The Tzolkin AS Our Body, as Time.

Your left TRUTH hand is white, right FIRE hand is yellow, left SKY foot is blue and right BLOOD foot is red. Those are the Tzolkin color chromatics that create CLANS based on values and history.
Circled by YELLOW is the Right Hand Fire Clan. Circled by RED is the Right BLOOD Foot Clan. Circled by White is the Left Hand TRUTH Clan. Circled by BLUE is the SKY Foot Clan.


Your body is DNA evolving in Time and Time is moving as our bodies. We control time and Synchronicity by what we create as we move through our lives. What we create is based on THOUGHT HABITS AND FEELING HABITS and then the choices we make from that. We write the script but how it plays out is controlled by The Matrix.

All you have to do is turn a CLAN line above on it’s side so that it’s horizontal and it’s a hand or foot.

  • Fire Clan is the right hand
  • Blood clan is the right foot
  • Truth clan is the left hand
  • Sky clan is the left foot.

Stand up, arms to the side, feet slightly apart. Put your right hand in the air and say “FIRE”. Stomp your right foot and say “Blood”. Put your left hand in the air and say “Truth”. Stomp your left foot and say “Sky”.

Now do them fast one at a time, Fire, blood, truth and sky, fire, blood, truth and sky and that’s what all humans on the planet are and we support one another in the endeavor for fire, blood, truth, and sky which goes straight into our bodies; our chakras. We’re shaking each other’s hands with our FIRE HAND. Hmmm (Sun, Dragon, Wind, Night, and Seed). It’s kind of rough.)

Notice they all feed right into the center of the body TO THE HEART via Uranus and Earth, the time tunnels that WERE blocked by Jupiter and Saturn. That is no more.

  • The EARTH TUNNEL is kept by Yellow Human and analog Blue Hand
  • The URANUS TUNNEL is kept by Red Earth and White Wind. By truth, blood, fire and sky our heart are now transducing in a TONE 2 stabilized manner. The four of them together are called the CORE EARTH FAMILY.

The tribes surrounding Yellow Human, Blue Hand, Red Earth and White Wind are Supporting them to do the job just as your own fingers and toes allow your hands and feet to function.

Pinky fingers and pinky toes are the GATEWAY EARTH FAMILY. They transmit at the 1st and 2nd sacral and Root chakra. Seed, Moon, Wizard and Storm. Valine, Methionine, Lysine, and Tryptophan. On the Holon image it is Tone 4 Root Transmit. These kin tend to be mothers (parents), gardeners, athletes and musicians.

Fourth fingers and fourth toes are the SIGNAL EARTH FAMILY. They receive at the 3rd solar plexus chakra. Night, Star, Skywalker and Mirror. Alanine, Leucine, Glutamine, and Tyrosine. On the Holon image it is Tone 3 Receive. These kin tend to be Channels Philosophers, writers, teachers or poets.

Third fingers and third toes are the CORE EARTH FAMILY that mined the Time Tunnels to transduce the Heart. They transduce at the 4th heart chakra. Wind, Hand, Human, and Earth. Glycine, Isoleucine, Glutamic Acid and Phenylalanine. You have to flip the bird to get that one going. LOL. On the Holon image it is Tone 2 Transduce. These kin tend to be intuitive, empaths, leaders, speakers, agitators, adventurers and humanitarians.

Second fingers and second toes are the CARDINAL EARTH FAMILY. They transmit at the 5th throat chakra. Dragon, World Bridger, Monkey, and Warrior. Cysteine, Threonine, Asparagine, and Histidine. This is Tone 1 on the Holon image. These kin tend to be speakers, craftspeople, artists, actors, politicians and military.

Thumbs and big toes are the POLAR EARTH FAMILY. They receive at the 7th crown chakra. Sun, Serpent, Dog, and Eagle. Stop Codon, Serine, Aspartic Acid and Arginine. This is tone 5 on the Holon image. These kin tend to be…crazy. lol. I’ll be honest. All these kin I’ve known I don’t understand very well. Feel free to enlighten me. I think they tend to be ADHD or autistic so maybe their brains are helping all of us evolve. They are exceptional people, brilliant and different, almost impossible to live with.