JOMO-Joy of Missing Out

This is evolution forward, Tone 4. My patient just hipped me to it. It used to be FOMO-Fear of missing out which I could never relate to.

I’m happy to hear people are waking up. And the changes in gender dynamics continue to roll in. People tell me everything in the office. I learn so much!

My Uranus ruled Aquarius son says, “That’s pretty anti-social.” Of course a tone 12 Aquarius would think that.

The Psychology of Mimetic Contagion by Brownstone Institute

It’s groupthink virus that’s behind the blind following of scamdemic and other narratives shored up by 12:60 time coordinate.

“…under conditions of mass formation, people buy into a narrative not because it is true, but because it cements a social bond they desperately need.:

The article in the link below

“People buy into the narrative, even when it becomes absurd and out of touch with facts on the ground, not because they believe in the narrative, but precisely because it creates a social bond that they don’t want to relinquish. As in hypnosis, their field of vision becomes excessively narrowed, focused exclusively on the elements of the accepted narrative. They may be dimly aware of collateral damage or contradictory facts, but these have little to no cognitive or emotional impact—evidence simply ceases to matter.”

The article in the link below

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