Musk, experts urge pause on AI systems, citing ‘risks to society’ | Reuters

Yeah, they are being curbed by The Watchers, who are also keeping the NATURAL earth changes; Psi Bank and pole shift level for our safety.

Musk, Gates, nor any of those guys would do this voluntarily. He’s being handled for sure. Just as the empty threats of nuclear war are being handled by our Local Universe authorities, because we want them to.

The DNA species come first, not the psychopaths in the sandbox playing with A.I., money, and warheads for profit. They are not going to stop our proper collective evolution as time, so keep setting your intentions and loving yourself.

Elon Musk, The Great Reset & Discernment – Arjun Walia | CE Podcast

Everything changes in 2025. These guys don’t listen to or believe Corey Goode.

When it comes to A.I. and Musk he is not the only player. We need facts, don’t be so naive as to believe MSM reports. The events are true but as they say, they are manipulating the dominant narrative. Look elsewhere.

You must accept the fact that MONEY AND TECH power are ALWAYS the billionaire motivation in using government monies, OUR money. It’s evil. Come on! These guys don’t accept that it doesn’t matter what people’s OPINIONS are. There is fact and fiction! Use your intuition AND critical thinking. They say you can’t see people’s intentions. Well THEY can’t or won’t. I can see people’s intention using my INTUITION. Everyone can. I’m only 10 minutes in to listening to it and I think they’re foolish sitting on the fence.

It’s not about hate. When you run hate it hurts you not the other person. But there is right and wrong in the world. Many of the “progressive” news outlets like The Pulse refuse to take a stand on good and evil or spirituality. I guess it’s not cool or hip to be respectful of ancient magic, light workers and intuition? It’s not “a guy” thing? Bring the powerful women in. Oh yeah…not allowed. Maybe in 2025 the Andromedan will finally be heard.

Elon Musk Says He Will Resign as Twitter CEO but Remain Involved in Key Operations

He is quitting already. There should be a thing called “the Musk minute”.

Wow. I think Musk is the governments puppet. I don’t think he has a choice anymore except to play a role for them until the psychopaths say “jump”. Biden and Harris are the same way. They are just mouthpieces for the C/_<> and say and do as told.

Twitter needs to fold, like FB, LinkedOut, tiktok like A CLOCK, and instacrap. Humans BOYCOTT THEM. All they are is censorship and toxic programming.

There is also this.

Twitter Files’ Show Company ‘Directly Assisted’ in US Military Psychological Operations

Musk’s neuralink begins human trials in six months

He openly promotes cyborgs & transhumanism to counter AI threat.

(That IS A.I. It doesn’t counter anything. But if I were blind like Dr. Chavez and they could do laser surgery in the lower occipital lobe that controls the eyes, I would consider it. The problem is it would be experimental and god knows what else they could eventually control with that chip.) L.T.😳

This is where I part company with Musk. Organic Ascension is the more desirable path forward & ETs/Inner Earthers will help us do it.

From Michael.Salla on Telegram

Elon Musk Exposes Real Reason Twitter’s Censored Former President Donald Trump

Man, is it ever White 11 World Bridger. 11~3 pulse. Musk and Trump are both tone 3 making the 11 occult or hidden wisdom coming forward.

These two men also have in common the adoration of money. Time is money to them. Trust the universe and your body. They are not saviors.

The C$%^& theme song

The latest disclosure revealed that Twitter executives used the platform’s formidable “visibility filtering” powers against Trump ahead of the 2020 U.S. elections and that engagement with the FBI intensified before Trump was permanently suspended.

The article

The executive said the “decision on whether to pull that particular tweet” or use it “as a last straw” for Trump depends on “the overall context and narrative in which that tweet lives.”

Before Trump was banned, Twitter also created a new tool to censor the then-sitting president after the election when he was vocal with his claims of election fraud. Internally, executives referred to the tool as “L3 deamplication.”

The article

If you’re an Independent, conservative, something else or just not a Dem, be sure to show this article to an ex friend or family member that drank the MSM Kool Aid, called you names and cut you off because they were weak and wrong. They can repent to the Universe or stay in the dark with their mask on. Just don’t expect an apology.

I don’t even really trust Trump but I knew MSM was doing this to him. It doesn’t matter who it is! They can’t do this to anybody. Better yet, stay off of all social media and MSM. I do. But I was banned from most of them so it doesn’t matter. They don’t exist.

The point is, an official agency of our government, the FBI, which our taxes support, meddled in FREE SPEECH and has been for 100 years. There are a pile of stories of media manipulation in the U.S. for control and money.

Are we just going to wait another 180 years until the cycle ends at 13,000 years or run these nefarious actors out of our system for good?

Musk Says Twitter Suppressed Free Speech Under Orders From Government

What I see is, the c+×÷= is using Musk as COVER to buy time, to see if they can scam their way out of their demise.

Pretending to come clean on being evil by using someone who is evil to do it is a good fake if you’re programmed enough to buy it.

I’m not.

Putting Musk in the role of good guy? How stupid could people be to fall for that?

Biden and his ilk have done far worse than suppress free speech. There is litany.

This is a signal from the left that they’re dumping Biden.

Twitter Reactivates Trump’s Account Following Poll of 15 Million Users

So what?

Musk is trying to USE Trumps ego, popularity, and contoversial existence to shore up the continued existence of a corrupt, sinister social media that just got done reaming the planet with abominable lies, censorship and covid death with vaxx on top. To what end? To eventually cram A.I. down people’s throats. To release the beast from its cage onto humanity.

Does he really think Trump is going to come skipping back to the first grade sandbox that is Twitter just because he can play with his friends again who beat him up? A section of America and ALL of Washington D.C and Mainstream media want to see him hung in the street!! What response would that elicit if it were me? Ignore.

This is a test to see Trumps social medal. Good riddens! is my response. I hope it’s Trumps’ response.

Will Trump see through it and go over the top? He needs more than 15 million Americans to back him. He needs 200 million.

In order to destroy MSM for good, and Congress in all of it’s corrupt,  fake glory, he needs to mobilize 200 million Americans to take our country back for ourselves and our children from this 3-headed hydra, within 2 years.

Elon Musk is f….. Luciferian and works for the ICC, The International Corporate Conglomerate, who no doubt has his arm twisted behind his back. Check that out on Corey Goodes posts on here. The category is on the home page. Trump would be foolish to trust or align with Musk. End of story.

Twitter Reactivates Trump’s Account Following Poll of 15 Million Users

4:30am on Saturday. Elon Will Swoop In

Just as I predicted. Elon will be picking up a bargain. Buy low, sell high.

Musk is going to buy FB. You heard it here first. It hasn’t happened yet but I see it. World Bridgers stick together. And when the SEC starts chirping MONOPOLY at Musk, guess who will manipulate the law for Musk? Grandpa Joe Biden White 2 Worldbriger so they can use cheesy social media to cram A.I. down people’s throats. Tik Tok will be next.

THEY WILL FAIL. Yes, I am helping to create that. REAL Intelligence will prevail. Bless humanity.🙏

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