Whistleblower Suggests Mr. Metaverse, Z-A.I. Prophet Step Aside.

Good synchronicity to communicate this to a White 10 Worldbridger (Zuckerberg) on a White 10 Wind day. https://www.oann.com/facebook-whistleblower-haugen-sees-no-sense-in-meta-rebrand/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=facebook-whistleblower-haugen-sees-no-sense-in-meta-rebrand

Essay; This is Why I Hate Dating Using Social Media

I paused my Zoosk account tonight. I'm getting so many guys viewing me and interested in meeting me who are not desirable; such as bad hygiene, covering how they look with a hat and sunglasses which is highly suspect, looking overly affectionate with their dogs and almost ready to take their pants off. I even …

Re-Program; Pull-In

Can you remember the days before Facebook and Twitter? I can. When Facebook first came out I thought, "Wow, they want us to bear our private lives on this public platform. Why? I wonder if it's healthy? And who would pay attention? This is weird. Well, ok!" It was a psychological ploy to pull information …

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