You Tube Video on the Cosmic Cycles on the Horizon

I don’t know about the quality of this. YouTube is probably censoring me because I’m talking about empowerment and being positive. That certainly goes against the narrative right now. But maybe you’ll see this clearly. I decided to do this spur of the moment.

Earthquake in Turkey Assessed per Cosmic Cycles

Cosmic Cycles

Today is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Seed. The 5GForce is #36, Yellow 10 Planetary Warrior.

7.9 Magnitude Earthquake. As of Tuesday the death toll is closing in on 8000 people. This in synchronicity with the antipode, White 10 Planetary World-Bridger or planetary death. The Guide Power is the same tribe as the 5GForce so this is significant. A SEED is a DNA packet. There is a new DNA seed packet of VALINE on an energetic spectrum being seeded here by the new timeline.

Corey Goode posted on Twitter that there was a strange, huge white light in the sky before the earthquake. I said.

“This was a big synchronicity according to the Mayan oracle. I believe it was a congruence of the 3D IChing hexagram 1 in that earth location and the Red Dragon 4D Time portal in the same location that caused a time quake in the earth’s timeline first in the cosmic web and then an earthquake in 3D.

Turkey’s coordinates are 38.9637° N, 35.2433° E. This is the Red Dragon TIME PORTAL and we are currently IN the Red Dragon 13-day cycle. The nucleotide is AAA Lysine which is the White Wizard Tribe, Maldek Karma and the goddess Ixchel.

This is in total synchronicity with what I posted about this morning. There is no bigger gender disparity on Earth than in that area of the world. Things are moving. The I Ching governing the area is I Ching Hx 1 which is located 30 degrees north, 30 degrees east!

This is a prehistoric timeline, Stage 1, the Deep Past, AC, aboriginal continuity, future into the present.

Quake Strikes in Pacific off Central America, No Reports of Damage

The Yellow Human time portal covers Central America so there is the synchronicity shaking the earth and the magnetosphere. The people staring into the sun can’t see the Cosmic cycles for the solar cycles though. Today is Yellow 9 Solar Human~Glutamic Acid.

Yellow Human portal is at the Equator–105 degrees west, West of the Galapagos Islands off of the coast of Equador.

The coordinates of the Yucatan Peninsula, home of the Maya is 18 degrees N–89 degrees W, so not far from the portal. Yesterday was Blue Monkey and the rest of Central America is in that time portal so that is possibly involved also.

Watch “Tonga Quake, Ancient Civilization Disaster, Strangest Pulsar | S0 News Jan.27.2022” on YouTube

It might actually be a 19 minute pulsar, not 18, in which case the strangest pulsar could be the 0-19 code pulsed to the earth’s psi bank from galactic center. If so, we’re finally moving into 13:20 frequency. My brain feels exceptionally good today. Something is changing for sure.

The 4D Time Portal is Yellow Star; 30 degrees S–150 degrees W. Mediated by Venus. January 26, 2022 was Yellow 5 Radiant Star so that is a synchronicity.

21 degrees S–175 degrees West

Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strikes southwestern Iran – ABC News

When a significant weather or geological event occurs on the earth, it is an expression of the earths DNA and timeline just as our physical events are in alignment with our ancestral timeline and Tzolkonic DNA which partly comes from our mother.

We begin a new harmonic today replete with Red Serpent and Blue Eagle, the ancient symbolic rivals of the near east. They were Enlil and Enki.

An earthquake just hit there. Yes, they have them often but that doesn’t negate synchronicity. Earth’s Psi bank DNA is shaking. There are no accidents. Everything is moving in a synchronized holographic matrix. Try to observe the details of that on a daily basis to wake up. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s NATURE.

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