Monday Daily Oracle; Rhythmic Tone 6 and Moon in Capricorn, We Can Be Organized and Focused.

We are in a new harmonic; HF25 and the I Ching attribute is deliverance and liberation.

Body Holon

Getting the job done.
  • Theme is Red 6 Rhythmic Earth; navigation and synchronicity in 4D
  • Analog is White 6 Rhythmic Wind; spirit in 4D
  • Guide Power is Itself
  • Antipode is Blue 6 Rhythmic Hand or Accomplishment in 4D
  • Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 8 Galactic Seed or wider DNA flowering in 4D
  • 5gforce is Blue 8 Galactic Night or Expansive, equitable abundance that is not coming from 4D but higher densities that rule other planets and other sectors of the universe. Earth is not normal…at all…in it’s gender bias.

Interplanetary Holon (Our 10 Planets and Our Star (the Sun)

The mediating planet is Uranus (Red Earth~White Wind)

Uranus has a ring also. It rules Aquarius
  • Mars forms a sextile to Pluto this morning, bringing a stronger ability to focus.
  • It feels natural to pursue our goals and satisfy our desires under this influence.
  • We’re better at strategy now, and ambitions and determination increase. We’re getting in touch with what we want and devising plans to pursue it.
  • We benefit from a patient and deliberate approach rather than pushing for immediate action.
  • The Moon spends the day in practical, sensible Capricorn. With this transit, we recognize that reasonable boundaries and rules can reduce worry and chaos.
  • This Moon aligns with Venus and Pluto and harmonizes with Uranus (Red Earth∞White Wind), Neptune, and Mars, and diplomacy and creativity are the routes to take to advance our goals.
  • The void Moon occurs from 11:43 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Mars), until the Moon enters Aquarius the next day, Tuesday, December 7th, at 6:49 AM EST.

From CafeAstrology in part.

Earth Holon – Today’s Time Portal

The location of the Red Earth Time portal is specifically the Equator–15 degrees west which lands on the mid-Atlantic off the coast of Liberia, Africa. The entire portal generally covers all of Central Africa and South Africa. Below is the link to the visual of the time portal on Google Earth.,-11.82722764,-2732.95392711a,3545994.25900519d,30.00000533y,359.99997297h,0t,0r/data=MicKJQojCiExSTRwRmNGeUQ0QV92eXVuUmlnYjQ4bVhKN0ZyVGQ4QU4

Yesterday, the big news was that the President of S. Africa will not allow lockdowns, masking, or vaccine mandates in that country. Those folks tend to be holistic.

2D Form to 3D Form

The Tzolkin; 65 Harmonics

Now that the book is published I’ll be helping people visualize how time is DNA.

This is the 2D version of The Tzolkin. If you folded this point to point with the occult partners touching ends via a curved thread you would see the double helix.

Most people know the Maya as the greatest timekeepers and know that their harmonic organizes time. Each day is a kin. What they don’t know is that THEY are a kin and so is every person on the planet. We are time itself and the Maya said it quite a bit but no one was able to hear it until now.

I hope you’ll check out my book “Time is DNA” on the main page “Books for Sale” tab.

The Difference Between Dimensions and Densities

This is important going forward because spatial dimensions are going to completely change with the earth and solar changes in our local system. The dimensions are SPATIAL or height, length, width, and depth; dimensions 1, 2, 3, and 4. The crossover space from 4D to 5D is Time.

The densities have to do with the frequency of different vibrations that allow any DNA form to be visible in the earth’s hologram or what we call “normal”. They are a level of consciousness or utilization of the power of the Mind. They are a stage of evolution.

The fact is, there are many entities that vibrate at different densities around us on earth right now; 120 different species in fact and most of them look much like us but most of us can’t see them. The word on the street Disclosure is we will be allowed contact with these beings in about two years.

You can find further delineation on this issue in “The Law of One”.

Watch “From DNA to protein – 3D” on YouTube

At point 1:56 you can see the tRNA as the 5-amino acid Tzolkin themeplex match up with the ribosome.

On this one you can see the 3D double helix unwind to the 2D Tzolkin with which we are familiar. The three parts called nucleotides in this video are ordered by the ancient I Ching TRIGRAMS OR HEXAGRAMS. A 3 molecule nucleotide controls each Tzolkin harmonic except for HF33.

You will see in my book how the IChing trigrams merge exactly with the Tzolkin oracle to illuminate our genetic code. The IChing has 64, 3D hexagrams. The Tzolkin has 65 multi-density harmonics formed by the 5-member amino-acid themeplex that makes us who we are via the daily evolution of our RNA; mRNA, tRNA and others that cannot be controlled by the scientists, even though they try.

RNA is soft and jelly-like, like a female or your mother. She is the source of our lives, the loom of the 13 Moons on which we are woven into a FORM (TONE 4) in her womb. It is through her that we are MANIFESTED time in the holographic matrix.

Here is the 2D flat one. When you wind this together, the opposite occult partner kin touching ends from one corner to the other and at opposite points all the way through, it is a DNA double helix. EACH SQUARE OR KIN, AS WE KNOW IS A 24 HOUR DAY IN TIME IN ADDITION TO BEING A 5 MEMBER AMINO ACID COMPLEX. DNA IS TIME.

Scientists claim big advance in using DNA to store data, but it’s not an Advance, it’s A.I.

A.I. is being used to abrogate our natural rights in our bodies. And WHAT DATA do they want to store?

Our own DNA, every one of the trillions of cells in our bodies is full of OUR DATA, our personal data, thoughts and feelings are in our cells, control evolution and ensure our species keeps moving forward. No one and nothing has the right to use our DNA for anything. We’re busy using it. Their data is A.I. for the purpose of control for profit.

DNA is only 2% of the genome. RNA is what is loose and moving. The only way scientists can manipulate that is with an mRNA vaccine every three months to line their pockets so they can purchase us as Reptilian snacks.

The time is now to claim your physical sovereignty and work your QI. There are universal laws protecting us but you have to accept them and advocate for yourself as the rest of the planet is doing right now.

Thursday Daily Oracle; The Difference Between Movement and Momentum is Intention

Movement is simple. It can be mindless and usually is, like marbles in a pinball machine. Momentum is focused mental intention IN THE BODY, on which you take action to achieve a mission. That’s what we’re shooting for now. That means you have no time for silly outside distractions like MSM, violent media, and lies about inevitable illness and death. We know better. Sit in your center and breathe.

Today is a G.A.P. kin, a galactic activation portal which means it’s an electrical polarity spin point on the molecule that causes the spiral in the DNA helix. The pulse points on the GAP kin molecule are anchor points of the DNA molecule, that in the Tzolkin system, are occult, coming from the mother mostly, but both parents actually. Maybe it is at this juncture on the tRNA cell that the mother’s RNA attaches to the ovum or the child’s DNA? It would have to be tested in the lab.

Occult Quartets are formed by GAP kin whose sum is 28 or 14 x 2. The primary double helix is a resonance pattern that is a binary triplet configuration. They are the modiolus of the double helix.

Body Holon

  • Theme is Red 2 Polar Skywalker; movement with the stabilizing intention of prophecy (looking to the future rather than stuck on the past)
  • Analog is White 2 Polar Worldbridger or stabilizing change
  • Guide Power is Red 2 Polar Serpent or stabilized bonding/sex
  • Antipode is Blue 2 Polar Night; polarized dreams
  • Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 12 Crystal Star; cooperative expansion.
  • 5gforce is Blue 12 Crystal Hand; cooperative accomplishment

Interplanetary Holon

The main mediating planet today is Mars between Red Skywalker ∞ White Worldbridger.

The Mars Rover on the surface
  • The Scorpio Moon aligns with Mars this evening, encouraging us to reach into our depths and get a little closer to understanding and exploring our needs and desires.
  • This transit awakens emotional desire and stimulates some level of urgency.
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