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I actually READ you folks posts before I hit like and I don’t hit like if I didn’t like it or it wasn’t my thing.

No one is obligated to like my posts. I know most don’t understand what I’m talking about. BUT…you could seek out and read my 3000 posts on the oracle and study more. Understanding synchronicity could save your life.

I ask that you not like my posts if you haven’t read them. Authenticity. Tell the truth please 🙏 . It’s all about individual empowerment so we can each contribute to the diverse COLLECTIVE without expectations. Be secure in yourself without needing the approval of others.

If You Like to Read or Know Someone Who Does…

We don’t usually send emails mid-week but this is too important  Our new book Blindsight Is 2020, by Gabrielle Bauer, is out and you can read excerpts on the site or get the book at Amazon. Some people were right from the beginning and this book chronicles how and why. It is also a tremendous delight to read, specifically designed to explain why it was not crazy to defend basic liberties over these three years. 

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization is cobbling together a series of amendments to its health regulations that are hugely influential and effectively binding. No surprise: the are institutionalizing and codifying lockdowns (and everything associated with them) as official pandemic doctrine.  So while we are winning some victories, we are nowhere where we need to be on the greatest threat to human liberty in our time. Brownstone hopes to put together more studies and investigations on this topic, effectively establishing a Shadow World Health Organization. You can donate support now or write us if you want to have a conversation about larger gifts. 

Here is some content so far from this week:

It All Began with Fear BY GABRIELLE BAUER. When Covid-19 came along, Laura Dodsworth grew alarmed—not at the virus, but at the fear swirling around it. She watched the fear grow legs and wings and wrap itself around her country. What troubled her most was that her government, historically charged with keeping people calm during times of crisis, seemed to be amplifying the fear. The media, which she had expected to push back against government edicts, gave the fear train an extra shove.

Covid Insider Farrar and His Eugenics Agenda BY PAULA JARDINE.  Let’s call a spade a spade and go back to calling this what we used to call it – eugenics. And be ever mindful as the WHO pandemic treaty and vaccine passport projects continue, with the potential for your DNA to become the means by which your identification is verified, that the man who will soon be in charge of setting the global agenda for it is Sir Jeremy Farrar.  

Amendments to WHO’s International Health Regulations: An Annotated Guide BY DAVID BELL. The amendments to the IHR are intended to fundamentally change the relationship between individuals, their country’s governments, and the WHO. They place the WHO as having rights overriding that of individuals, erasing the basic principles developed after World War Two regarding human rights and the sovereignty of States. In doing so, they signal a return to a colonialist and feudalist approach fundamentally different to that to which people in relatively democratic countries have become accustomed. The lack of major pushback by politicians and the lack of concern in the media and consequent ignorance of the general public is therefore both strange and alarming.

A Freudian Critique of the Pandemic Response BY BERT OLIVIER. Considering that Freud associates the life instinct (Eros) with the aggregation of families and communities, and with the panoply of creative endeavors comprising culture, and its antithesis, the death instinct (Thanatos), with decomposition, diverse kinds of destruction, and with aggressiveness, the current predominance of the latter – Thanatos – in the world should be obvious, if not conspicuous.

The Decline and Fall of the University BY GARRETT SHELDON. Academia was full of eccentric professors with various crazy ideas and habits (some brilliant), naïve students, and pompous administrators; but they all adhered to the same standard of knowledge. This led not just to scientific discovery and technological progress, but to every other kind of progress: economic, political, social, and ethical.

The Biomedical Security State, British Edition BY AARON KHERIATY. In Britain, Orwell’s country of origin, seven decades after the publication of 1984, it turns out that Big Brother is Always Watching. Perhaps this is a good moment to remind everyone that Orwell’s classic dystopian novel was meant to be a warning, not an instruction manual.

How the “Unvaccinated” Got It Right BY ROBIN KOERNER. The continued insistence on rolling out the “vaccine” to the entire population when the data revealed that those with no comorbidities were at low risk of severe illness or death from COVID was therefore immoral and ascientific on its face. The argument that reduced transmission from the non-vulnerable to the vulnerable as a result of mass “vaccination” could only stand if the long-term safety of the “vaccine” had been established, which it had not.

The Compulsive Delusions of the Imperial Mind BY THOMAS HARRINGTON.  Perhaps it is time to admit that much of what occurred during the acute phase of the Covid crisis was, in many ways, the culmination of a long multi-decade process of intense, top-down social pedagogy designed to separate us from our most basic empathic instincts. 

Blindsight Is 2020 BY GABRIELLE BAUER. Epidemiologists can do epidemiology. Public health experts can do public health. But none of these experts can do society or human nature any better than intellectuals from other disciplines or even “ordinary people.” No scientist has the legal or moral authority to tell someone they can’t sit next to a parent on their deathbed. 

It Started Before the Outbreak: A BioNTech-“Pfizer” Vax Project Timeline BY ROBERT KOGON. There is no avoiding the conclusion that BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine project must in fact have started before any Covid-19 cases had even been reported.

Eugenics, Then and Now  BY JEFFREY A. TUCKER. We have solid historical and contemporary proof that eugenic ambitions are capable of sweeping up the most elite intellectuals and policy circles. The dream of curating the population by force to make it more fit is a historical reality and not nearly as discredited as people tend to believe. It can always make a return in new guise, with new language, and new excuses. 

How Two Conflicting Covid Stories Shattered Society BY GABRIELLE BAUER. The two stories continued to unfold in tandem, the gulf between them widening with each passing month. Beneath all the arguments about the science lay a fundamental difference in world view, a divergent vision of the type of world needed to steer humanity through a pandemic: A world of alarm or equanimity? A world with more central authority or more personal choice? A world that keeps fighting to the bitter end or flexes with a force of nature?

Drinking and Excess Deaths in lockdown BY TOM JEFFERSONCARL HENEGHAN. These are deaths wholly attributable to alcohol, which means that at least 27.4% more of our fellow citizens have drunk themselves to death thanks to the imposition of curtailment of individual freedom. Males die more frequently – twice that of females. Mental disorders and accidental poisoning events were present but played a small part in adding to the tally. Most of the deaths will have been habitual heavy drinkers who found refuge by increasing their daily intake. 

The Sovietization of Medical Care  BY JEFFREY A. TUCKER. The further we move away from health care as essentially a doctor/patient relationship, with freedom of choice on all sides, and the more we allow central plans to replace on-the-ground clinical wisdom, the less it looks like quality health care and the less it contributes to public health. The Soviets already tried this path. It did not work. Health-care by modeling and data targeting: we tried it over the last three years with horrible results. 

Humanity Must Move Beyond Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt BY MICHAÉLA C. SCHIPPERS.  FUD first brought about by a crisis in health, cascaded into loss of faith in government, in the people around us and sometimes in ourselves. Three years is too long a time for FUD to be considered a crisis, but when a crisis is not resolved, loss of hope is the outcome. Many people have lost work, friends, health and even their lives as a result. 

The War on Doctors and Patients BY PIERRE KORY   JANUARY 27, 2023. The suppression of doctors’ freedom to advise and treat patients began early in the pandemic. Promising alternative courses of treatment, such as generic drugs like ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, were shouted down by false news narratives. Media companies took their cues from public health agencies, which exaggerated concerns over people using medicines to treat COVID in ways that were not intended and against medical advice. Positive clinical data was ignored.

The Grim Future of Establishment Journalism  BY DAVID JAMES. The professional liars have won. Newsrooms have been eviscerated because Google and Facebook took all the advertising revenue, and the spin merchants in business, government and nonprofits have almost limitless resources. If journalism – as opposed to commentary in blogs, websites, social media, and online channels – is to have a future, a new approach is needed.

How Government and Big Tech Colluded to Usurp Constitutional Rights BY WILLIAM SPRUANCE. Not only did the government turn its capability on the American people, but it recruited the most powerful information companies in the history of the world to advance its agenda, leaving American citizens poorer, stripped of their rights, and left with no place to hide.

CIA Agent Cloaks Lockdown Propaganda in Concern for China BY DEBBIE LERMAN. If anyone is wondering why it’s important to debunk and expose all of the fictions and propaganda of the Covid biosecurity agenda, this tiny window into the terrifying vision they have for our future is the answer.

The West Must Never Again Go Totalitarian BY JOAKIM BOOK. We might still have food on the shelves — though of worse quality and at much higher prices. We might still have the ability to move and work and travel, but heavily circumscribed, always at risk of canceling and always with papers showing the number of needles in your arm, or your scarred heart tissue. Nobody is torturing us (yet anyway) and for the most part we have some semblance of rights and freedoms remaining. ut we’re closer to that horrific totalitarian world today than we were, say five years ago.

The Impending US ICD Vaccine Passport and Its Unconstitutionality BY HARVEY RISCH.  The government itself—through the CDC—has determined that vaccination status is not of policy importance. There can thus be no compelling interest for the government to forcibly collect this information against the wishes of the population, even were it not stigmatizing. So much more so after the government has spent the last two years publicly demonizing unvaccinated people for their rational and legitimate personal health choices.

Timeline: The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2 BY EMILY KOPP. This timeline compiles numerous sources in an effort to covey the backstory of the enormously influential article. The timeline is likely to grow as more information emerges. All times have been approximated to Eastern Time. Engineered, Yes, but in the Wuhan Lab? BY WILL JONES. In fact, there is no evidence the Chinese were aware of the outbreak at all before December. U.S. intelligence has stated it does not have evidence the Chinese were aware of it prior to then, and this is consistent with how the Chinese themselves behaved.

Brownstone Institute

Issue; truth and empowerment for humanity

Remember that earlier this year, there was a concerted attempt on the part of major media and platforms to pretend like lockdowns and vaccine mandates (and medical segregation) never happened. 

What about all this carnage we see around us?

The inflation? That’s Putin, OPEC, and gas stations. 

Learning loss? Oh, one expects that in a pandemic. 

Lost workers? Well, it’s just demographics. 

Excess deaths not related to Covid? Probably drugs or something. 

Crime? It’s a myth. 

Shattered communities? Hey, it happens.

Recession and impending depression? Just part of a cycle. 

Whatever is wrong with this country, it has nothing to do with the late unpleasantness. That was all necessary for health, so quit talking about it. The lockdowns didn’t happen or, if they did happen, it was necessary to protect lives. In any case, let’s please just move on. 

Whatever you do, don’t connect the dots. 

Sadly, too many people wanted to play along with this major effort to sweep everything under the rug. Forget the millions displaced from their jobs. Forget the kids with delayed speech. Forget the missed cancer treatments and other medical diagnostics. What happened had to happen and these are new times. 

Why have so many willing to push the suppression of truth? Simply because so many people were involved in the disaster of lockdowns and jab mandates. They either supported them at the time or said nothing against them. Now they don’t want to talk about it. 

At Brownstone Institute, we’ve made it our mission to connect the dots. We do it every day with the best analysis, research, and commentary. We’ve made all these subjects impossible to ignore. Our thinking is that we have to get this history right, and understand all the cause-and-effect relationships, or we risk repeating the whole calamity under another excuse. 

More than anything else, if we are to re-establish and re-prioritize freedom as a first principle, we absolutely must come to terms with what happened and why. We must make the connections between today’s sufferings – they take so many forms – and the egregious policy responses that began only 31 months ago. 

Too many people, writers, intellectuals, journalists, and politicians want to forget it all. This is how they can avoid accountability and then do it again when they deem it necessary. As the shampoo instructions say, rinse and repeat. 

We simply cannot allow that to happen. Brownstone has emerged as a leading voice to provide the counterbalance. With fully 21 channels of communication, and millions of readers, and reprints in every major language, and venues all over the world where our content runs, and dedicated people who share Brownstone material all day, every day, we have made a huge difference. 

That these issues have emerged with major importance in American public life, and also the world over, doesn’t just happen. It is a consequence of the influence institutions like Brownstone have over the public mind. The ideas must get out there, even when major platforms are working daily to suppress them. 

Another crucial service that Brownstone provides in these diasporic times: this institution has provided sanctuary for writers, researchers, speakers, and scientists to do their work and get their message out. Our recently started Fellows program has been a godsend, for which we thank our donors. 

In fact, Brownstone would not exist at all, much less have the influence it has without generous donors. As we approach the holiday season in these critical times in history, can you please remember the work we do and give with your most generous commitments? So many of you already have and the difference you have made is legion. 

We run on a shoestring budget and so every dime counts. Times are hard for everyone but unless the right ideas penetrate the conspiracy of silence, the times will only get harder. We cannot guarantee success but we know that doing nothing will guarantee failure. 

Please consider supporting Brownstone. If you are already a donor, thank you ever so much. Please continue! If you have never given, please consider that today and in the coming months. 

Our donation form is here. Every effort is greatly appreciated. 

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Just a Word from Mr. Goode

I have noticed some interesting responses to my latest update where I was allowed to share the timeline that was given to me a number of months back. It seems a lot of people out there are very discouraged that they will not be rescued by an alien savior race just before humanity destroys itself or the Sun erupts burning the Earth to a crisp.

I have even seen some build up the Micro-Nova event as the moment of a rapture-type scenario while others are spreading fear about the solar event saying it is an extinction-level event – neither of which is true.
What we see as the suffering of the innocents, the higher density beings see is us finally catching up with our karma and being given an opportunity to deal with it on our own as Cosmic Law states, or they watch us cry and moan and wait for a savior instead… it’s up to us.

We have the motivation of end-times madness which is only going to increase our opportunities to right our collective karma.

Over and over I see people complain about 10 more years before the solar flash when they are not ready today nor would they be ready in 2024. The 10 or so years we have to prepare ourselves, work on our karma and traumas would be well spent if we did the work and actually stand up against the cabal running the Earth. We have pockets of brave people standing up here and there across the world, but for the most part humans are whimpering in the corner with hopes someone will save them from their own collective karma.

That is not how it works and those who complain about the end being too far away are doing nothing but complaining and succumbing to their programming of waiting for a savior to fix everything. It is a demonstration of the human condition and some of the primary brokenness that humanity needs to address.

No one is going to come and save us – if a group does come from the skies offering us help it will not be the good guys. Now is the time for humanity to stand up and show its power over the 1% that they have allowed to rule them and create such horrible karma on their behalf.

We are responsible for the current state of the world as a collective and anyone who denies that should really put their thumb in their mouth and crawl into a cozy place and ask for a nice hopeful story. It is time for humanity to stand up and write its own hopeful story. If we sit back and wait for saviors to do it we will just end up repeating another cosmic cycle to give us more time to learn these lessons.

Agreed 👍-Lisa T.

We Already Knew This, Right Followers? It’s Ancient Mayan Science

The kicker is, however, when an observation device is set up to observe what slit the particles goes through, the particle then only goes through one, thus collapsing the wave pattern and forming a pattern that is representative of the particle only going through one slit. In other words, the behaviour of the matter changes when we decide to measure it, almost acting as if it was aware that it’s being watched. 

The link

This proves what I’ve contended for a year now, that OUR MINDS, the collective of ALL the sentient DNA on the planet, billions of humans, the wonderful animals and plants in the ocean, on the surface, and IN the earth underground, changes the magnetosphere measured by the Schumann Resonance. This is basic physics folks! We are NOT at the butt end of astronomical movement from the sun, earth, and local system! We are affecting it by paying attention to it. And God Almighty, what happens when we focus on our own bodies? We really change them. It is not minor. we are not victims abused by the sun and destined for a firery death and the species will continue on.

What happened in the past can change the future and vice versa. Or, what happens on the CA (Civilizational Advance) strand changes the AC (Aboriginal Continuity) strand of our DNA. It’s in my book, Time is DNA.

Who were the founding mothers of quantum theory? Gee, probably all mothers since quanta are the smallest particles possible and we’re the ones that conceive and make them in our bodies until it turns into a human, automatically? Oh, but, no biggie.

Consciousness is fundamental  and it is directly intertwined with what we call physical material matter. You cannot explain consciousness in terms of the existing fundamentals like space, time, mass,  and charge. As a result, the logical thing to do is postulate whether consciousness itself is something fundamental to the existence of reality, to view consciousness itself as one of these fundamentals, but I digress.

The link

Tuesday Daily Reading; We Can See that We are in the End Game

Last night, Monday, when this political debacle occurred, it was Blue 10 Planetary storm in the destiny oracle. Big synchronicity.

We land on Blue 5 Radiant Night (Saturn) today as the theme and the monkey business from the other day is running rife as well as being our Guide Power today; Blue 5 Radiant Monkey (Venus indulgence). I know it’s hard not to get caught up in the emotion being spun by MSM but stay above the fray with your energy to sit in your power while they are losing theirs. When the monkeys get out of their cages, the Saturnian zoo keepers step in. That’s the level of this.

It’s obvious that we really are in the end game that is predicted by the Mayan Galactic cycle that started July 7. It’s a good thing I pay attention to and parse all of this. Yes?

Earth Holon

ScR is erratic because the evolving tRNA is erratic.

The power is 38 and going up steadily

Body Holon

Blue 5 Night is in Red, 5Alanine. The inverse is 9 White Mirror at the bottom. The 5gforce is Red 9 Solar Earth; 9Phenylalanine. I see here a shaking up of the brain neurotransmitters via the sun.

The Theme is Blue 5 Night and the Analog is Yellow 5 Warrior. Our Antipode challenge is Red 5 Skywalker-of course! There is no integrity and no good movement in these actions, but there could be and SW shows that, but it is a challenge when there is no FREEDOM. The Freedom archetype is Yellow Human and human tax-paying citizens don’t matter to the elite on either side. We are fodder, used by the system to make business contracts.

The Hidden Wisdom in the inverse Harmonic is White 9 Solar Mirror so the galactic movement is really working on balancing human brains, thus it looks like end times madness. Going into emotion and anger is what takes humans out of their power. THE EGO, the IDENTITY is what takes people off their Center. That’s why our government is no longer as bipartisan as it was set up to be. The Ship of State needs an even keel. That ship has sunk now so don’t be surprised if there is an assassination in the offing, on EITHER side. They follow a value system of death, sacrifice, violence and control like many American households. There is no love or altruism in politics.

I take no side anymore. I haven’t supported anything political since December 2019, after the stolen 2020 election and before the irrational lockdowns hit.

The Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Saturn and the Capricorn Moon is ruled by Saturn so there are all kinds of control going on. Synchronicity. Trump is ruled by Mercury as a Gemini, mediated by Earth ways as a Blue Hand. Biden is mediated by Mars as a White World-Bridger kin and there are all kinds of reckoning going on near Jupiter between the Andromedans and the nefarious bad actors from Orion. There is synchronicity with that aspect.

  • Mercury forms a quincunx and Mars a semi-square to Jupiter today, and our estimates can be off. We might waver, unable to reach a wholly satisfying decision or conclusion, making it better to reserve judgment. It’s too easy to overestimate our abilities or underestimate the situation, or we might see-saw between alternatives. Whatever the case, it may be best to avoid jumping into something without planning, as necessary details are too easy to overlook at the moment. The competitive feelings we might experience now can be stimulating and invigorating, but we may not get the timing or estimation of our capabilities right. It’s best to wait out sudden urges since they may not hold weight over time and make it a goal to manage disorganization.
  • Helping with this is the Moon in Capricorn (all day). This transit favors order and structure.
  • The Sun is still in Leo so there is too much drama


Why Human DNA Might Be The Product of Another Intelligence

Gee…REALLY? 😆 The author of this article isn’t familiar with The Tzolk’in. The answers to his questions are in my book, “Time is DNA”. WE are Time and WE hold the key, because of free will, to our ultimate destiny.

We have come into being by intelligent manipulation but once Manifested we are free to choose how things play out. The elite cannot usurp UNIVERSAL LAW.

Friday Daily Reading; Are We Going to Continue Playing Victim and Use Each Other or Level Up and Work Toward Our Potential?

Earth Holon

Now you can see the intense frequency of 63. It is 55 points above normal range. We’re stressing.

Body Holon DNA Evolutionary Sequence

Crystal tone 12 gets the communal vibe going in synchronicity with the astrology below. The Sun is in Aries ♈.

  • The theme is 12Stop Codon or Yellow 12 Sun; enlightenment
  • Analog is 12Tryptophan or Blue 12 Storm; self-generation
  • Guide power this morning is 12Glutamic Acid or Yellow 12 Human; communal Free Will.
  • Antipode this afternoon is 12Aspartic Acid or White 12 Dog; loyal companion.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 2Cysteine or Red 2 Dragon; polarizing passion.
  • 5gforce is 2Stop Codon or Yellow 2 Polar Sun; enlightenment. This pulses in occult synchronicity with the theme so we are at the end of an evolutionary sequence as well as Harmonic 55. Tomorrow we enter the South Polar Zone.

Interplanetary Holon/The Sun

We are mediated by Pluto again. Still deep-diving emotionally.

  • The Moon spends the day in the sign of Cancer, stimulating a need to connect with our roots.
  • Mercury forms a sextile to Mars and Juno today, enlivening our interactions, and Jupiter forms a sextile with the Moon’s North Node. While harmonizing through shared ideas and ideals can figure very strongly, we’re ready to take action on our ideas.We’re mentally engaged and enthusiastic. There can also be much enthusiasm in our conversations or excitement about our interests and discoveries. We can be especially alert and observant, as well as incredibly resourceful. Our minds are busy, and we want to do something with our ideas, learn, teach, or debate. Mental rapport can figure strongly, but if it benefits us, we’re also willing to work at our own pace.

From Cafe Astrology

Heartset; Mindset Comes After…


gardenIs setting your mind like setting a table or a stylist setting a woman’s hair?

Is setting your mind like writing out a flight plan or a travel plan?

Or is it more like a course syllabus where the content is listed along with the supplies you’ll need?

I’m happy to hear anyone’s idea. I’m seriously asking the question.

My idea of a mindset has to do with daily ritual or habit. I empty my mind daily so it can be set by the Universe which I channel. It’s part of being a spiritual person and a lightworker. I do take note of what I dreamt the night before when I awake and the vibe I’m picking up that day but that is not etched in stone and morphs with my response. The Spirit world or the ethers set my mind at my request.

Every single day, my heart is filled with a great love for every breath I take, gratitude for my home and the very good skills that create my income, for friends that call and talk to me, know me, see me, and support me if I call them. My heart sets my mind.

Every single day the Universe lets me know exactly how my body is doing past how I feel because there is a lineup of energy there as well. My motivation to move my blood and muscle, to work out, drink water, and eat whole foods comes straight from Source which oversteps my own appetites that are subconscious and sometimes not the best. Our family sometimes program the attitude of our minds about our body and it’s not good. My body mindset comes from Spirit. My body awareness sets my mind.

Speaking of that, I daily have to forgive comments that are criticizing, insulting, controlling, self-indulgent and self-pitying from family members. If not, it will clutter up my very good, healthy, loving, self-care mindset that I’ve created to move forward. I also have a mindset of boundaries so that I can get my work done in light, not darkness. Family boundaries set my mind.

I focus on changing my body every day and know what I want to see so I look in the mirror and visualize that happening, like working on a piece of art. I see what I like and what I don’t like. I absolutely view my body as art. I also remember what mistakes I made in the past, over many years that put my body in less than the desirable condition it’s in and I realize what I can do differently and own it. In my case, it was giving my body and emotional energy to men and not myself in order to get something from them like a child, time, attention, affection and love which is not natural for men to give. Most women are taught to manipulate the situation or we get nothing we need. It took me many years to accept that that is the situation in our world. I visualize gender equity. Visualization sets my mind.

The rest of my mindset is to write and work on patients, to visualize money being deposited in the bank and bills being paid and honestly, it always happens. I don’t work for humans I work for the Universe and at the Universe’s request and my agreement, I’m being of service to the planet while I’m here. Therefore, my mind is only set to care about the opinion of the Universe not of society at all. My work sets my mind.

Every day, my mind is set to forgive my own mistakes, the mistakes of other humans, to never, ever, ever, give over my sacred space of love to others under any condition, to claim my power for good in the world and make the best use of my time I can while I’m here. Forgiveness sets my mind.

My mind is set on my own agenda and I ignore other ideas of an agenda for me understanding that they don’t know my mind and heart at all. I’m in charge of my life and my body, my money, and my home because they are tools for service; a service I love to share and offer to my community if they want to receive what I have to give. I set my mind and therefore I’m in charge of my mindset.

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