True Time Update; Today is Trump’s birthday. How completely synchronous. Blue Hand is the analog

Kari Lake is Yellow Human, so they are buddies. I’m sure they love each other, as friends. Many times, it’s too intense for analogs to be lovers, by the way. They’re too similar.
Today is June 14, 2023

He is polarizing to be sure and in the headlines for the last 2 days. I don’t care about politics and probably won’t even vote. Our votes don’t count!

My sense here is he is going to get off, and his MAGA cult will get him elected. Maybe he can force disclosure of the ET secrets that can pivot our energy future. I would consider him useful then.

We are at the end of HF33 a pivot around to the other side of Time in our bodies, actually all of the DNA on earth. You should be able to feel this, and hopefully, your intuition has ramped up so that you’re not programmed by the media anymore. It can give you a heads up to movement in the matrix, but it is by no means truth. You should follow your inner sense, your body, and nature to be safe in these mentally unstable times in the collective.

All Zodiac Signs
The Sun is in Gemini
  • The Moon spends the day in Taurus (Earth based in synchronicity with Yellow Human), encouraging us to savor the moment, but there can be distractions to manage today before we feel at peace. We’re focused on our physical needs and wants.
  • With Mercury and Jupiter about to form a semi-sextile, there can be some inability to settle on a particular idea, opinion, or project. (4D Hidden Wisdom and Guide Power, Red Moon, and Yellow Seed) However, we’re thinking positively, and we bounce back quickly from disappointment with this transit.
  • A Sun-Pluto biquintile is also in the pipeline, and we might gain an advantage or edge through design or strategy and our willingness to challenge ourselves. We’re ready to put effort and extra work into pursuing our desires.

U.S. Space Force General Warns Space, the Final Frontier, Is First Theater of 21st Century Combat

I posted this 2 weeks ago. Trump is not a saint at all, but he started the U.S. Space Force in 2019 because he is on board with disclosure and an inhabited universe. That makes him a prime target for assassination which wouldn’t help anything. However, they succeeded rubbing out JFK who was going to do disclosure, they tried with Reagan who was enthusiastic about disclosure, and it’s obvious they want to be rid of Trump who supports disclosure.

Take a look at this again.

This is disclosure on Red 2 Polar Dragon. Synchronicity. There aren’t just satellites out there and everyone knows it. The Orion Groups still bother.

We’re guided by the power of Space; Red Skywalker.

The 18,000-member United States Space Command, a unified all-service command under the Department of Defense (DOD), and the 8,600-member United States Space Force, the eighth U.S. military branch established in December 2019, are the nation’s space-keepers.

Space Command and Space Force are charged with ensuring the security of global satellite communications, “space domain awareness,” offensive and defensive “space control effects,” and digital positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) services that are all critical for military command-and-control operations in outer space and on Earth.

The link

The United States is spearheading a global attempt “to establish norms of responsible behavior” to guide how nations conduct business in space, he said, noting the DOD has published a proposed ‘Tenets of Space Behavior’ and the United States has signed onto the seven-nation Coalition Space Operations Initiative that recognizes “we have to behave a certain way if we want a safe, sustainable space domain.”

The link

They conduct business in space! That’s the ICC supposedly based on Jupiter in the interior. You never hear Biden or Dems talking about Space Force because he is c@$%^ and in league with the ICC against Earth Alliance.

This also sounds like a delineation of the Earth Alliance, which includes all countries EXCEPT Russia, China, N. Korea, and Iran. Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t have allies in those countries. Trump made nice with Putin and N. Korea and broke tradition because the TRUE enemy is the ICC, The International Corporate Conglomerate overseen by the GGLN. The U.S. c×÷=/ are in their pocket. Unless you are an insider, it’s hard to know friends from enemies.

Trump Lawyer Predicts Motion to Dismiss Charges in Grand Jury Indictment

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