NYTimes: A Diverse Supreme Court Questions the Value of Diversity

A Diverse Supreme Court Questions the Value of Diversity https://nyti.ms/3fsZ2xa

If diversity was defined by DNA and not surface appearance or gender, humans would see there is very little difference between us, meaning 98% the same genetically. That probably goes for E.T. humanoids as well. They are our E.T. ancestors and love us.

But for some strange reason, maybe our mirror neurons in our brains, earth humans note different appearance and make biased judgments based on that. The N.Y. Times has done it here. The whole media does it, all the time and it’s completely incorrect.

The assumptions about a person’s culture based on appearance are the worst. There are plenty of black people raised very much in the white culture with white values but that depends on class. Poor whites, middle class whites or rich whites? The same can be brought to every single ethnic culture based on economics. Money is the big dividing line in how people are raised and treated, more than culture.

Then consider that many people had parents from two different cultures so they are bi-racial but only appear so. Maybe their parents appear opposite but values and experience are the same culture for them. You must open your mind to real diversity which is INSIDE, not outside.

You get my drift. Don’t make assumptions about people based on APPEARANCE. Especially with humanoids walking the planet, we’re about to get a real lesson in diversity. Meaning, the Andromedan you meet looks completely human, and they do, but then they let you know they were not born in this galaxy…

Earthlings have maybe 10 years to get a basic grip on this.

I’m here to help, and as far as I know I’m an earth human, but patients don’t think so.😉

Sunday-Daily Reading; We Can Hold Our Personal Integrity and Vision With Family Members

Everyone is different even though they are born into the same family. This is a fact of nature in evolution. All you have to do is note the tree or apple family and see that there are hundreds of varieties that are in the same family. They all live in harmony on earth. If the plants and animals can do it we can. They are all older than us by the way. Most plants and animals have been on earth much longer than we have as a species. Check your human ego at the door of natural fact.

There is no gentrification in nature or the earth would be dead!! Remind your family members of that when they NEED you to emotionally agree with them bc they are so insecure. It’s a good thing the Elm tree doesn’t do that to the Apple tree or the apple tree would be pressured into not creating fruit!! It’s in great ERROR (evil) to need or demand someone to agree with you. It’s not The Way.

Tone 8 is about harmony with INTEGRITY. There is no integrity when you lie about who you are to create a fake harmony. It creates chaos.

You can nicely speak your vision or what you see and let the chips fall. Or not say anything at all and then they will never know who you really are or your vision.

The left’s marching orders and censorship over the last two years have broken up families and that was exactly what they wanted; disharmony. Divide and conquer. (Cancer Moon today). Cults use that intolerance and emotional abuse too to keep their adherents. It is definitely monkey business illusion which is today’s theme.

Hew to nature and her diversification. Point it out to family and friends who live in fear and obediance to institutional authority. If they find nature inferior to human edict, remind them that LIFE ITSELF is created automatically through the woman’s body which is truly magical. That needs no authority or control. The most powerful thing in the world occurs naturally, without mandate. There is nothing trite or easy about it. Nor can A.I. or human mandates duplicate human BIRTH or blood. Blessed be.🙏

Body Frequency

Blue 8 Galactic Monkey Asparagine~Yellow 8 Star.
We meditate on Chakra 3, the power chakra at the solar plexus and right abdomen (Blue Monkey pulse).
Limi – mental electron (purify)

The 5GForce is Red 6 Rhythmic Moon. (this last Friday)

I organize in order to purify. Balancing flow I seal the process of universal water with the rhythmic tone of EQUALITY. I am guided by my own power doubled. I am a GAP kin.”

Earth Frequency

Amplitude power is 9

Interplanetary Frequency

We are mediated by Venus. Pulsing are Jupiter, Neptune, and Mercury.

All Zodiac Signs
  • Today’s Sun-Neptune quincunx adds a layer of uncertainty or indecision to our day. (Red 8 Dragon antipode pulsing to our families). We might feel that people are draining our energy, especially if what they want from us is unclear. We can feel slightly off or out of sorts, and there can be difficulties concentrating or figuring out our next step. These things are more likely if we’ve neglected our spiritual needs, and it makes sense to slow down and adjust. Incorporating and recognizing the need for more imagination in our lives seems necessary now.
  • Venus will form a quincunx to Neptune tomorrow. (Today’s theme and antipode)
  • Today’s Cancer Moon is warm and sensitive.

From cafeastrology.com

Time in The Body is Just Play

Ponder your life in years and you will see how your mind just feels and sees it as one moment in the body. The truth is the body is eternal, RIGHT NOW, which is why we chat with others and then look off into the distance and say, “Where did the time go?” as if it has legs running on a linear line. It does not. It is still and is one with your breathing in and out.

It’s not moving on a linear line, it’s spiraling in the eternal moment as your DNA, your precious, holy, mind and body. A free gift AS TIME, given to us by our parents, mostly our mothers TO EXPERIMENT AND LEARN on this experimental planet.

We can’t get this wrong whether we’re in light or shadow or any gray in between because our Source is a great ARTIST who has endless magical, seemingly tragic ideas, maybe levity but always FREE and interesting.

I can’t fathom that I am 60 years old according to MSM and sickcare program hexing. It doesn’t even exist to me and I never absorbed it. I was raised to absolutely worship ancestry and the birth family in the tradition of the Maldekian Red Serpent tribe and White Wizard whose kin have dominated my life and taught me that 3D birth kin is your life. Red Serpent will forever teach that and I accept the teaching but I will not absorb it as universal truth because it is not. It is our human past. The red tribes on the future DNA spiral are Red Skywalker and Red Earth; prophecy and synchronicity. That happens to be my son and I.

Look at where your tribe lies from 0-19 on the Interplanetary Holon. 0-9 is Yellow Sun to Red Moon. 10-19 is White Dog to Blue Storm. Those of us on the future strand are bringing it forward to align and dissipate the past. Cleave to and learn from your same color tribes on the future strand. If your tribe is on the future strand let go of your same-color tribes on the past strand that may be holding you back. Look deeply at your inverse Harmonic and release and forgive all of the events and people you find there and hold them in the light.

My grandmother, mother-in-law, and rogue Catholic time thief priest were Red 11 Serpent, at the top on my inverse HF62, and seeded a tremendous amount of pain in my family past and recent present. I am just now learning much from my 82-year-old mother, and her oldest daughter, Blue Hand, my 5gforce. 💔 I am releasing that past because it is not true for me. We can heal it if we’re willing to see the truth in the details.

I have a future that comes from the stars, not just this one life. We all do.

Telomere Stimulation on the GAP Kin is Hidden Wisdom Energy

Reverse Aging or Stop Aging. Internal Mind Tech

The Tones in the GAP kin that are exactly diagonal from each other add up to 14. That makes them Hidden Wisdom or the subconscious mind from the mother seen on your destiny oracle at the bottom as the Occult partner. Your theme tone and the tone of your Occult partner always add to 14.

1Dragon, top left is occult to 13Sun, bottom right. 7Sun, bottom left is occult to 7Dragon, top right, and so on around the GAP kin green squares. Look at yesterday, 4Moon is occult to 10Human. The number on the square is the tone. The tribes are lined up, going down the left from Red Dragon to Yellow Sun.

Go down one; 9 White Wind, green square, top left diagonal from Red Dragon. Go down to the bottom right, 5Blue Storm, go straight left, 13 Blue Storm, top right corner, 1 White Wind. They all add up to 14 and are occult kin to one another. They are each other’s INVERSE HARMONIC. 4 kin lined up vertical are a harmonic. Going across to the right horizontally from the kin archetype are all the tones belonging to that kin. It’s beautiful and perfectly aligned when you see the patterns as I have for 30 years.

Once again, as I note in my book, Time is DNA, the hidden wisdom and DNA from our mother is key to aligning the telomeres on the ends of our chromosomes healing the electrical system of the body. The key to that system is perfecting our potassium and sodium levels daily at a base physical level to ensure we’re generating ELM energy for our heart and CNS.

What we will continue to work on with this blog is bringing the higher energies INTO the body via meditation and movement to change the DNA, reverse and stop aging, and align the telomeres. I get will get this information from my dreams and Spirit Helpers. This is Ascension 101. We do not need to age, suffer, and die. It should be fairly easy to prove whether this system is working with basic lab tests and by looking at you! As I feel better and get more fit myself I will likely include videos! My patients are commenting on how young I look so, I think it’s working. I can’t even conceive of getting old, frail, and dying. It’s not in my mental files and never has been.

  • One of the first things we need to do is remedy any stress around those attributes of our own hidden wisdom in our birth gateway around our parents’ effect on our subconscious minds as children. Study it well.
  • Second, be sure to understand your soul lesson focus in your inverse harmonic. If you have any questions about how to find this, contact me. It will only take a minute. lisa.townsend76@yahoo.com

Review on the Body Holon. Resolve Your Physical Hindrance on the Area that Pulses to Your Tribe or to a Close Family Member or Mate

Many times your personal tribe area will be fine but if you’ve had a rough relationship with someone close to you, that part of your body will give you fits until you can take your power back that you gave over and let it go. If they took your energy, you let them. Or it may be karma-related. It may relate to your Hidden Wisdom tribe or your Subconscious mother position too.

  • 0 =20-Yellow Sun-right top of the head. 19-Blue storm left top of the head
  • 1-Red Dragon-right eye, face, brain, pineal gland. 18-White Mirror, left eye, face, and brain, pineal gland
  • 2-White Wind-right neck/throat. 17-Red Earth, left neck/throat
  • 3-Blue Night-right shoulder. 16Yellow Warrior, left shoulder
  • 4-Yellow Seed-right arm and hand. 15-Blue Eagle, left arm and hand
  • 5-Red Serpent-right breast/pec. 14White Wizard, left breast/pec
  • 6White World Bridger-right lung, heart, ribs. 13-Red Skywalker, left lung, heart, ribs.
  • 7-Blue Hand-right abdomen, intestine, stomach, all digestive. 12-Yellow Human, left abdomen, intestine, stomach, all digestive.
  • 8Yellow Star-right reproductive all, all thigh and hip tissue to knee. 11Blue Monkey-left reproductive all, all thigh and hip tissue to knee.
  • 9Red Moon-right leg/ankle/foot. 10White Dog-left leg/ankle/foot.

The Tones of Creation energy articulating with the body is not the same as the tribes. They pulse to the joints. Apply the Tone attributes to the reason for that lack of function in the joint.

  • Tone 1 is the right ankle joint. Note magnetic attributes with your app or this blog
  • Tone 2 is the right knee joint. Note polarizing attributes
  • Tone 3 is the right hip joint. Note electric attributes
  • Tone 4 is the right wrist joint. Note self-existing attributes
  • Tone 5 is the right elbow joint. Note overtone/radiant attributes
  • Tone 6 is the right shoulder joint Note rhythmic attributes
  • Tone 7 if Vertebra C7, the throat chakra. Note resonant attributes
  • Tone 8 is the left shoulder joint. Note galactic attributes
  • Tone 9 is the left elbow joint Note solar attributes
  • Tone 10 is the left wrist joint Note planetary attributes
  • Tone 11 is the left hip joint Note spectral attributes
  • Tone 12 is the left knee joint Note crystal attributes
  • Tone 13 is the left ankle joint Note cosmic attributes

For example; I’ve sprained my right ankle (White Dog Love) 3 times. It caused my right hip tissue to go far out of alignment (Yellow Star-Beauty and Art. My mother is Blue Hand-abdomen. I covered mine with weight for a good portion of my life to block my hurt feelings that my mother objectified me for my teenage beauty and talent and didn’t care about what I wanted for my life nor did she ask me when I was young. I didn’t feel she loved me then. (White Dog) Her wishes for a performance life for me were foisted on me. It’s all corrected now and I’ve forgiven her but it took work.

Personal Synchronicity on Red 11 Serpent

An example of personal synchronicity

I want you to see how personal synchronicity can get when you have your family and close kin dialed up and you follow the Tzolkin daily.

Tone 11 pulses to the left hip. This is my grandmother’s birth gateway as well as 4 other significant people in my life. It is also the start of my inverse harmonic which holds the most powerful life lessons for us.

My mom has scheduled LEFT hip replacement surgery on this gateway unknowingly; in 9 days. It’s her mother’s gateway, who she did not get along with at all. The analog is White 11 Spectral Wizard which is my Mom’s Hidden Wisdom. So her hidden wisdom was her mother’s support!! Not only that, my cousin Wayne Dirksen died on this gateway and he was my Grandma’s best chum as a teenage.

Real Justice. No worries.

The freaky part for me is my grandmother, Red 11 Serpent, died on my mom’s gateway; Blue 3 Hand. Is my mother going to die on her mother’s gateway or is she just going to have a meeting over there to square some things away with her mother? It is her choice. My guess is there will be a major pow-wow. I’ll let you know what happens or what she reports back to me.

This is how the matrix works with families. We use each others gateways to make passages, learn lessons and resolve karma. Best to know them in your own circle and be ready to face true feelings and issues if they come up for a hearing. Yes, there are family courts over there. You can run but you can’t hide from The Universe.

Everyday Spirituality Vs. Materialism

Materialistic values demean intuition and praise rationality, are seen and enforced by the media, educational institutions (schools), churches, behaviorists, (psychology and psychiatry), modern M.D. and healthcare. Take your pills and make sure you have a bulletproof backpack are their mantras. “Be realistic! Make sense!” Whose sense? Add governments, banks, and similar ilk in there.

As you can see, The irrational Matrix is far-reaching. This is all true insanity and it’s out of hand. They even set fire to the Amazon rain forest, I guess because they no longer believe humans need air to breathe nor want us to have it? There is something very creepy going on. I think materialism has brainwashed and frightened many people to the point that they’ll accept death in any way it’s handed to them from the elite. (I wrote this PRE COVID) They feel powerless to focus their own minds on their vision. It’s cultish and dystopian but I see it happening.

Materialism Creates Disunity

Materialism is considered reality, what’s real, and what we should all be following and obeying if we’re good citizens, neighbors, and sane people. Lying and faking, putting on a plastic face and a plastered smile, women dolled up ready for sex and men the takers is the poster with a shiny new car behind them. All of this is considered normal and good. If you deviate, or are different, have brown skin, use big words, love yourself or have faith, you’re not stable?

Spirituality is about UNITY and PEACE between cultures. ONE human race.

Enter spirituality, exit religion. Church membership is declining and the Spiritual movement is on the rise. Holism is coming forward (my field), art and artists are starting to be acknowledged. The foundation of the Spiritual movement is ART and personal freedom of expression, interdependence and a unique individual perception that is a personal truth but not a societal dogma. To each his own; together. Many artists understand QI which unpins the Chinese civilization, 1.3 billion strong, the largest in the world. Their art from every level, as well as their medicine rivals the west.

The western religions were compliant and the right-hand helper of materialism as they are in a subconscious headlock as well. They are sexually deviant, addicted to all manner of substance, perverse, and love money and power under the guise of salvation and safety from hell damnation. This is the subconscious mind from their parents. The leaders of the churches are also down the rabbit hole. They need to hide too. Government and religion have long been bedfellows for more sex and money than is imaginable. They are an enslaved people looking to enslave others so the truth doesn’t come out.

Their mutual cooperation defines world history and the ascent of the mythological genetic line in the institution of the family, none of which is based on science at all. Genetic determinism is not scientifically valid; it’s dead according to the experts. Morphic resonance is a better theory as well as the imprint of the family on subconscious programming. It all comes from our environment and it shows up in cell biology! Quantum physics is shedding light on all of it.

At odds with religion back in the day was Science. Science calls on the higher, intellectual faculty of the conscious mind informed by free-will and choice. It reads, thinks, and is a critical thinker. One has to be calm to do that. That is at direct odds with the emotional indulgence and drama of a repressed childhood. Scientists have work to do. We are now getting closer to modern spirituality approaching modern science. The Earth is not flat, it’s round. We revolve around the sun, the sun doesn’t revolve around us; little facts like that that are still challenged by religionists today. Much blood has been spilled over scientific fact and by scientists themselves for daring to challenge church dogma that required a blood sacrifice.

It feels like getting uppity and empowered took us too long and while humanity was maturing, the elite was ripping off and ripping into the planet to end all of it for god knows what purpose. The climate has hit a tipping point while we wake up. Now what?

Spirituality is judged handily by unimaginative and indolent behaviorists who themselves are likely addicts but busy none the less with calling intuition, Reiki, ESP, and psychic mediums schizotypy. Kudos to the dude that came up with that word. I call them materialists who might feel very comfy in a church pew ruminating nostalgically over their time on a swingset. A step forward would be an art class, a jazz gig, hang-out with some cool cats and lose the stiff upper lip of intellectualizing love and creativity because you can’t or won’t take the leap and do it yourself. Those who won’t do it only analyze from the outside.

Materialism = subconscious programming from the family, 95% of personal action

Spirituality = conscious control programming (mindfulness and high intelligence) of the subconscious mind and minimizing the family to 40% of personal action, 60% to your own mind.

We seek a more creative, spiritual, peaceful world where everyone’s needs are met, including animals and plants, cultures are celebrated and acknowledged and it is understood that biologically, there is no such thing as race. We are ONE race; human, made of thousands of cultures and our entire lives and everything we do is founded in Love.

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