Kari Lake-R, in a Super Close Governors Race in AZ. Here is Her Public Figure Mayan Gateway

Kari spent 22 years working in media so she knows what they are made of and who pulls the strings. She is tight with Trump and MSM is trashing her all over the place calling her “conspiracy performance art” she learned from Trump. She is Light and they are D.S. shadow. Of course they have to try to destroy her.

Well, these days, free will, empowerment and healing is a conspiracy of wholeness for humans. The media really are scum and need to be taken down. They are controlled by Democrat corporate interests that use humans as victim slaves. It’s very profitable for them. Conservatives are about EMPOWERMENT. The left will never stand for human empowerment. Not in a million years. Humans are supposed to be dependent children. If they are empowered, happy, and whole, the democratic party would have no reason to exist.

I have her back with my Light worker energy, which is not minor.

Blue Hand is her Analog; Trump

House Republicans Won or Lead in 221 Race, Enough For a Majority.


MSM Reporting on Midterms…??

Millions of absentee ballots have already been mailed in and counted and MSM hasn’t posted any numbers. That’s a red flag right there.

We have to remember that no matter which way this goes, politics and elections are completely corrupt now because of the D.S. Americans are in denial. I’m not.

Change is up to each of us individually, not the politicians or D.C. We have to keep our power. There is no other way. Faith in any government is never going to work and we just don’t want to accept it even though it’s been obvious for years.

Also ScR has dropped to 5 at 3:30 EST

Election Day is Nov. 8, on the Full Moon.

Full Moon’s are the culmination of a Mindset so this is the end of Midterm Mindset, gratefully 🙏.

If you’re interested in the lineup, here it is. Ruled by the asteroid belt karma, Uranus, Jupiter and Earth. Guide power is Aquarian. That’s a good thing. Tone 5 is at C7, the 5th chakra where we speak and express ourselves.

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