Corey Goode on Telegram-Community Wakeup Call

Some believe gossiping and spreading rumors about public figures and one another is harmless. In the last few years, we have seen exactly how much harm it can cause. The community is completely split and at each other’s throats and it’s all due to rumors, gossip, and slander.

I believe all of the parties in this community I have suits against, including Gaia Inc, are going to have their karma soon. We are holding people responsible for alleged Racketeering (RICO Suit), Cyber-Stalking, Extortion, Embezzlement, Slander, and Intellectual Property Theft just to name a few!

This coming from the Love and Light and Truther Community! So far, I have run into less alleged corruption and nasty behavior in the entertainment industry aka Hollywood.

Already we have people who have admitted under oath that the nasty things they spread about me – as truth – were just rumors – they had no proof or evidence, nor were they witness to the allegations themselves while one of the people who originated many of these rumors has refused to show up for their deposition.

His post

One party who made a series of videos slandering me admitted to using the unsubstantiated info to try to destroy my reputation and income ability.

They and other parties in this community used lies and slander to get the rest of the community to abandon me so they could keep using my testimony to make millions of dollars.

My Secret Space Program Testimony and IP have become big business in this community, just not for me.

Most people don’t realize that the Ufology and Paranormal fields are multi-billion dollar industries – not just communities.

Gaia arguably made over 200 million dollars off of my show and testimony and those imitating my testimony (LARPS – Live Action Role Players) conferences make between 500K and 2 Million per event. That is before you count the money these people are making through online courses, books, and merchandise while calling me out saying my mission is all about making money.

That is right, those trying to destroy me are doing so because of MONEY. In every case what people accused me of is exactly what they themselves were doing.

We have cyber-investigative reports on the coordination of those trying to destroy me and those working with me – that is considered a conspiracy.

It is time to clean up the bad behavior in this community by public figures and their followers. There are public figures who have bought into the gossip and are spreading them as though they are true. What will happen to their reputation when all of the rumors are proven false in court?

I think many of the wackier people in this community will ignore the evidence and decide the things they heard will be a part of ‘their truth’.

In addition to number 5, the SEC Investigation against Gaia – Right now Gaia has 4 lawsuits that we are aware of;

  1. RICO Civil Suit: Trademark violations (Cyberstalking) – Goode vs Gaia, Inc. –
  2. Patent Civil Suit – NEC vs Gaia, Inc. –
  3. Copyright Civil Suit – Antarctica Films vs Gaia, Inc. –
  4. Class Action Civil Suit Facebook Privacy violations – Guida vs Gaia, Inc –
  5. Yoga-Streaming Company Gaia to Settle SEC Probe –

I urge everyone to take the time to review these news articles and lawsuits to get an idea of how compromised this community has become! Will we start holding one another accountable for spreading false rumors and gossip or are we too addicted to it?

Please keep supporting me and these important lawsuits by contributing at

And now…Here is Uranus with the Same Activation.

GAIA video[]=en

Uranus is changing quickly

David Wilcock is hilarious how frustrated and shrill he gets about NASA calling this seasonal changes. He needs to accept that they are indolent. They know nothing about the solar cycles and synchronicity patterns and why would they? They have to live in a Federal/corporate box to collect their payckecks. “Time is Money” to them. No universal alignment in the matrix.

I hope my book helps but it may be over their heads too. My office is closed for a week now so I can finish it.

Uranus rules Aquarius and mediates Red Earth-Phenylalanine and White Wind-Glycine

David Wilcock on GAIA Regarding Saturn

There are so many synchronicities with my Tzolkin research in this! And Dr. Luc Montagnier, Nobel winner molecular biologist is brought up. He worked with Dr. Chavez.[]=en

Saturn changes are highlighted in the video

Saturn rules Capricorn and mediates Yellow Warrior-Histidine Blue Night Alanine.

Dec. 5, 2010, the date they saw the huge “serpentine storm” on Saturn was Red 7 Resonant Dragon. Major synchronicity.

They all keep wondering where the changes are coming from. All Sentient DNA in our local system! My opinion; Physicist David Bohm’s bridge between implicate and explicate order connects galactic center to the interplanetary holon, all 10 planets. They all have Psi Banks and they all function according to the binary triplet configuration where the Zone of Transformation is in the middle, then there is a N. Polar Zone and S. Polar Zone.

The planets own Psi Bank regulates how Time moves on each planet according to the role it plays in the Tzolkin Harmonic. And of course they all regulate two archetypes or amino acids for evolution of life in our particular solar system. 13:20.

Saturn played a key role in keeping our species together after the Tiamat blowup. The changes are occurring bc it’s role for us is changing with our ascension. We no longer need its control.

David is Yellow 10 Planetary Seed.

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