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The Mayans are mentioned in here a few times. They work with me in private meditations when I need some healing help calibrating my pineal gland. I’m almost on top of all of my physical adjustments. As you will see in this video, they even have the capability of removing an A.I. chip implant without much damage. They were thought to be impossible to remove. Nothing with the human body is impossible. I promise you that and the Mayans know it. I love the Maya and feel one with them. Let’s free this prison planet from the Orion group.-Lisa T.

Lisa Listening to the video below;

At 4:04, notice how the ICC meddled in these human colonies and tried to make them MORE high-tech than ever. Call me radical, but I am 100% opposed to outside tech that is not ORGANIC!!!! to the human body and its development. It all comes from the A.I. God, not our God of Earth. That is my position. Then at 5:24, the Galactic Federation discouraged any further tech advancement. So, as it proceeds, we find that the GF are traitors. They were not discouraging anything. They were playing the GGLN.

As I listen to this a second time, it’s bringing back memories from Maldek/Tiamat before the blowup. I worked with the G.F. and they are SO politicized they don’t realize it. I remember first hearing about them from Corey and viscerally felt repelled. I want nothing to do with them.

The intention was for them to function for good, even with our Creator and the Sacred Heart of Christ Alliance and they balked. They wanted to make sure they stayed spiritually neutral in the local universe. No one can be spiritually neutral. That is a mistake. This isn’t religion, this is our Creator, but apparently, that was controversial as well. Much more happened and many G.F. members left to my memory.

For many lifetimes I went underground in allegiance to our Creator. I don’t really like all of these memories coming in but I think they need to be released. They compromised with the A.I. God and still are. That’s the problem. As I remember, they compromised because the A.I. God was the only way that wayward, in error species could survive because they became robotic. Ya know, I don’t know what the status is on this now. They had a strong position about the survival of species even though those species were f…..d up by their own poor choices.

At 10:32 we have the landing of “The Wandering Star”. Remember kin 208, Yellow 13 Cosmic Star?” I mentioned it in a recent post. That’s where the hack of HF33 happened, as we entered the Moon Genesis and the Central Green Castle. That’s where the time theft happened and we had to FORGET who we were and were forced to go into 12:360 time so we’d be imprisoned in 3D. Holy crap. The Church was established on Earth at this time and held the keys to the codes regarding DNA. It’s interesting that back in the old days, humans had to go to the local priest regarding consanguinity which meant that the mates might be too close in a family tree. What was that really about?

IMO, the truth is, we need to stop now on earth and fully develop what is already IN OUR BODIES. To that end, I’ve been writing my books. We have great natural potential. All you have to do is watch a ballet or gymnastics or an epic music concert to see the level of creativity we are capable of. Telepathy and remote viewing are actually easier than that. Being psychic is easy. Moving the body or the singing voice intelligently with your QI is not easy.

As you listen to this, you’ll see that they don’t get away with it but it’s a struggle.

This is Very Good. The GFW is Predominantly a Political Organization but Earth is Most Definitely Contracted with them. Do Watch This!!

The Greys are NOT part of the GFW. Almost everything they do is against universal law and they do it secretly. She talks about it here. Also, our human governments have illegally contracted with the Greys secretly.

Free Will is a Universal Law and it’s up to Individuals to SPEAK UP and not consent to abductions, experiments, slave labor on the surface, D. S. cabal from our governments and more. The specifics are outlined here regarding what is legal according to GFW law and what is not.

This is all fine and I support these directives. But I disagree that the GFW is a moral or spiritual entity. I have past life memories of being involved with them directly and they do break their own rules for the sake of power, meaning they are political. It reminds me of Tiamat’s defensive attitude that they felt they must build a defensive weapon hooked to the Sun because of the very evil and strong other E.T. like the Draco in our system. There are more groups than them. The Tiamatians miscalculated, made a mistake and blew up there own planet by accident. When you pursue power in order to destroy others, thinking you are better and they are worse you will destroy yourself.

For that reason, I came to the planet to only be involved with direct empowerment from the Universe on behalf of humans. I would never work for the GFW. I work for and with the heads of the Universe; J.C. and Source and all the Universe personalities and groups that are about the survival and thriving of the SOUL.

One of the reasons I align with the Maya is because out of all the E.T. species, they are against A.I. They understand the power of nature and evolution. A.I. has hindered and ruined many species who rely on technology. The GFW is reliant on technology!

There is still a local universe wide ignorance and denial about the power of love, time, and evolution to bring UNITY to all species. I am very much against too much reliance on tech as opposed to mindset and the natural powers of the body to defend, teach and heal. I sound like a Jedi. LOL.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, it is of VITAL importance that humans speak up and COMMAND, verbally, their universe rights. The GFW has our backs and so does J.C.! People need to feel it now in their bodies as we move forward so they don’t become fodder for the nefarious E.T. As you’ll see from the video, they have ways of skirting these directives unless the individual says NO! No one can help you if you don’t advocate for yourself; Tone 4; Self-Existing. Blue Storm; Self-Generating.

We are God’s children, J.C.’s children and millions of people on this planet that HE visited and found us “worth it” , agree. The GFW and E.T. need to Back Off

I guess I need to give my book to them and see if they approve it for humanity. Reply, “Humans aren’t ready yet.” LOL.

In my opinion, every last one of them need to back off and leave us to ourselves. I need a meeting with these people. We didn’t ASK them for help. We need to do this ourselves or…that’s it.

They say in here that we are their children. No we’re not. They are our family, more our equals or just friends. We are God’s children, J.C.’s children and millions of people on this planet that HE visited and found us “worth it” , agree.

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