The 5GForce, the 5th Density Galactic Source

In my Mayan Daily Reading blog post, I added the image of the Mayan Interdimensional Star Map. Note at the top, we see the Omnigalactic Source or in the Urantia Book, PARADISE where God resides. It’s tone 13. Note that Hunab Ku is not Source and it’s Tone 12. It holds the balance between the Alpha and Omega Galaxies which I need to research. It looks like Alpha Galaxy is on the female side and Omega galaxy is on the Male side. Indeed, our mothers start life with the egg, then the father chimes in.

Fifth Density frequency and upward come from here. It is Source vibration that filters through the cosmic web. The ultimate metaphor for humans in understanding love is the picture of new parents adoring their baby. This is universal folks. Criticize the limits and foibles all you want about heterosexual reproduction which is rampant these days, but it is an example of how our cosmic parents adore us in a most unreasonable, irrational, passionate way.

I am a mother and my baby is 23 years old. I still adore him. His White 4 Wizard father is still present in spirit but has left the body. Every parent I know, and I survey them in my office, adores their children no matter how old they are. They break open our hearts, fight with us, judge us, behave badly, don’t listen properly, leave us then come back and even die sometimes which makes you want to die, but the love of a parent for their child is COSMIC. And children love their parents in return, irrationally so, even if they aren’t very kind because of their own troubles.

Now take that heart love from human parents times a million and that is the love that Source has for us only perfectly. Our human parents are imperfect. We need to forgive them. The only reason for this love is because Source wants to. Why do humans reproduce? Because it’s an overwhelming desire and passion to the point of 8 billion people on the planet. GOOD! The more diversity in the gene pool the better. As far as resources, that would be no problem if the government would disclose all the military secrets in the E.T. milabs that they have left for us!! Our current system of energy production and food is a disgrace and unsustainable. It doesn’t have to be this way but of course, the D.S. hoards for their profit at our expense because of their mental/heart illness. It’s going to end.

Back to the subject. Looking at the Tzolkin, it is as important to understand the dynamics of the 5GForce each day as it is the Hidden Wisdom which I said I’d make a video on every four days.

Here is a list:

  • Red Dragon Cysteine; 5GForce is always Blue Storm Tryptophan
  • White Wind Glycine; 5GForce is always White Mirror Tyrosine
  • Blue Night Alanine; 5GForce is always Red Earth Phenylalanine
  • Yellow Seed Valine; 5GForce is always Yellow Warrior Histidine
  • Red Serpent Serine; 5GForce is always Blue Eagle Arginine like its antipode. Fascinating given Reptilians karma, Enlil and Enki, the Annunaki. This is the only tribe whose 5Gforce pulses on its antipode. This is extremely telling given its choice to align with nanites and the history of Lucifer on Maldek and our own alignment with Reptilians.
  • White World-Bridger Threonine; 5GForce is always White Wizard Lysine
  • Blue Hand Isoleucine; 5GForce is always Red Skywalker Glutamine (My mom and I)
  • Yellow Star Leucine: 5GForce is always Yellow Human Glutamic Acid
  • Red Moon Methionine; 5GForce is always Blue Monkey Asparagine (Human reproduction, sex based on emotion, the Start Codon in a DNA sequence.
  • White Dog Aspartic Acid; 5GForce is always ITSELF, White Dog (Aetheric Father Sun at the left foot, male side of the body)
  • Blue Monkey Asparagine; 5GForce is always Red Moon Methionine
  • Yellow Human Glutamic Acid; 5GForce is always Yellow Star Leucine
  • Red Skywalker Glutamine: 5GForce is always Blue Hand Isoleucine
  • White Wizard Lysine; 5GForce is always White World-Bridger Threonine
  • Blue Eagle Arginine; 5GForce is always Red Serpent serine!!!
  • Yellow Warrior Histidine; 5GForce is always Yellow Seed Valine
  • Red Earth Phenylalanine: 5GForce is always Blue Night Alanine
  • White Mirror Tyrosine; 5GForce is always White Wind Glycine
  • Blue Storm Tryptophan; 5Gforce is always Red Dragon Cysteine
  • Yellow Sun Stop Codon; 5GForce is always Yellow Sun Stop Codon (Aetheric Mother sun at the right eye)

So as far as becoming more cognizant of 5th density pulsing in synchronicity with your life in 3D, you need to be aware of which kin around you are in 5D pulse. My mother is my 5D pulse which is major for me and we do have that kind of relationship. It’s not easy.

The White Worldbridger tribe must have been tight with the Maldekian priests on Maldek. That is the Wizard/Jaguar tribe of the MAYAN priests. Makes total sense.

Well, we had a plan and a contract upon landing on earth and had alot of help but there were rebel factions in Skywalker and WorldBridger that sided with the Reptilian/Nazi types. We know who they are. They’ve made earth a hell planet when it wasn’t before. Still, we’ve seeded a tremendous amount of good work here.

I trust we’ll make it through. As much trouble as the Reptilian have been, we have to remember that we would not be mammals without them as far as evolution goes, so we can be grateful for their contribution. Maybe a remnant will survive their poor choices. Not all of them are bad.

Friday Daily Reading; Awareness is Empowering

Our Bodies are Evolving

5Valine, 5Arginine, 5Glutamic Acid, 5Lysine, and 9Phenylalanine.

The keywords today are targeting, vision, free will, timelessness, and synchronicity.

Earth is Evolving

22 is the peak ELM frequency in the magnetosphere, 3x normal

The 5GForce or 5th Density Human Helper

Yellow 9 Solar Warrior is the 5GForce for Yellow 5 Overtone Seed

The Lyrans are from the Lyra Constellation, in Vega, the Pleiades. Like myself, they believe that since all intelligent life has a DNA-RNA code (The Tzolkin), we share a common ancestry. The Draco wars began with the Lyran so they are battle-hardy warriors. They are 12-dimensional solar Light Beings

The Cyclops come from planet 555 on the opposite side of the universe from Earth. Don’t laugh at them. In their universe, people with 2 or more eyes probably look funny to them. You have to admit that his hair is very hip. Here is an example of a pineal gland on steroids. It’s not a third eye but his only eye. Very useful! I want him on my side in a war.

Many insects have multiple eyes so it’s not unusual in DNA to have eye differences. The eye functions like a telephoto lens to see farther distances and read energy patterns and auras. It’s attuned to higher psychic abilities. Their motto is “Judge the individual, not the race.” They oversee many souls here on earth, but they are kept secret because of their appearance. They’ve been here since 1950. They are in great affinity with Yellow Seed, (Jupiter), Blue Eagle (Vision, Red Earth (Synchronicity), and Yellow Warrior (Intelligence). They know how to create synchronicity between dimensions to create unity.

The Local System is Evolving

We are mediated by Jupiter, home to the pentagonal shape or the number 5.

  • This morning, the Sun and Saturn form a sesquiquadrate, and we can become more aware of, or frustrated by, our limitations. This transit can close us up or narrow our focus. We could feel confined or restricted regarding our plans and self-expression.
  • Tonight, Mars and Pluto form a square, and we crave a sense of control over events, relationships, or circumstances and become frustrated at any sign that we don’t have it. However, attempts to gain control or power tend to be fruitless. This square can stir intense desires that may not easily be satisfied. There may be arguments, standstills, and power games. It would be wise to observe and learn from whatever powerful feelings arise through confrontations or conflicts. We should try to remain flexible, perhaps devising strategies for achieving our goals rather than attempting to push them through at all costs.


An Experiment That Could Confirm the Fifth State of Matter in the Universe – And Change Physics As We Know It

They’re talking about 5th density which isn’t big news for us. But at least they’re catching up.

Where Can We See Our Higher Self or god-self in the DNA?

The answer is in the Fifth Density GForce which is also an amino acid protein. It came to me last night. In addition, the synchronicity is that it is always the tribe right before your Hidden Wisdom, the same tone. That tells me there are some family lessons or Mother issues tied to the 5GForce. I’ll explore this as I post on the body holon daily.

We’re way past religion, and even in religion it teaches the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. People skip right over that and cleave to the c+_)(church teaching that we are sinners, need a blood sacrifice, deserve to suffer, need absolution and atonement, and are born sinners no matter what. That’s all incorrect and has been for thousands of years. The Time Thieves run the Catholic Church. What really gets me is when White Dog dharmic teacher kin who are the prime teachers of love and healing like J.C., don’t remember who they are because they aren’t aware of analog kin Red Moon students (flow of feelings and empathy) to jog their memory. Instead, they cleave to religion or addiction and aren’t helping on the planet.

For instance, today’s 5GForce is Red 1 Magnetic Serpent of 1Serine. The Occult Partner/Hidden Wisdom today is 1Threonine or White 1 Magnetic Worldbridger. Red Serpent is Tribe#5 and White World-Bridger is Tribe#6 so there ya have it. The same thing will happen tomorrow and the next day.

It also pulses off of the antipode sometimes. Today’s antipode is Red 13 Serpent. With the 5GForce of Red 1 Serpent, it becomes occult energy because it adds up to 14. The upshot is we are all under the influence today of transforming physical passion and lust to love. Our sexual bonding needs to be loving in addition to lustful. That means your heart chakra needs to be humming.

Get some Reiki if need be. I do long-distance healing alignment in addition to in-person. If it isn’t humming, get the meditation going or do some soul searching and remain celibate until it is humming. If I can do it you can. I’m very into the body and I talk about it often and do it for my career. Talk about loosh energy for the Reptilians. Look at the synchronicity between Red Serpent being passion and the Reptilians being a negative force for humans!!

Another example is my 5GForce is 1Isoleucine or Blue 1 Magnetic Hand. My hands are literally magnetic in my office when I work on people. My clients say my hands feel like magic and I can feel it too! That’s my higher self, God in me for my own healing and for my patients! I’m right in my destiny where I’m supposed to be. It’s indicated in my astrology chart as well with my Venus in Pisces where Venus is exalted, in Capricorn (my career). Now pulse that with the fact that my Mom is Blue Hand and is also a therapist. There’s the reason I came through her onto the planet. She pulses also with all of my lessons around my Hidden Wisdom which is Yellow 1 Star.

Absolutely look at your birth gateway, the Hidden Wisdom, and the 5GForce. It will lead you right where Source needs you to be of service for yourself and others. If you have any questions about it, e-mail me. I can help you clarify.

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