The “triple alignment” makes world mapping history – Big Think

Earth Body 3D

This is 50 degrees N and 2 degrees W.

This is very close to the Yellow Sun 4D Time Portal where all evolving DNA information on the planet is uploaded to Galactic Center, NW of the U.K. in the N. Atlantic. I interpret this amazing alignment as a CALIBRATION of Earth to the Universal Circuits. We are no longer in quarantine because of toxic vibes. The c$%^& and A.I. are being thrown to the curb and kept out because that’s what the bulk of sentient DNA on the Planet wants. Blessed Be.

The time portal is 60 degrees N, 15 degrees W.

ScR is LOWER Than Normal

What could be the meaning of this? A rev up or a dissolving plummet of the Psi Bank. It is true that the ELM magnetosphere of Earth is weakening and the reason may be a very imminent pole shift. It’s similar to how quiet it gets before a tornado.

I hope I’m wrong. 9:02pm. I’m feeling something and just got big goosebumps all over.

The amplitude power is 5. I’ve never seen it this low.

Tomorrow is White 9 Galactic Mirror Tyrosine. Uranus mediates above, Saturn below to indicate the retrograde transit in the video I posted today. He said it was a big deal. Venus was in the mix too and rules Taurus. Uranus is in Taurus right now. He talked about that too. With Mercury going direct it’s set to go.???

Saturday Daily Reading; Earth Changes Becoming Epic and Unstoppable

Our Bodies-We Want Our Bodies Back Too.

Tone 4 is Self-existing and pulses to the right wrist.

  • White 4 World Bridger Threonine, an essential amino acid that helps to maintain the proper protein balance in the body.
  • 4Glutamine-needed to make other amino acids and glucose. Glutamine might help gut function, immune function, and other processes, especially in times of stress when the body uses more glutamine.
  • 4Glycine-contributes to cellular growth and health. Cells produce glutathione in order to fight free radicals that can otherwise cause oxidative stress and damage cells, proteins, and DNA.
  • 4Histidine-It’s used in growth, repair of damaged tissues, and making blood cells. It helps protect nerve cells. It’s used by the body to make histamine.
  • 10Arginine-helps the body build protein

Earth 🌎

The geomagnetic excursion in the Atlantic is massive. I’ll take these earth changes if it means the end of the c%^&*. What else is strong enough to stop them? They are forbidden from using nuclear weapons by GFW and forbidden to blow up us and planet up like they did Tiamat/Maldek. God speed GAIA. We want our planet back with freedom.🙏

Watch “Unprecedented Ecological & Atmospheric Shifts | S0 News Mar.5.2022” on YouTube

Our Local System-Looking Positive

  • The Sun forms its annual conjunction with Jupiter today, this year in the sign of Pisces, and we can be especially aware of our desire to grow, improve, or expand today. It’s a time of discovery and a renewed sense of joy, faith, and optimism. We can be more motivated to give than receive–this influence increases generosity and optimism. With this transit, our vitality increases as we build our confidence, and we value integrity, patience, reflection, and wisdom. We could be looking for more recognition and respect. This influence favors reasonable legal, educational, religious, financial, and cultural endeavors.At this time, we most attract luck and rich life experiences through compassion, charity, and gentleness.
  • The Moon spends the day in direct, spontaneous Aries. (Aries isn’t always. I’m methodical) We’re looking forward and feeling positive and confident.
  • Venus and Mars are about to leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius, happening early tomorrow, and they head toward alignment. As such, we should watch for split-second decisions today. It’s undoubtedly a creative, dynamic, and exciting time, and impulsiveness is possible.
  • The void Moon occurs from 11:02 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Pluto), until the Moon enters Taurus the next day, Sunday, March 6th, at 3:01 AM EST.


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