The Alignment of the 3D I Ching Hexagrams with the 4D Tzolkin Time Portals

On Map 32 of Earth Ascending is Ben Franklin’s magic square of 8 with the corresponding I Ching/DNA codon designation accounting for the twenty amino acids. It also shows the binary crossover polarity.

Consisting of t eight leaves or templates of thee parts each, we note that the magic square possesses the exact same structure as that of the psi bank (magnetosphere which the ScR measures) with its leaves and bipolar division by thirty-degree latitudes on earth. 13 is the key to the vertical or longitudinal psi bank code and 8 the key to the horizontal or latitudinal code.

Earth Ascending page 98

As usual, I had to stare at the Hexagrams and portals and do some counting to see how they synchronize. Today, in 5D, we are pulsing in the N.Polar Zone which you can see on the blog post under “Body Frequency”. But for the next 4 days, Hx39 is pulsing on Plate 5 in the southern zone of Earth on the Pacific Summer Plate.

The surface of the earth is 197,060,800 square miles. I could state that in km but I’m an American. Sad business when it comes to the metric system.

197,060,800 divided by 64 3D hexagrams is 3, 079, 075 miles PER I Ching Hexagram. That is exactly synchronous with the TRIgrams, three lines each that add up to six. The dashes are 0’s and 1’s or binary code. The chart is in my book “Time is DNA”.

But there are 20 Time Portals are spread over the Earth so each 4D Time portal is quite a bit larger at 9, 850,000 miles of area. The portal however is located in a specific spot.

This is a pretty powerful suggestion from an Oracle. These oracles happen to be quite ancient though and the synchronicity illuminated by them has been proven to be profound by millions of humans all over the world, otherwise, they wouldn’t still exist.

Other cultures have oracles and I invite them to analyze and apply their wisdom as I have with these two. However, the Mayan Tzolkin is organized around vigesimal, exponential math that teaches vast cosmic cycles so it’s my oracle of choice. Plus it’s accurate if you can figure it out.

We live in a conscious web of life in multiple dimensions. It’s not a joke and not something that should BE HACKED anymore by nefarious species pretending to lead humanity when they are just using humanity for profit. Talk about the road to hell. They already blew up a local planet right next to us. They are not allowed to destroy earth and all life on it in the name of ICC profit or to use nuclear weapons.

We are looking at Earth Ascending Map 32 and the Earth Holon. Sorry about my notes but I analyze this stuff.

4D Time Portals covering the planet. They pulse to the 3D Hx’s
3D EARTH PORTALS according to the I Ching

Time Portal Alignments, Existing in the 4th Dimension of TIME and pulsing to the 3D area designated by the I Ching Hexagram

The North Polar Zone (NPZ)

  • 4DWhite Dog Time Portal; 3DHexagrams 16 and 50
  • 4DBlue Eagle Time Portal; 3DHexagrams 9 and 55
  • 4DYellow Sun Time Portal; 3DHexagrams 11 and 53
  • 4DRed Serpent Time Portal; 3DHexagrams 44 and 52

The Zone of Transformation (ZOT)

  • 4D Blue Monkey Time Portal; 3DHexagrams: 1, 2, 62, 63
  • 4D Yellow Warrior Time Portal; 3DHexagrams: 8, 7, 57, 58
  • 4D Red Dragon Time Portal; 3DHexagrams: 5, 6, 59, 60
  • 4DWhite World Bridger Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 3, 4, 61, 62
  • 4D Blue Hand Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 49, 48, 15, 18
  • 4D Yellow Human Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 56, 10, 41, 23
  • 4D Red Earth Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 54. 43, 12, 21
  • 4D White Wind Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 51, 13, 46, 20
  • 4D Yellow Star Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 33, 31, 32, 34
  • 4D Red Skywalker Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 40,39, 25,26
  • 4D White Mirror Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 38, 37, 27,28
  • 4D Blue Monkey Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 35, 36, 29, 30

The South Polar Zone (SPZ)

  • 4D Yellow Seed Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 17, 47
  • 4D Red Moon Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 24, 42
  • 4D White Wizard Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 22, 44 (interesting)
  • 4D Blue Storm Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 19, 45

We are currently in HF40/Hx56 on the Tzolkin

By my calculations that positions us at the Equator–90 degrees West which is a Core Kin in the Yellow Human Time Portal. This is located West of Galapagos Islands off the coast of Equador. I’m fairly sure this is a highly volcanic area because it created the unique environment of the Islands.

The inverse Hx is 60 which is 45 degrees N. and 270 degrees West which is 90 degrees West? I have to study the degrees changing for longitude as the earth curves west to understand where the inverse hexagram lands on the planet. That lands in Marathon county, Wisconsin. Lovely. March 2012 was their last one.

In the next few days that may be where things get started. We knew the earth was going to start moving so this isn’t big news. Tectonic plate movement is real but it’s usually gradual.

South Atlantic Anomaly

This region is named the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) and it covers a part of South America and the southern Atlantic Ocean: it lies roughly between latitudes 5 and 40 degrees South, and between longitudes 0 and 80 degrees West — the precise strength, shape and size of the SAA varies with the seasons.

We’re going to look at this in Tzolkin-IChing context with regard to the organization of the earth holon time portals.

It looks like the main S.Atlantic time portal is White Wizard at 60 degrees S.–15 degrees W mediated by the asteroid belt, the remains of Tiamat and its PsiBank, but the area includes Red Moon, Red Skywalker, Yellow Human and Yellow Star.

Every planet has their own. It’s the upper dimensional MIND of the planet just like earth. A planet Psi Bank remains after the death of a planet just as our minds/memories remain after our bodies die.

Take a look at this cursory position of the anomaly over S. America, south of the Yucatan Peninsula, home of the Maya. The White Wizard Jaguar were their priests. The time portal is over the South Atlantic Anomaly. Which is…? I will post more.

Geomancy 101; The Tzolkin Planet Holon

This is a fabulous post. I forget what I write until a new follower finds it and it shows up on my stats. I have about 1400 blog posts. Please search them out and read, see what speaks to you. I see what interests you then.

I am channeling, intuiting, dreaming and bringing in new Information all the time but if I’m out of commission meditating and working on my own cells, please look up past posts or my books on Amazon. I’ve given you folks so much. I hope you keep learning. I enjoy this blog and appreciate this community.­čÖĆ

The Earth Holon Moves One way in Space and Another way in Time-4D

I’m researching the earth holon and its cosmic movement and events from a Tzolkonic standpoint. Most people know by now that scientists, like religionists, are wrong about the nature of life, now, where we find ourselves. They’re functioning in the past most of the time.

In Earth Ascending, Jose calls it the geochronological flow. Meaning, earth and time flow together to evolve all DNA. Also, earth and time flowed together to create civilizations all over the world while having no contact with each other.

This is a symptom of living in a holonomic field and is low-level, 4D movement. The I Ching oracle regulates it with the DNA nucleotides that we see as a 6 line hexagram. We are not dealing with upper-density Tzolkin flow at this point.

We call it space-weather but it is much more than that, very potent, AND…our own thoughts and feelings as a collective have a direct contribution to the Psi Bank or the Earth’s mind/brain. Your mindset not only affects your own body and those around you but the earth and the local system in which we live holonomically.

I’m studying Section III of Earth Ascending if you have the book. It’s page 65.

This complex transformative life-form, humans, are uniquely endowed with self reflective consciousness that is ultimately a purposive development and conscious growth established in the simple but infinitely capable crossover dynamic of DNA. Thus we can begin to unravel the fabric of history in an orderly manner and show it to be, in all actuality, an organic function of the total planetary holonomic recollection process. (memory)

Earth Ascending, page 65

The story of the emergence of humans, the bio-psychic factor on this planet must be seen in the totality of the fields in which it occurs; the terrestrial/geomagnetic/gravitational/and the celestial/electromagnetic. In the context of the resonant field model, history is the process by which man transforms nature.

Then he speaks about the planetization of human consciousness. He says it takes us beyond history so that there will be a future.

I wonder if we’re now going past what Jose understood; remaining in a state of perpetual centeredness IN THE BODY, ON THE EARTH? The eternal now is neither past nor future. I think that may be the only way the planet will be administrated by us and A. I. banned forever. When we jump-start our consciousness we also affect the consciousness of Earth. On earth, human culture is ONE amidst thousands of different cultures from different countries. This is big unification point for the establishment of the eternal now.

When we speak of human culture we need to define what is a common need and common feeling among all humanity.

  • Water and food
  • Sanitation
  • Fresh air
  • Warmth or cooling for the body
  • Love and affection/sex
  • Friendship
  • Art and music
  • Time in nature
  • Some form of money, trade, or barter

These are basic yet can be a potent language between people who do not speak the same verbal language. Offering and sharing any of these items with those in need speaks volumes. It’s the common language of humanity. Better yet, teach them or help them build a system so they can do it on their own.

Geomancy 101; The Tzolkin Planet Holon

This is from The Dreamspell.

“The planet holon is a icosahedron (120 sides). It is a radial galactic fifth force “radio” station. The broadcast lattice of the Time ship is maintained by cooperation of the fourth-dimensional planetary kin which is US. We’re not here just to WATCH it unfold. The polar kin generate from the north pole; the cardinal kin transmit from median north; the core kin energize from the equator; the signal kin protect from median south and the gateway kin climax at the south pole.

Galactic transmissions from higher dimension are transduced for use in the third dimension. The movement of the thirteen tones may now pass through the planet holon, charging it with the power of galactic time. it is now possible to map the 260 kin galactic spin on a daily basis rather than just the 365 day solar year. The two interlock and both function.” End quote

It stands to reason, since the Mayan Archetypes are Time Portals in the cosmic web that the amino acids or DNA that they represent are Time Travelers. Therefore, humans made of DNA are Time travelers. DNA is Time. It can be no other way. That’s how travel in the cosmic web works. Since the cosmic web is multidimensional, we must be too. People and E.T.’s have been traveling in the cosmic web for a long time. It’s nothing new. It’s just been a secret until the whistleblowers came forward and started blowing loudly. The mainstream media has done their best to discredit and drown them out. The Deep State, the Cabal, Big Tech, Big Media all bow to the Reptilian agenda. The Reptilians are not even fully human. Their genetics has been very manipulated by A.I. as Corey says in the video.

The Planet Holon


  • 60┬░north–15 ┬░west–Yellow Sun Time Portal
  • 60┬░north–75┬░east–Red Serpent Time Portal
  • 60┬░north–165┬░east–White Dog Time Portal
  • 60┬░north–105┬░west–Blue Eagle Time Portal


  • 30┬░north–30┬░east–Red Dragon Time Portal
  • 30┬░north–120┬░east–White World Bridger Time Portal
  • 30┬░north–150┬░west–Blue Monkey Time Portal
  • 30┬░north–60┬░west–Yellow Warrior Time Portal


  • Equator–15┬░west–Red Earth Time Portal
  • Equator–75┬░east–White Wind Time Portal
  • Equator–165┬░east–Blue Hand Time Portal
  • Equator–105┬░west–Yellow Human Time Portal


  • 30┬░south–30┬░east–White Mirror Time Portal
  • 30┬░south–120┬░east–Blue Night Time Portal
  • 30┬░south–150┬░west–Yellow Star Time Portal
  • 30┬░south–60┬░west–Red Skywalker Time Portal


  • 60┬░ south–15┬░ west–White Wizard Time Portal
  • 60┬░south–75┬░east–Blue Storm Time Portal
  • 60┬░south–165┬░east–Yellow Seed Time Portal
  • 60┬░south–105┬░west–Red Moon Time Portal
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