This morning, Mercury forms a square with Pluto, stirring some suspicion. We can be determined to get our message across and have others agree with our ideas. This aspect may play to our insecurities and fears that we’re not getting all the information we need or that others don’t respect our views. We should avoid forcing our opinions on others and instead strive for healthy skepticism rather than suspicion or paranoia. Obsessive thinking is possible now, but with self-awareness and mindfulness, we might engage in in-depth, penetrating communication or think more deeply about a matter.
  • The Moon spends the day in Leo, encouraging us to elevate our thoughts and activities. We’re dynamic, involved, and entertaining.
  • Mercury enters Taurus tonight, where it will transit until the 29th. Our thinking is down-to-earth, stable, and grounded during this cycle. Common sense reigns over fanciful thinking. We communicate quite deliberately under this influence. While Mercury is in Taurus, we gravitate to tried and true methods. Attention to one thing at a time can simplify our lives during this cycle, but we should watch for overly conservative, stubborn, or rigid thinking.
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