Transduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic waves

Huge synchronicity here. I downloaded this on Luc’s birthday, August 18. He is going to help me from the other dimension to get a team together, and Elon, if for once he does what he says he’ll do, will help fund it. He told me to ask when I’m ready. But at the moment, he’s blowing up XTwitter with a decision he made. I logged off amidst the adolescent drama.

I just paid a decent fee for an NIH paper outlining Luc Montagnier and the team’s experiment with DNA through water and ELM waves. I’m taking it apart piece by piece and imagining how my findings could fit in the experiment and be duplicated by a team. The synchronicity here is Luc was Dr. Chavez good friend, and they worked together. Luc passed away last year, and Dr. Chavez is still blind as far as I know, living in Texas. Request; anyone who is still on FB, please search on Dr. Fernando Castro Chavez and email me. I refuse to step foot on FB. That would be a huge help. He is not responding to messenger or phone calls.

Elon and I had discussions about this project on social media, then ran into AI, social media identity issue differences, (duh) and it ended up that his Tesla CFO (Chief Financial Officer) DM’d me and said, “Send me a proposal, I’ll look at it and maybe show it to Elon.”

Elon told him about me, apparently, but we are not seeing eye to eye at the moment, so this fellow is the intermediary. I’m glad. But we had enough respect for one another in our conversation to agree that my idea was worth checking out. We have not met.

Elon is on his Dr. No, AI crypto track vision, and you know how I feel about that. Actually, how many people feel about that. He’s working out his karma I think.

However, we see alike on many things scientific and are friends, when we get along as brainiacs.

I love the picture below.

EMS is Electromagnetic signals. It looks very basic to me and they did this experiment at a frequency of 7Hz. As we know, the ScR impacts our DNA from 7.83 up to 8.50Hz to each specific 5 kin/molecule day. So my experiment will be much wider and then will have to be compared to what happens to the tRNA molecule with each specific Hertz to parce out movement. This experiment also had a nucleotide in the water but they did find that it was THE DNA THAT EMITTED THE EMS!!

Figure 3. Digital transmission of DNA EMS to a distant laboratory.

I am still still reading the report. It’s getting metaphysical at the moment. Look at this.

In molecular biology, an amplicon is a piece of DNA or RNA that is the source and/or product of amplification or replication events. It can be formed artificially, using various methods including polymerase chain reactions or ligase chain reactions, or naturally through gene duplication.

Results were striking: all cells of tumor origin synthesized Borrelia 16S DNA after they were exposed for several days to magnetic field modulated by the EMS of Borrelia 16S DNA. At the same time, cell growth was inhibited, ending in cell death. DNA was extracted from the dying cells and the Borrelia amplicon was detected by PCR and its sequence was found to be identical to its original version. (The DNA didn’t die even when exposed to diseased DNA-Lisa T.)

Remarkably the resulting amplicon was found to be EMS emitter, showing that this initial property was not lost during the complex transmission of DNA information. The normal differentiated MRC5 cells and the T lymphocytes were not affected in their growth under the same culture conditions and the Borrelia amplicon could not be detected in these cells (Figure 5). The 194 bp HIV LTR amplicon had no effect on the tumor cells.

The NIH article cited in the Title-Luc Montagnier and team

This is what the body does to heal itself, all the time. The body IS the past and the present all at once and uses the Central Axis to negotiate an alignment to be in timelessness which is reality. Time is Maya or an illusion.

Moreover, in the laboratory, we have shown for the first time that EMS can be re-transcribed into DNA in living cells. ·       These cells are so far of tumoral origin, opening the way to non-invasive treatments of cancers, assuming that normal stem cells are not affected, or less affected. Thus, this new biology that we can call after Jacques Benveniste, Digital Biology, has a very promising future, both at the level of quantum Physics, and in numerous medical applications. (This is ancient medicine. It was done by our ancestors.)·       From the point of view of the theoretical understanding of the observed phenomena, the above discussion suggests that the dynamical law of coherence acts as a law of form inducing guided polymerization processes (controlling morphogenesis): the specific polymerization so obtained is the expression of the semantic content of the EMS mentioned in the previous section, referred to as the signal meaning by us. ·       The dynamics of coherence appears to play the role of dynamic paradigm ruling the ordering (polymerization) processes through dissipative non-equilibrium dynamics controlled by entropy variations and the consequent appearance of the arrow of time (breakdown of time-reversal symmetry) (Celeghini et al., Citation1992; Vitiello, Citation2012, Citation2014).

Dr. Chavez Had A Stroke

Dr. Fernando Castro Chavez

It happened two weeks ago and I didn’t say anything because it’s too f…..g depressing.

He’s alive and rehabbing in TX now. It occurred in his lower limbic brain so they think with time he may be ok.

Dr. Chavez was extremely outspoken and emotional about the virus and the vaccine as well as very knowledgeable because he was looking at it in the lab. I posted on it often and was analyzing the sequence according to the Tzolkin but didn’t finish so I could get my book done. I’m hoping they didn’t force the vaccine on him in the hospital which is even more depressing.

He had lost his job at the NY school because of his positions and feelings (politics) and I have to wonder if this was some kind of c!@dl attack on him because he worked with high-ranking people. His sister is in touch with me.

Dr. Chavez was the only microbiologist familiar with my work and the Tzolkin. He was also complementary and supportive. I was about to ask him (hire him) to edit my book and give comments before I print in paperback. Now what am I going to do? Par for my course in this life. I ALWAYS hit walls but I never give up.

Everything happens for a reason 😌 so what is the synchronicity? I don’t know yet. I may ask a couple biology profs at my alma mater to look at it and watch their eyes glaze over. Oracles? Amino Acids? E.T. ancestors? Oh god. Maybe not. As of November 2022 I have heard nothing back. I figured as much.

Please send good vibes for this info. If I’m on to something, and I’m sure I am, “they” may try to stop me. It’s too empowering and would change the sciences. What does a woman without a Ph.D. think she’s doing? They have no idea.

Maybe it’s about timing. We’ll see.

Peace. Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker, Lisa T.

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