Heads up True Time Update on big Resonance Points on Sunday-HF38-7/2/23

We just passed the Alpha and Omega resonance points in the Axis of the Eternal Present, the Central Column as we went through HF33. They were kin 130 and 131. The binary polarity really kicked in right after that as we pivoted over to the Future Strand of our collective DNA and the Schumann Resonance went up to 190 amps! I got 500 new followers on Twitter that day for some reason.

The pattern of the amplitude that registered on the Schumann Resonance last week matched what Jose drew in Earth Ascending. It scared people because they didn’t know what it was. It was a geometric pattern caused by the SOUND and the ELM energy from the SUN into the Earth’s magnetosphere that evolves ALL DNA between the past and the future. Now we’ve come out of that but there is another very strong resonance point coming up. I felt it first tonight, (It’s 6:06 as I type this on the new HP laptop that cost $606), better listen up. LOL.

What a kick!

So, I felt it first, then I was directed to look in the Tzolkin.

We begin harmonic 38 tomorrow: Solar Process to formulate the free will of intention. So, meditate starting tomorrow on using your free will to set your intentions for your own life as we go forward here. It wouldn’t hurt to include your wishes for the collective, just know that one individual doesn’t control the collective, even though the politicians would like to believe they do in their psycho ways. They don’t. We each count towards it, like a drop in the ocean. As a collective DNA of free will, all sentience in nature included, we trump all the leaders on the planet. So it is VERY important that each individual focus their mind and heart regarding what they sincerely want and need while on the planet embodied.

So then we hit SUNDAY, July 2nd of this holiday weekend. It is kin150, White 7 Resonant Dog. Like kin #20, Yellow 7 Resonant Sun, the 5th dimensional Galactic Force turns in on itself as a lemniscate or infinity symbol, and sort of doubles it up to 10G’s or 10 galactic force. When the GForce on a kin is the exact same gateway AS the kin, that’s like getting zapped in 3D with galactic lightning from the 5th dimension. We will no doubt see it and feel it in the magnetosphere which is our Psi Bank, monitored by the Schumann Resonance. There may be big auroras.

5GForce for Meditation

I channel in order to love. Inspiring loyalty I seal the process of heart with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of spirit. I am a galactic activation portal. Enter me.

Kin 150, White 7 Resonant Dog

Happy meditating.

Great Synchronicity

Some of you may know I’ve been without my laptop for a month. 😳🥹 I had key documents on it from this blog. It broke, and I couldn’t open it to turn the computer on to back them up, so they were on the hard drive. I rescued it!! They almost recycled the whole machine.

Short story, the fix it guys broke it further so they GAVE me a new laptop. I picked it out this week, and they opened this “cage” of brand new but opened laptops. This one cost $606.00. He said I think this one is best for you.”. “Yep. That’s our planet number. I’ll take it.” 😆

Every planet in our local universe is on the universe registry with a number, and we are 606. It’s in the urantia book, which I’ve posted on here. urantia.org

We’re not 666, but 606. Humans making yet another mistake trying to interpret universe information.

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