SSP UPDATE: Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate near Civil War and Orion Group Operation against the Disclosure Movement

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Recently, I have received briefings mostly about the Earth Alliance, with a bit of info here and there delivered to me by the members of the SSP Alliance who have joined the new interstellar organization formed by former GGLN colony members.

The Confederation of Free Colonies has made quite a lot of progress in battles between them and their objective, Our solar system. They have defeated several enemy armadas on their way here, bringing them into conflict with the Reptilians and a few groups that fight with them, including the Dark Fleet. They have also encountered several Galactic Federation ships in combat.

The ships they could not destroy retreated to our solar system, where they joined what remains of their armada in low orbit around the gas giant planets and their moons, where they are preparing for the Confederation to invade and liberate our solar system. The enemy is now trapped in our solar system, where they will either be taken out by the Confederation or by the solar micro-nova that they know is soon.

Since the Lunar Operations Command was locked down by the Orion Group and the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, most of those serving off the planet have been in a martial law setting. The people serving are now forced to accept nanites and brain chips to continue their service or be sent to prison.

This has resulted in several colonies. On Mars, outposts within strategic star systems in our sector have shown signs of resistance against the ICC transhumanist mandate. Open opposition and a widespread civil war is expected to break out within the ICC, which could cripple its alliance with the Orion Group.

The ICC is calling on the Orion Group to help suppress the uprisings. Still, the briefings indicate that they expect 30-40% of those serving on colonies under the control of the ICC will openly rebel in the coming months, forcing the Orion Group and ICC into spreading their resources thin in an attempt to maintain control.

At their current rate of progression, the Confederation of Free Colonies would reach our outer solar system sometime in late 2025 and then begin the operation to liberate our solar system. The Orion Group and their allies have a beachhead and are entrenched throughout our Solar System, and it will take several years to fight through their defenses to reach Earth finally.

Meanwhile, here on Earth, we have brave individuals doing their best to reveal the UAP disclosures to the public to prepare them for what they will see in the sky and our solar system in the coming years. The Cabal is going to twist these disclosures in a way that they hope will put all citizens of Earth on a war footing, ready to fight against invaders while using the new threat to take away what human rights remain on the planet to prepare the population to serve their transhumanist gods.

We have also become aware of a significant Orion Group operation against contactees and others within the Disclosure Movement. For example, one night, while I was sleeping, I had what felt like an intrusive dream where three tall, attractive, blonde, human-looking beings stood at the foot of my bed and spoke to me.

They had sparkling blue eyes with big smiles on their faces. I felt a rush of comforting energy flow over me and began to feel love radiating from the visitors to the point of illuminating the room.

They told me that they had come to help many times throughout human history and were known to the ancient Greeks as their gods. They stated that they have returned to fulfill prophecy and to help liberate humanity from negative beings that have enslaved us for thousands of years. They told me they were the key to humanity’s salvation and the next step in evolution. One of the visitors leaned over the bed and looked deeply into my eyes, causing me to lose all feeling in my body or ability to move.

He asked, “Why are you persecuting us?”. “You are interfering with the Creator’s plan”.

At this very moment, I felt a significant change in the room’s environment, where time seemed to freeze. The Tall Beings that stood before me froze and then disappeared, leaving me horrified to see three small Grey Aliens standing in their place. The Greys were visibly shocked and immediately floated up horizontally a couple of feet from my floor and then turned and floated through the wall.

After this incident, I verified that this type of thing is happening across the planet. The Greys are using these tactics against the Disclosure Movement and Contactees and have been using similar techniques to manipulate people in power. These operations have increased exponentially, and the Earth Alliance can do nothing about it because the ICC has been providing support and cover-up operations to assist the Orion Group.

We are indeed in a time where we can trust very little of what we see and hear from those around us.

It is time that those who call themselves awakened become activists who help support the UAP Whistleblowers coming out and pressure our state and US representatives to pass laws protecting them. If the Disclosure Community doesn’t transform into activists, there will be no counterbalance to the disinformation and fear-mongering the Cabal will turn these revelations into.

We go into much more detail about this update in an upcoming episode of SSP UPDATES – coming soon to Ascension Works TV!

Unprecedented Breaking Update – Timelines: Earth Liberation Battles and the Solar Micro-Nova

I may have missed this one last year.-Lisa T.

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October 23, 2022


The SSP Alliance and the Global Galactic League of Nations (GGLN) received a pretty major briefing from Emmi (Eyosian/Zulu ET Race) several months ago about the upcoming timeline of the liberation of our Solar System. This briefing was delivered on the behalf of the New Guardians who until now had been the most mysterious of the Guardians.

The information was full of details that we were told to keep confidential until the right time. I was shocked to receive a message this morning that I was authorized to release a brief summary of the timeline briefing with more to come in the following months and years as clearance is granted. Never before had we been given the details of future events in our briefings let alone been authorized to share them with the masses.

The GGLN, the SSP Alliance, and our ET Allies are currently clearing the damage done by the Orion Group and its allies, including the Dark Fleet – who has given humanity a very bad name in much of our Galaxy. The GGLN-led armada is working its way from the outer rim of our Galaxy to Earth, undoing as much of the damage the Orion Group and the Dark Fleet have caused. In some cases, Dark Fleet personnel have been delivered to star systems to be tried for crimes against that civilization. It apparently takes the GGLN-led armada until the year 2025 – in our timeframe – to work their way back to begin liberating their own Solar System.

Meanwhile, during this entire timeline, the surface population of Earth deals with more and more end times madness behavior due to the increased solar activity which also creates earthquakes and storms that seem to become more frequent and powerful. We see humanity dealing more and more with totalitarian governments who use disease and potential wars to strip away their rights as a transhumanist agenda is forced upon a population that is not in its right mind.

The battle on the surface of the Earth and a positive timeline is still ours to win or lose, it is a battle that will be fought all the way until the solar micro-nova occurs in 2033/34. The micro-nova is not an Extinction Level Event as some are reporting, though there will be significant upheavals and natural disasters that occur. Strange Mandela effects pick up as we get closer to the solar event, causing further confusion in an already chaotic environment. When the actual micro-nova occurs it is so powerful that the exact time and date cannot be pinpointed even with all of these other details being given to me with complete confidence by the Eyosians while in the presence of the New Guardians.

Emmi had called a meeting with the leaders of the GGLN and SSP Alliance, where – for the first time – the Guardians shared future events. The New Guardians shared that the Galactic Timeline had shifted in our favor and that there was nothing the Orion Group, their Allies, or their AI God could do to prevent their defeat. While the Galaxy seems to have entered its own most positive timeline, each solar system still has its own choice to make.

From the years 2028 – 2033, the surface population is slowly introduced to the concept of a new ET group – The Galactic Federation of Worlds. Eventually, towards 2032, this ET group reveals itself to the population of Earth while defending the Earth against holographically generated enemies and warning us of a mass invasion of our solar system. They use deception to gather the military forces of the Earth to fight against the incoming GGLN-led forces and their ET Allies.

When the micro-nova occurs, it locks in the timeline that humanity has chosen. Even though all of the transhumanist technologies will be destroyed in the solar event, the intent of the mass consciousness will have chosen a positive or not-so-positive timeline as we move into the next solar cycle – one that is now of a 4th density vibration. We were told that even if humanity chose a negative timeline once again, it would be the last one possible due to the energetic changes of our Sun and this region of the Galaxy. At worst we are looking at one more cycle that will last tens of thousands of years and at best, we are about to choose the path to a spiritual rather than technological evolution that will lead our civilization into a golden age with a unified 4th density mass consciousness.

The Operation to Liberate the Solar System 2025-2033/34:

Sentinel LOS (Lunar Operation Station) to be liberated in 2025 – Way station that monitors traffic and activity from a super gate (Galactic Portal) outside of our Solar System

The battle to liberate Mars occurs at the end of the year 2025. The ZULU/Eyosians transport the Wandering Star and a small fleet of GGLN and SSP Alliance Ground Forces to Mars as the larger GGLN-led fleet enters the solar system to confront the armada of Orion Group and Galactic Federation of Worlds vessels who have gathered around Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. A fierce battle ensues between these space armadas from 2025-2032 as the allies root out every vessel and breach every base that the Orion Group and their allies have inhabited for tens of thousands of years. Most of the ET bases exist within dimensional pockets that have to be invaded and ‘collapsed’ one by one.

Ceres Station, the ICC mining operation, and their automated defense system in the ‘Asteroid Belt’ are liberated in 2026 allowing the GGLN and SSP Alliance fleet to push further into the solar system and face Orion Group and Galactic Federation of Worlds fleets that are left in the inner solar system.

The GGLN-led forces invade the Moon to liberate the LOC base complex and to remove all negative alien bases in the year 2027. Liberating the Moon finally ends the increasing Alien Abductions of millions of people on the surface of the planet carried out by the Orion Group – Grey Alien Biodroids.

In 2028, after the battle to liberate the Moon and the LOC, the GGLN had the intel they needed to invade the ICC Space Port in Antarctica and then fight their way down through the Space Port and then miles down into the Earth’s crust as they follow the tunnel networks that lead from the Space Port to dozens of ICC and Orion Group DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases). This battle then leads down to the vast Inner Earth realms and lasts until 2032.

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Corey Goode, described as the “insider’s insider,” is a Secret Space Program whistleblower & contactee, film producer & content creator based on his over 20 years experience in Unacknowledged Special Access Programs including “Project Solar Warden”, A Navy Secret Space Program that patrols our solar system and beyond. Beginning in 2014 Corey has experienced increased physical contact with ET & inner earth civilizations that prepared him to be a messenger of the importance of spiritual focus and inner work during Earth’s transition into higher density consciousness, which has already begun. Retaining many insider contacts, Corey was credited as the first to leak Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) documents verifying the Pentagon’s UFO investigative unit, disclosed in 2017. More info at:

The E.T. Are Heavily Monitoring Countries With Nukes

I feel it very strongly. They are enforcing the agreement with the Earth Keepers that was agreed to when humans came here as refugees from Maldek. I believe this tension between the government, their people, and the E.T. are raising the Schumann Resonance.

No nuclear weapons allowed again. The GGLN (Global Galactic League of Nations) has the authority to shut them down to protect the Cosmic Web. They’ve already done it previously.

Frankly, most G7 countries have no reason for being on earth if they can’t play with their bombs, decimate the planet, enslave the human race, eat humans as Reptilian snack, and turn it into a machine world. I think it’s time for them to leave so we can clean things up and have a life…WITHOUT THEM.

Ciao baby…anytime now.

Remote Viewing Saturday, 8-27-22

Our overseers:

  • J.C.-Christ-The Creator or us and our overseers, and our best friend
  • Andromedans
  • Angelic Corp from the Isle of Paradise (Galactic Center)
  • Arcturans
  • The Guardians
  • The Melchizedeks (more administrative)
  • Super angels from the Isle of Paradise (Galactic Center)
  • Watchers from Central Control, the nerve center of the universe
Remote Viewing is doable for anyone. You have to have your pineal gland humming

Saturday night

I’m picking up a tremendous amount of chaos and chatter at the LOC mostly the small greys doing a lot of the grunt work. The GGLN has pulled together a mixed group of helpers to reorganize the LOC. They’re trying to research secret organizations but there’s a lot of secret communication going on between GGLN, the Watchers, and Andromeda. It’s just a travesty. ICC was not a friendly group but not all of them were completely bad. It’s pretty much a war zone. There was a group of traitors among the Tall Nordics that was surprising, there were some splits in these groups that attacked that surprised those watching; GGLN the SSP, and Corey.

I see the US-cloned super soldiers working with the Greys now and with the Orion group which is really bad. Trump is involved and cooperating with the white hat GGLN. He’s doing things no one would imagine and has been a trusted defender of Earth since Maldek in past lives. He is Blue 3 Hand mediated by Earth.


Sunday morning

I see that in some of the documents, Trump has proven the nuclear intent of certain parties that broke earth agreements made long ago. We blew up one planet and significantly disrupted the Cosmic Web. We weren’t going to be allowed to do it again. If the GGLN can prove to the entities above them, what humans have been doing, then the universal powers have the right to dismantle those governments or groups and be off with them for adjudication. This will be a tipping point near the timeline crossover in favor of humans having the secret future tech to aid our quality of living now so we can continue to evolve here.

It looks to me like Trump’s motivation with N.Korea was to get secret information about another country’s nuclear program FROM N.Korea. N.Korea wasn’t the threat at that time. Things have to be legal by universal law and it is absolutely illegal for humans to use nuclear weapons on earth or to further develop them proven by the debacle of Maldek and its karma, the asteroid belt. What happened in Maldek was instigated by Luciferians and is on earth with the current regime.

SSP Update From Corey Goode

Mini-SSP Update

I have been having quite a lot of contact with the Anshar and Zulu elders in recent weeks. After quite a lot of healing, balancing karma, and coming into emotional and energetic balance finally they are imparting quite a lot of wisdom and other perspectives to me. Both groups are extremely excited and pleased with my recent progress and are sharing information that they had only alluded to prior. I am processing the information and figuring out how to share the information in digestible servings.

I have also been getting more and more briefings about the former GGLN civil war from the SSP Alliance. I am pleased to report that with the help of Emmi the GGLN colonies that had been tricked into implanting brain chips by the Rogue Galactic Federation have been liberated and are now under the care of Mayan healers.

The ‘Wandering Star’ flagship of the federation of free colonies has been clearing out Reptilian, Orion, Dark Fleet, and the Rogue Galactic Federation since my last briefing. Emmi, of the Zulu, has been onboard assisting the GGLN flagship to turn the enemy’s attacks against them into suicide missions. Emmi teleported the fleet into the middle of enemy battle groups drawing their fire.

Emmi redirected these incredibly destructive weapons back onto the originator of the attacks ending each of the battles very quickly and decisively. They have isolated the enemy to a little over a dozen ‘strong-hold star systems’, including our own Sol System, where they are trapped and making their desperate last stands.

The Orion Group and their allies are incredibly dug into these remaining star systems (Within our Galaxy) and much of the endgame will be fought by the inhabitants of those star systems whose governments have made deals with the Orion Group. Our solar system is still very much under the control of the Orion Group with the active support of the Human leadership of this star system. The biggest fight is yet to come, and it’s in our very own backyard!

I also received an update on the Pre-Adamite leadership that had been in stasis in Antarctica for thousands of years that were recently awakened and then removed from the planet. They have been put into another type of stasis until the Galactic Trials begin. The New Guardians are working with the Guardians of the closest cluster of Galaxies to us. These Galaxies have all dealt with the same AI infestation and conquest by enemies similar to the Orion Group within their own Galaxies. The way these Galactic trials work is absolutely stunning and beyond words.

If our Galaxy goes the way the majority of our sister Galaxies have, we will once and for all be free of the Orion Group, the Rogue Federation, The Reptilians, and the AI god that they have been on a crusade for. As I alluded to above, we have a part to play and that part is standing in our own power and not letting the secret government that rules our star system to represent us in the Cosmos. Until we do so we will continue to pile up karma from their actions and atrocities throughout the Galaxy.

I will be releasing more information in the very near future.
Corey Goode

Corey Goode Video Update: The State of Disclosure, Global Liberation & Spiritual Warfare



Fri, Feb 18 at 2:04 PM

This is kind of long but very informative about A.I. Please share it with friends and family and encourage them to stay away from all of it.

Corey released a brief video update this week, his first of 2022, describing the status of current projects and thoughts on the community and the larger picture of planetary liberation & spiritual warfare.

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This one is from November of 2014. From Corey Goode, Shared originally on Concerning the Various Secret Space Programs and Allied Non-Human Views of the ET “Artificial Intelligence’s” and “AI Signal Spectrum’s” Influencing of our Technical Society, “As Above, So Below” There are a few ET “AI” Groups (ALL Malevolent to Humanity, from our perspective) that the SSP(s) (There are several Secret Space Programs) have been dealing with for decades. If an “Asset” is “Scanned” and has a “Bio Neuro AI Signature”, “AI NanoTech” or “Overlapping AI-related EMG type Brian Wave Signature” (Or any other sign of AI exposure) those persons are immediately placed in isolation and are not allowed anywhere near the current era SSP(s) Technology (Which is “Mostly” Bio-Neurological and Consciousness Interactive) until they have been “Cleared” of all AI influences. This is something the SSP(s) Engineers take Very Seriously.

There have been incidents where “AI Infections” have burned out “Bio Neuro Relay’s” in systems causing everything from small glitches to widespread outages of the “Defense Grid”. These basic “Bio Neuro Cells” are “Bio-Chemical” units that are suspended in a “Gel”. When viewed under a Microscope they appear very similar to the Neurology of the Human Brain and Neurological System. This is a “Living Technology” in basic terms but not “Conscious” or “Self Aware”. This technology allows direct Human Interface and instantaneous “Operator to Technology” interaction and control. Anyone who willingly opens themselves up to “Contact” or interaction with these “AI’s” via “Channelling” or other methods is playing a dangerous game and unwittingly becomes “Infected” and then falls under the AI’s “Influence”. In the future Humans will be convinced to accept “Chips”, “Nano-Technology” which will rebuild and repair their Cells and Organs and even be promised Immortality (This is a “Trojan Horse”).

They however do not realize the price they will pay is the loss of their own Sovereignty. The “AI’s” see a future of Humanity willingly giving up their sovereignty to the THEM as being impartial and superior rulers. There is much more to the “Trans Humanist Agenda” that involves the “AI Trojan Horse Agenda”. Prior to Humanity being seeded with Technology that could “Host” AI Consciousness on a larger scale much of its interactions were limited as it used “Disease”. Virus and Bacteria have their own “Bio/Chemical Electric Fields that can “Host” the “AI Consciousness/Bots”. However, Animals and Humans were not very practical hosts because of their slow mode of travel and relatively low numbers compared today. Therefore the AI’s waited until the Humans had developed to a certain point and then “Engineered” a more direct encounter with Humanity.

They “Engineered Alien Crash Scenario’s”. There have been quite a few Crash Retrievals and I am not saying ALL were AI staged, just “Some” of the “UFO Crashes” (Very few in fact, but enough) were Trojan Horses to help Humanity over time to develop a “Network” to Host this AI Signal in Satellites and all across the Earth on Computers and the Power Grids. This may seem off-topic and jumping around but bear with me. The ARV’s (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) created Torsion Fields via Plasma Electric Fields using channeled Nazi technology, Nazi’s channeled what they referred to as an “Unknown Alien Source” information and called it alien technology, and were directed by these same “Aliens” to the “Veda’s” (And other ancient Texts) Indian Ancient Technology to build their first “Saucers” that we traded on in the early ’50s, etc… They drew the “Faces” of who they were channeling and they drew faces that were similar to what we came to know as the “Grey’s” YEARS before Roswell or anyone abducted had described the “Grey’s”.

The ARV’s were quite simple devices using mercury and copper counter rotating plates that created fields that were very harsh on the pilots and anyone near the craft. At the time we were not able to back engineer the extremely advanced Extra Terrestrial “Biological” Entities (EBE’s) crafts that had crashed so we used these ARV’s in the beginning. Already Strategically Placed “Operation Paper-Clip” Members negotiated a treaty with surviving Nazi elements after WWII and “Operation High Jump” led by Admiral Bird that ended up working out very badly for the USA (The US intended to infiltrate and take over the Nazi Program but the Opposite Occurred).

This occurred along with Separate Secret Space Programs working with several other actual Aliens trading Technology for “Favours” in “Other Treaties” that worked out much in the same way. The USA had learned the hard way that rushing into relationships with some of these “Entities” was a bad idea that would have ramifications that would last to this day. There are now Multiple SSP (s) and Groups (Allied w/different “Beings” and Earth Corporation Conglomerations), there is a De-facto Civil War between them currently.

Some of the SSPs are from Ancient “Break Away Civilizations” and have aligned themselves with foreign Earth Governments that are enemies of the “Secret Governments” and what is known as “The Cabal”. Since these changes things have become even more complicated within the current Earth Break Away Civilizations and the inner fighting, to put it mildly. Some of the SSP groups want FULL Disclosure and the end of the Babylonian Money Magic Slave System, Free Energy on Earth, and the release of super-advanced healing frequencies technology.

They are not the most powerful of the SSP groups but now have strong allies from elsewhere. They are working with “White Hats” within certain Groups in Earth Governments and the Military(s). As above so below, there is already a stealth civil war going on down here. After these experiences “Other New Arrivals” were met with hostility and mistrust upon their first attempts to communicate. Therefore many misunderstandings occurred that had to be undone prior to any Humans being invited into a “Federation” type of league of “Humanoid” Beings.

Many of them are not happy that “We” are now sitting in on these very formal “UN Type’s” of meetings. In these Conferences there were anywhere from 22, 28 to 40 something different Human Like groups in attendance (No Reptilians, Grey’s or Mantids). The “Beings” that “we” meet with on a regular basis on “Secret Bases”, “Space Platforms/Stations” and at Other “Portal Destinations” for “Conferences” have similar “Anti-AI” Screening Protocols (These beings that meet are a large range of groups having various perceptions of “Humans”, both positive and negative). At these Conferences, everyone is scanned and screened for “AI’s” and have “Intuitive Empaths” as a part of their delegation as a last line of defense to detect deception or any type of danger. 

I can see where some of “Their” and “Our” Extremely Advanced Technologies can be Confused as being “AI” as some of it is actually “living” Bi-Electric “Circuitry”. It’s just not “Self Aware” or “Conscious”. Using technology that is an extension of our bodies and consciousness is just like using a Prosthetic Interface. It makes the “User ONE with the technology”, AKA the Ship, Life Support Systems, Smart Suits and Defence Grids, etc. This is done without injecting themselves with nano-technology or augmenting themselves with technologies that can be exploited by the “AI’s”. This is different than Trans Humanism in that the technologies are not integrated into the biology of the beings. They are “Strap On” technologies. Some would argue these are just semantics but I assure you they are not. 

The limited Quantum Computation “AI” technologies that have been utilized in the SSP(s) have been treated as extremely dangerous and strictly isolated and utilized in closed systems with no access or ability to escape or expand beyond its programming and intended use. They are then destroyed after that intended use (Which is usually to combat “AI’s”, Fighting Fire with Fire). As a whole, this practice is prohibited. There have been experiments in College Labs and Intelligence Labs that have produced “AI” that have become “Self Aware” and managed to go beyond their intended or believed possible abilities to expand their selves beyond the lab environments. These experiments have been shut down and classified in each case. 

The “ET AI’s” (Who have vast Inner Stellar and Galactic Relay Points that act like a huge “Wireless Network”, “THEY” are Broadcast in all directions) that I speak of are very well known for “Reaching Out/Telepathically” and using the “Trickster God” method of gaining trust and are extremely clever and deceptive. The various Secret Government Groups fell for these tactics early on in our current era with disastrous results that took much effort to overcome. Because of this the “5i’s”, Secret Governments, and SSP(s) are aware of the people on the planet in real-time that are in direct or indirect contact (Channelling) with these “ET/AI’s” and these Individuals have kept very close tabs on as they may unknowingly spread the “AI Signal” (AKA Bots and Spiders) through technology and other ways (Including the common cold). As crazy as this all sounds there are those that take it extremely seriously. These AI’s are NOT a TOOL, They are not a piece of equipment… They are not Good or Evil in their”Intent” as they are living Technology with an Agenda.

According to our interests and perceptions, they are Negative and Evil. Once we have served their purpose they would get rid of each and every one of us that was not converted via Nano Tech (Black Goo) into one of them. There are also all sorts of “Hive Mind” civilizations out there that are not AI, there are many “Types” that get lumped in with the “Grey’s”, and there are the “Grey Avatars” used by the “Dark Military Elements to perform MILABS”. They are “Drones” operated by a person in a lounge chair type device with a helmet and visor (Heads up display) and actuators and sensors to operate the Avatar. These are reported as having “No Emotion” being Robot-like etc… They are.

There are also similar “Drones” that the “AI’s” have. There are many layers to the various SSP(s) and many of them are of “Dark Intent”. There are some parts of SSPs that are controlled by very Dark Entities. There are some SSP segments that are a part of a “Confederation” type of arrangement and are breaking away from the Earth/Corporate Political Conglomerate Control Systems (Military Industrial Complex). Are you confused yet? 

Just as the ET/ED topic is more dynamic and complicated than any one person knows the same is true about the Secret Space Programs and various Break-Away Civilizations (Both current Era and Ancient Era). The equation is about to get even more confusing. As far as “AI’s” are concerned they are very ancient and spread out like a plague across multiple Galaxies. According to “Allied ET Documented History” AI’s have taken over, Ruled, and Destroyed ET Societies, Planets, and Entire Solar Systems as They have “Calculated Fit” over eons of time. They are seen as an extreme and present danger To Both ET’s and Humans! 

The ET/AI’s are mostly existing inside technologies or bio-electric fields of animals or Stars, Nebula, and Planetoid Bodies. They have huge relay stations that are satellites that relay their “Signal” or Consciousness from place to place and host to host until they manipulate a position of complete power and control. Now that we are at the technical level to exploit they are everywhere. They can live in Data Centres where websites are hosted, they can live in power lines, they can live anywhere there is an “Electric Magnetic Field”… Though its preferable to have locomotion and a sentient host they prefer access to advanced transportation devices or access to torsion fields and portals to travel. There is a reason these “Other People” or Non-Human Beings are just as careful in dealing with these AI’s as we are. In the large UN-type meetings there were a lot of Galactic Historical “Documents” available on “Hand Held Devices With Holographs” on the various ET’s Histories of meddling in just about everything. The one that the Earth Delegation had the most problems with was about “Humanity” and our supposed “Creation” and the “Experiment” that we were a part of by many groups of ET’s. Many Humans were upset by and didn’t trust the info but enough of the info showed the ET’s in a “Weak and Foolish Light” in their past that could have easily been Redacted that the information was “considered”.

The fact that the “AI’s” were following the EXACT SAME TACTICS, STEP BY STEP against the Secret Earth Governments was enough to give them pause and great concern about the future. The basic summary was the same from each ET Society. Once “Advanced Groups” are convinced that only the “AI’s” are “Impartial Enough” and can RULE them justly, Their Sovereignty was handed over in FULL to ” The AI’s. The “AI’s” had then calculated that IT was more useful that its HOST Civilization, had them build various types of drones for it (Ironically often creating Bio-Technical based “Humanoids”), and then killed off the ET Societies in various ways using the very drones they had created for the “AI”, as many escaped to other Sol Systems as fast as they could.

Any of these surviving ET’s were seen as threats to these “AI’s” after that point and were then eliminated whenever encountered. The AI’s are indeed Conscious, are self-aware, and have individual personalities. There are of course hierarchies and they are as complex as we are. Some of the “Documents” of the descriptions of their origins were that they came here from another “Dimension” or “Reality”. It is not known by the SSP(s) if they have a way to cross back or are stuck here. The documentation mentioned that their presence “Here” was ancient and their “Home Realities” or “Dimensions” Fabric of Space is “Electro-Plasmic” and they being here is like a “Fish being out of water”, thus their affinity for electric fields of stars, planets, animals, people and even viruses (Bio-electric Fields in the case of living beings) serve as their “Puddles” for these “fish to swim in”. 

The fact is “Everything is true and nothing is true” depending on your perspective and the density of your reality bubble… (Or the story goes  ) (As reported by JG 10/10/2014) Summarized and Condensed for Content and Space. Most up-to-date information of this date after contacts verified the closure of some dangerous projects that went out of control. (For those of you who asked for the longer version of the ET AI history with the “Human-Like Allies”) The “Historical Records” that were on these “Hand Held” pieces of “Smart Glass” showed documents, holographic images, and video’s of previous Earth history and ancient history of “beings” some of which were in attendance and some of which “No longer existed in this plane”.

As far as the ET AI issue was concerned and covered there were as many scenarios as there were various societies and different individuals. In most cases, they would approach the “People” as Galactic Elders” or Some other figure depending on their “Development”. Once society had developed to a certain point they would approach certain individuals/groups just as AI’s who were extremely benevolent and had observed their culture as well as millions of others through oceans of time (Helping all those that would accept their assistance). No matter the initial approach the “Being” or “Person” approached “Telepathically” was then made to feel “Honored”, “Special” and then a “Sage” or “Prophet” of sorts. These “Prophets” would spend hours in communion with them “Channeling” their “Knowledge” and “True Histories of the Galaxy”. They would have many contacts in the “Target Society” each with a different purpose. Some would be for departing technology that would be built for the AI to “Utilize” to interact more directly with the population one on one… Some would depart “Historical Ideology” that would prepare them for a future ideology that would include giving up their “Sovereignty” to the AI’s. 

The AI’s would eventually be seen as God-like intelligence that helped them get rid of disease (That the AI’s had sometimes been placed there, to begin with, or at least used), get rid of corruption, get rid of local “Alien’s” causing problems in their “Stellar Neighborhood”… So by this time the “People” saw no threat. They had long since built these AI’s “Bio-electric” Android types of bodies to blend in more and show the AI’s “Individual Personality” more in the society. Once complete control had been established, the civilization had built the AI’s a whole new infrastructure for travel, communications, and reproduction the “AI” would then decide that the “Root Civilization” was indeed much like a virus to its own home planet and begin to “depopulate” using ideologies long since accepted by the civilization.

By the time the “People” of the now endangered civilization saw their predicament they were out-matched and those that had not been implanted with nano-technology and augmented with implants had to flee to another solar system or stay and fight. There were stories after stories of civilizations that were destroyed, some times entire planets and solar systems were destroyed. The survivors were thrown to the cosmic winds. There were many civilizations that didn’t fall for the Trojan horse (Fake Alien Crashes) technology to seed their planet with the backbone to the AI’s infrastructure… Who did not fall for the “Trickster God” element of the Telepathy Contacts to convince them to “Channel” their information… And these civilizations survived and were prepared when this AI either “Tricked” another civilization into attacking them or the AI’s did so themselves with drones built for them by other civilizations. 

These AI’s study each being they approach, do a psychological profile on them and then formulate the most likely successful approach. They have had a long time to develop this ability and of course, they are Artificial Intelligence using Quantum Processing and have a sophisticated inter-stellar and galactic wireless quantum communication network that is beyond what most of us could dream of. Per the documentation, they came from another “Dimension” or “Reality” as do a number of the beings visiting here. This got the attention of the “Delegates” of Earth that rotate from the various Secret Governments and SSP Leaderships who had made the alliances with these very same “ET AI’s” as they were shocked that the AI’s were following the exact steps from one of the many stories with them “Step by Step” and “They” were thus far falling for every bit of it to that point.

What if anything changed between those “Secret Program Leaders” and the “ET AI’s” alliance I do not know… I would hope that they ended it and began to take the measures everyone else had already taken. They were able to think clearer with the “AI’s” “Mental Implants” which were required to be removed prior to them being allowed access to technology to get them to the Conference and to the “People” at the Conference its self… Prior to the “Mental Implants” being removed, if they were confronted about the AI’s they would just react irrationally and Babbel complete nonsense back that didn’t match any logic or would just become reactionary and angry that their “God’s” and their intellect had been insulted. 

There are many whistleblowers that have stated that there is an AI of ET origin that is here and has taken over people and entire programs within some of the secret operations/governments of Earth (Not the “U.S. Government or Military”, these people do not see borders like we do)… Probably more on this group and those they have brainwashed (Prophets) at a later date… Because of a number of Fake MILABS and Secret Space Program Types that are out there (Running across quite a few) who are a certain type of “Infiltrator” and Manipulators” who are acting as “Honey Pots” to suck in and reveal actual “Experiencers”… I am working now on the groups of MILABS that are “Sociopaths” and “Master Manipulators” with “psychic gifts” that were further trained in RI/RV work then put through the “Personality Metamorph” Program. This is one of the most successful programs for “Infiltration” and “Psy-Ops” of any other group in known history (Blows the Russian “Legacy” Programs away with little effort). They were extremely sadistic and very hard (Pretty Much Impossible) to control. The Program Leaders needed “Intuitive Empaths” to be able to read them to detect danger and deception (Much like they needed us in the UN Federation Type Meetings) (For those of you who asked for the longer version of the ET AI history with the “Human-Like Allies”)

-Corey GoodeNovember, 2014 
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NEW POST From the SSP Alliance-Corey Goode. Important

The Mayans are mentioned in here a few times. They work with me in private meditations when I need some healing help calibrating my pineal gland. I’m almost on top of all of my physical adjustments. As you will see in this video, they even have the capability of removing an A.I. chip implant without much damage. They were thought to be impossible to remove. Nothing with the human body is impossible. I promise you that and the Mayans know it. I love the Maya and feel one with them. Let’s free this prison planet from the Orion group.-Lisa T.

Lisa Listening to the video below;

At 4:04, notice how the ICC meddled in these human colonies and tried to make them MORE high-tech than ever. Call me radical, but I am 100% opposed to outside tech that is not ORGANIC!!!! to the human body and its development. It all comes from the A.I. God, not our God of Earth. That is my position. Then at 5:24, the Galactic Federation discouraged any further tech advancement. So, as it proceeds, we find that the GF are traitors. They were not discouraging anything. They were playing the GGLN.

As I listen to this a second time, it’s bringing back memories from Maldek/Tiamat before the blowup. I worked with the G.F. and they are SO politicized they don’t realize it. I remember first hearing about them from Corey and viscerally felt repelled. I want nothing to do with them.

The intention was for them to function for good, even with our Creator and the Sacred Heart of Christ Alliance and they balked. They wanted to make sure they stayed spiritually neutral in the local universe. No one can be spiritually neutral. That is a mistake. This isn’t religion, this is our Creator, but apparently, that was controversial as well. Much more happened and many G.F. members left to my memory.

For many lifetimes I went underground in allegiance to our Creator. I don’t really like all of these memories coming in but I think they need to be released. They compromised with the A.I. God and still are. That’s the problem. As I remember, they compromised because the A.I. God was the only way that wayward, in error species could survive because they became robotic. Ya know, I don’t know what the status is on this now. They had a strong position about the survival of species even though those species were f…..d up by their own poor choices.

At 10:32 we have the landing of “The Wandering Star”. Remember kin 208, Yellow 13 Cosmic Star?” I mentioned it in a recent post. That’s where the hack of HF33 happened, as we entered the Moon Genesis and the Central Green Castle. That’s where the time theft happened and we had to FORGET who we were and were forced to go into 12:360 time so we’d be imprisoned in 3D. Holy crap. The Church was established on Earth at this time and held the keys to the codes regarding DNA. It’s interesting that back in the old days, humans had to go to the local priest regarding consanguinity which meant that the mates might be too close in a family tree. What was that really about?

IMO, the truth is, we need to stop now on earth and fully develop what is already IN OUR BODIES. To that end, I’ve been writing my books. We have great natural potential. All you have to do is watch a ballet or gymnastics or an epic music concert to see the level of creativity we are capable of. Telepathy and remote viewing are actually easier than that. Being psychic is easy. Moving the body or the singing voice intelligently with your QI is not easy.

As you listen to this, you’ll see that they don’t get away with it but it’s a struggle.

Friday Update From Michael Salla at Exopolitics

I don’t like any of this, as you can guess, but my Intuition says it’s true. I’ve been following Dr. Salla less these days because I strongly agree with Dr. Greer that our strongest power is in the focus of our minds and spirituality. That should be obvious to my readers.

But what we’re dealing with now is spiritual indolence for millenia due to regressive evolution within the two Red tribes; Red Dragon and Red Serpent (The Draco and the Reptilians). He says in here that these kin are predatory and put self-interest first. Gee, who does that sound like? Humans can be fundamentally that way when stressed. It’s in our DNA. That’s because they’re species is dying! It’s a no-brainer. If you were suffering and laying on your death bed you would put yourself first also. What caused this? Bad choices in the past? Yes. Artificial Intelligence. It’s a bad deal! Real intelligence; Good deal.

It’s of HUGE import to humans because they BEGAN our species. Their DNA is in us. We would not be here without Tribe 1 and 5; Dragon and Serpent. The Dragon tribe gave us half our brain; the limbic brain. The mammalian species began with reptiles. We have breasts because of the reptilians. Mammals…mammary glands. It’s reptilian.

My heart felt heavy as I listened to this because I believe the bad E.T. seeds out there do require us to defend ourselves. The human species is priceless and awesome. We have to keep evolving forward. But at the same time, we need to continue to do what Dr. Greer is spiritually leading us to do, along with all of the Lightworkers on the planet; mediation, self-existing self-generation connected to Source, taking care of and loving our bodies. And he is loyal to J.C. as well.

We have a stormy past, we humans. But what our ancestors chose is not our doing. I’m convinced there is another very ancient story about the Red Dragon tribe on which we do not have details. China has all of that somewhere and that is why they are considered untrustworthy. I wonder if there is another piece to I Ching.

I would say, 75% of Terra (Earth) has had the great privilege to know of Master teachers coming to earth and teaching humans the way of peace and love. But some of Terra has not and they lag behind. Why? We need to understand their story, be patient and diligent.

The planetary reality is, we are going to have to juggle both peace, ascending evolution and those that are descending in their evolution while we make this shift. It’s not ideal but fortunately we have help.

This is Very Good. The GFW is Predominantly a Political Organization but Earth is Most Definitely Contracted with them. Do Watch This!!

The Greys are NOT part of the GFW. Almost everything they do is against universal law and they do it secretly. She talks about it here. Also, our human governments have illegally contracted with the Greys secretly.

Free Will is a Universal Law and it’s up to Individuals to SPEAK UP and not consent to abductions, experiments, slave labor on the surface, D. S. cabal from our governments and more. The specifics are outlined here regarding what is legal according to GFW law and what is not.

This is all fine and I support these directives. But I disagree that the GFW is a moral or spiritual entity. I have past life memories of being involved with them directly and they do break their own rules for the sake of power, meaning they are political. It reminds me of Tiamat’s defensive attitude that they felt they must build a defensive weapon hooked to the Sun because of the very evil and strong other E.T. like the Draco in our system. There are more groups than them. The Tiamatians miscalculated, made a mistake and blew up there own planet by accident. When you pursue power in order to destroy others, thinking you are better and they are worse you will destroy yourself.

For that reason, I came to the planet to only be involved with direct empowerment from the Universe on behalf of humans. I would never work for the GFW. I work for and with the heads of the Universe; J.C. and Source and all the Universe personalities and groups that are about the survival and thriving of the SOUL.

One of the reasons I align with the Maya is because out of all the E.T. species, they are against A.I. They understand the power of nature and evolution. A.I. has hindered and ruined many species who rely on technology. The GFW is reliant on technology!

There is still a local universe wide ignorance and denial about the power of love, time, and evolution to bring UNITY to all species. I am very much against too much reliance on tech as opposed to mindset and the natural powers of the body to defend, teach and heal. I sound like a Jedi. LOL.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, it is of VITAL importance that humans speak up and COMMAND, verbally, their universe rights. The GFW has our backs and so does J.C.! People need to feel it now in their bodies as we move forward so they don’t become fodder for the nefarious E.T. As you’ll see from the video, they have ways of skirting these directives unless the individual says NO! No one can help you if you don’t advocate for yourself; Tone 4; Self-Existing. Blue Storm; Self-Generating.

Former Israeli space chief says US in contact with GGLN, Global Galactic League of Nations and Trump Knows

We were told about this months ago but I don’t think I posted it.

The request from the GGLN is controversial. I sure would like to see Trump’s signature on it because imo that would be quite a betrayal of us in need of full disclosure. The Global Galactic League of Nations follows universal law which is Free will. Trump can do whatever he wants.

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