HUMAN DNA…Is Blood Lust (Eating meat) and Child Lust (Pedophilia and Incest) Part of our DNA From Reptilians?

I’m just asking a question that needs to be asked because it’s so prevalent and shamed and then swept under the rug in human society. I feel both are wrong but I still crave meat and eat it once a week. It’s pretty interesting that the only humans that get to break the law and indulge in taboo behavior are the rich and famous. Why?

This article will get you thinking. I’m only encouraging pondering the issue.

Jeffrey Epstein IN SHADOW. He was a charmer mediated by Uranus and on the cusp of Aquarius. Mediated by Uranus but ruled by Saturn, like her.
Ghilane Maxwell-IN SHADOW. Someone in her life died-probably a parent. Look at her antipode.

Look at the Red Tribe in both of these. Red Dragon Guide Power, Primordial Mother, and Blood Memory. And what did his mother do to her boys? Epstein had a brother. The Red Dragon tribe started ALL of the tribes on earth but especially the Reptilian.

Maxwell’s Hidden Wisdom, MANIFESTATION, Tone 10, of Red Serpent, the Reptilians. Passion, Intimacy, Sensuality, Sex. She was the enabler here being Tone 4, Intelligent Warrior. She was the warrior shielding him. He was intelligent too but being ruled by Saturn. They were both CAPRICORN. The lust for power and control always gets Capricorns unless they pivot their souls into the Light.

I will be fair. I’m not shaming the Red tribes; Dragon, Serpent, Skywalker, Moon, and Earth. But we are the initiators, the leaders, and full of fire. I have a temper and I’m very demanding but I use it for the Light and for the empowerment of humanity. The Universe has my back. My lack of patience is with this kind of evil and worse, yet it is so much a part of our world. I have to manage it. Anyone with a red tribe in their chart needs to manage lust and control of all kinds.

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