The Time Pulses of The Tzolkin Control the Seasonal Plates of Earth..

Including the Temple of the Human Body

Map 44 in Earth Ascending. The time pulses from the 4D Time portals are on the left, pretty wild. The image on the right shows how it pulses directly to our bodies. We may as well be doing cartwheels with these Earth changes.

The Time Portals pulse to an area on earth that is 9, 850,000 miles. That number x 20 is 197,000,000 which is the surface of the earth. There are 20 time portal.

But there are 64, 3D Hexagrams. Each 4D time portal has either 2 or 4 3D hexagrams to which the time portals pulse.

In N. America, We are in Blue Monkey 4D Time Portal. 4D Blue Monkey Time Portal pulses to 3DHexagrams: 1, 2, 62, 63 all next to each other on earth.

This is 30 degrees N–150 degrees West in the N. Pacific between Baja, CA and Hawaii. Jose lived in the Time portal when he was alive and he was Blue 11 Monkey.

His HF was HF3 which began with Red 9 Solar Moon. That harmonic pulses Moon, Dog, Monkey, Human. These are all the ginormous 4D Time portals that pulse to the 3D territorial areas on the planet so it’s clear to me looking at Map 32 that the Time pulses from the Tzolkin control the Seasonal plates of Earth. The time pulses bounce all over the place because there are more hexagrams on earth than portals. Each day it changes since the time portal pulses change daily. Then factor in the fact that each solar day has 5 kin spinning not just one.

If You Don’t Understand the Meaning of my Schumann Resonance Posts, Check this Out from Jose

Clear as mud. LOL. Again, you just have to stare at this stuff. The Earth sends messages to the Sun and the Sun responds. I call it Magnetosphere Forcing or DNA/RNA Forcing. As Corey says, “It’s up to us.”

But, we can’t have it both ways, Us forcing things or the Sun forcing things? But he doesn’t publicly agree with me. He follows Ben.

13:20 vs 12:60 Science

It isn’t so much that the 12:60 narrative science is incorrect as the fact that it’s myopic and lives in a 3D time warp bubble. Our cycles are 1300, 13,000, 26,000, 260,000 not 1200, 12,000 and 24,000 and so forth. We live in a galaxy, not just on a planet.

People follow, they don’t lead so the majority of the planet believes they are valid if they are in the majority. It’s groupthink. Humans are funny that way. It’s not so much that the information is actually assessed rationally as it is the majority of people AGREE with it. That’s what they call science.

However, as we well know, most people these days do not trust the science or their methodology. Thankfully, humans are highly intuitive and feel and see synchronicity all around them. The narrative controllers can’t stop it. The universe has nurtured evolution for billions of years among all species and the nefarious ones are not going to win to keep people blind.

To that end, my books and writing are here to help you understand how RATIONAL your intuitive instincts are. Just look at the animals and plants. They thrive by following their natural instincts and have been on earth longer than we have. They don’t have to get clever.

Intelligence is another matter. There is nothing intelligent about following the majority down the wrong road just so you’ll be accepted by them. Humans are a species that are humanoid. Other DNA is not, so we have to develop our brains another way on earth, and we are in the thick of it.

I’m here to show you a more accurate assessment of your life in the body being humanoid with E.T. ancestors, one that frees you from slavery and prison to be used by the c÷=/_. But you have to free yourself. The universe has your back as it’s had mine.

I hope you ponder the piles of alternative information I have on here to raise your quality of life. It’s the only reason I’m doing it. I make very little on my books right now due to the cost of printing. That may change if I contract with a publisher.

It’s all good.🙏

The Alignment of the 3D I Ching Hexagrams with the 4D Tzolkin Time Portals

On Map 32 of Earth Ascending is Ben Franklin’s magic square of 8 with the corresponding I Ching/DNA codon designation accounting for the twenty amino acids. It also shows the binary crossover polarity.

Consisting of t eight leaves or templates of thee parts each, we note that the magic square possesses the exact same structure as that of the psi bank (magnetosphere which the ScR measures) with its leaves and bipolar division by thirty-degree latitudes on earth. 13 is the key to the vertical or longitudinal psi bank code and 8 the key to the horizontal or latitudinal code.

Earth Ascending page 98

As usual, I had to stare at the Hexagrams and portals and do some counting to see how they synchronize. Today, in 5D, we are pulsing in the N.Polar Zone which you can see on the blog post under “Body Frequency”. But for the next 4 days, Hx39 is pulsing on Plate 5 in the southern zone of Earth on the Pacific Summer Plate.

The surface of the earth is 197,060,800 square miles. I could state that in km but I’m an American. Sad business when it comes to the metric system.

197,060,800 divided by 64 3D hexagrams is 3, 079, 075 miles PER I Ching Hexagram. That is exactly synchronous with the TRIgrams, three lines each that add up to six. The dashes are 0’s and 1’s or binary code. The chart is in my book “Time is DNA”.

But there are 20 Time Portals are spread over the Earth so each 4D Time portal is quite a bit larger at 9, 850,000 miles of area. The portal however is located in a specific spot.

This is a pretty powerful suggestion from an Oracle. These oracles happen to be quite ancient though and the synchronicity illuminated by them has been proven to be profound by millions of humans all over the world, otherwise, they wouldn’t still exist.

Other cultures have oracles and I invite them to analyze and apply their wisdom as I have with these two. However, the Mayan Tzolkin is organized around vigesimal, exponential math that teaches vast cosmic cycles so it’s my oracle of choice. Plus it’s accurate if you can figure it out.

We live in a conscious web of life in multiple dimensions. It’s not a joke and not something that should BE HACKED anymore by nefarious species pretending to lead humanity when they are just using humanity for profit. Talk about the road to hell. They already blew up a local planet right next to us. They are not allowed to destroy earth and all life on it in the name of ICC profit or to use nuclear weapons.

We are looking at Earth Ascending Map 32 and the Earth Holon. Sorry about my notes but I analyze this stuff.

4D Time Portals covering the planet. They pulse to the 3D Hx’s
3D EARTH PORTALS according to the I Ching

Time Portal Alignments, Existing in the 4th Dimension of TIME and pulsing to the 3D area designated by the I Ching Hexagram

The North Polar Zone (NPZ)

  • 4DWhite Dog Time Portal; 3DHexagrams 16 and 50
  • 4DBlue Eagle Time Portal; 3DHexagrams 9 and 55
  • 4DYellow Sun Time Portal; 3DHexagrams 11 and 53
  • 4DRed Serpent Time Portal; 3DHexagrams 44 and 52

The Zone of Transformation (ZOT)

  • 4D Blue Monkey Time Portal; 3DHexagrams: 1, 2, 62, 63
  • 4D Yellow Warrior Time Portal; 3DHexagrams: 8, 7, 57, 58
  • 4D Red Dragon Time Portal; 3DHexagrams: 5, 6, 59, 60
  • 4DWhite World Bridger Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 3, 4, 61, 62
  • 4D Blue Hand Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 49, 48, 15, 18
  • 4D Yellow Human Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 56, 10, 41, 23
  • 4D Red Earth Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 54. 43, 12, 21
  • 4D White Wind Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 51, 13, 46, 20
  • 4D Yellow Star Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 33, 31, 32, 34
  • 4D Red Skywalker Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 40,39, 25,26
  • 4D White Mirror Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 38, 37, 27,28
  • 4D Blue Monkey Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 35, 36, 29, 30

The South Polar Zone (SPZ)

  • 4D Yellow Seed Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 17, 47
  • 4D Red Moon Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 24, 42
  • 4D White Wizard Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 22, 44 (interesting)
  • 4D Blue Storm Time Portal; 3D Hexagrams: 19, 45

Map 32 of Earth Ascending Are the Hexagrams controlling the Four Seasonal Plates of Earth

I’m jogging your memory here that the Chinese I Ching is 3D-4D. It’s geography, geology, astronomy, astrology, biology, everything having to do with our MANIFESTATION. This is all the scientists see and analyze. PLEASE keep that in mind when you read science. They can’t see the forest for the trees.

The exception are the quantum physicists like Fritjof Capra, David Bohm and Rupert Sheldrake who were hounded out of their academic circles. So was Jose. They see things more clearly and understand TIME somewhat, but not the way I do.

I don’t expect you to understand this. It’s Jose’s work and I’ve figured it out. Once again, it’s Map 32 in Earth Ascending. Remember that the 64 Chinese Hexagrams overlay the 8 Seasonal plates of the earth north and south. The latitudes and longitudes are on here. I’m using this to give a rough idea of what area of earth could be moving when. As you know, when we are in a specific Tzolkin Harmonic we are IN TIME. Each of those harmonics is governed by an I Ching Hexagram so it has an earth position.

In this way, time, our bodies, the earth, and the local system vibrate as ONE in the Cosmic Web. There is no guessing. It’s complicated and I parse it out.

DNA folds as the Earth moves with it’s 11.3 year sunspot cycle

Earth’s Magnetic Field

This basic I formation is very helpful in understanding the dualistic evolution of all RNA on earth at the present time. The Tzolkin Harmonic’s organization of this is in Earth Ascending.

José’s maps of the EARTH HOLON correspond exactly to this evolutionary process

But our work shows the the evolution of time on a planet is caused by the evolution OF US. Out mindset, choices, past karma, emotion and thought habits, awareness of synchronicity and magic in our families and daily lives, and our commune with the earth all.set the actual coordination with the exponential cosmic cycles. Mayan math bears it out. None of this is New Age, Wiccan, or religion. It’s really cosmological science and probably fairly predictable which I work on .

I do my best not to sink into mythological archetypes with any passion as those symbols are always in flux. Media and gaming goes overboard, I think, and forgets to apply mathematical precision to fiction. Of course, that’s what makes fiction, fiction. The equations are incorrect or not applied at all. I don’t know why humans prefer fantasy to the truth. Maybe they feel it’s easier even if it’s wrong.

I parse through these patterns and math because I enjoy the process and value the truth. And I respect our ancestors who left oracles for us. They are not toys or fiction and can help us understand earth changes we feel can threaten our existence..

Looking at HF38/Hx31 Movement From an Evolutionary Perspective

Look at the tribe numbers for the time portals that hover over the South Atlantic Anomaly. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14; star, moon, dog, monkey, human, skywalker, wizard. A few of those morso than the others. Tribes 9 and 10 are mediated by MERCURY which is heavily moving today. Red Moon and White Dog are crossover points for the DNA from male to female, past to future, karma to dharma, etc.

I strongly feel this anomaly is connected to Maldekian karma and is held in place by White Wizard time portal. The Psi Bank of Tiamat with it’s karma was transferred to Earth and is held here. That’s why the asteroid belt is right next to us in space and still spinning. What in the heck is making an asteroid belt circle?? It’s 5GForce Psi Bank. Tell that to the scientists.

The mother ship is down there in the Antarctic too, under the ice with the homing beacon. Anyway, our evolution didn’t stop with the blowing up of Tiamat and the damage to Maldek/Mars. We landed on Earth and continued on with the help of Yellow Human/Blue Hand tribes. These time portals on Earth have a history.

Look at these two images back and forth and see what pops up. Remember the Interplanetary Holon is a DNA double helix strand across strand vertically and notice how they interact with the Earth’s Holon on the left. Don’t be too literal visually.

Our bodies are a microversion of these macroversions, right to left. And remember they are analogs to one another, right to left. Today is at the bottom of the Interplanetary Holon; Red Moon/White Dog mediated by Mercury which is synchronistically pulsing with GEMINI today.


Multidimensional Understanding of How the Sun’s Changes are Affecting Earth and Our DNA Through the Tzolkin

I posted this in 2021. It bears taking another look again. I know you have to put on your thinking cap but the Sun is not causing these changes. The evolution of our DNA is causing these changes and then the Sun and earth respond.

Synchronicity is the Congruence of AC/CA Timelines

Aboriginal Continuity= future to the present moment. CA=Civilizational Advance is the past to the present moment. When the two strands of DNA cross (two timelines that cross), there is synchronicity. See, your DNA is YOU, in your BODY so the timelines crossing is TIME CROSSING IN YOUR BODY!

If you aren’t paying attention to where your body is in spacetime or how it feels, or your intuition, you will not be able to catch any synchronicity. They don’t WANT you to pay attention to your body, how you feel and your intuition or they won’t be able to program you with THEIR AGENDA!! They have a use for you. Understand?

It is a matter of life and death folks. Study this for five minutes. I”m about to do a podcast on it.

Page 14 of “Time & The Technosphere”. 911 is at the top, circled. It was entirely predictable. So are other things coming but you have to pay attention to the 4D world around you, not the Fake MSM that helps you feel less lonely when you have it on or gives you the guidance you think you need. This is also in “Earth Ascending” Map 19
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