Time Thieves Update; Poles march to defend Pope John Paul II against abuse cover-up accusations | Reuters


The man is in 5D and up. He’s not here in spacetime. This pulses exactly on my post about the Netflix documentary called “Vatican Girl,” which occurred during J.Paul II.

So, the Polish people are defending their own current entrenched body dysfunction and superstition because they don’t want to be found wrong. They don’t want to be found child abusers because they follow the Catholic way.

The very last people to help with functional and loving sex education is the Catholic Church and many Christian churches too no matter what denomination. As long as there is gender inequity, the abuses of patriarchy time thieves on males and females and their children is epidemic on Earth. That’s why we need DISCLOSURE.

What are the stats on children and families in Poland?



Migrant and refugee children and youth trying to reach Europe face appalling levels of human rights abuses, with 77 per cent of those traveling along the Central Mediterranean route reporting direct experiences of abuse, exploitation, and practices which may amount to human trafficking

43% of young people in Poland aged between 11 and 18 have contact with pornography (28% of them aged between 11 and 14).”-canee.net/Poland

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IOM, the UN Migration Agency and UNICEF, say in a new report, “Harrowing Journeys” (September 2017).

And of course, the U.S. government keeps printing money to send to Ukraine to keep the war going. The CIA has been suspected or proven to support human trafficking.


– ufo collector series vol 460 A & B https://a.co/d/eSNgwE5

I’d like to get my hands on this. Amazon has made it unavailable. They are talking about Dr. Flandern on The Cosmic Secret. Let me know if you see one.

He was Red 9 Moon, 3:9:9:9, the first start codon in the Tzolkin. I’ve posted on it. He was a professional astronomer feom Yale that supported the belief that Tiamat exploded and became the asteroid belt. It’s in the movie The Cosmic Secret.

9~5 pulse

Declassified Australian Government Documents on UFOs Deserve Everyone’s Attention — Storiform.com

The link to the FULL article is below.

“Yes folks, most of those abduction memories you’ve been having were Nazis from Antarctica trying to broaden their gene pool after a few too many decades of mating with uncles and cousins under the Antarctic ice. It seems their chins were getting too pointy, their faces too narrow, and autosomal recessive diseases too common, so they went sneaking out at night in triangular gravity propulsion vehicles to paralyze and mate with the rest of humanity. Rumor has it they were also getting tired of blond hair. Who knew that could happen?”

Declassified Australian Government Documents on UFOs Deserve Everyone’s Attention — Storiform.com

LOC Update from Corey

IMO this isn’t going to happen. The pole shift may happen first but not the solar flash.

There isn’t much left of Earth SSP. They have dispersed and joined GGLN which is very active near us. But they are truly under different names to prove authenticity if they come forward.

Corey said a few have and prove they are authentic and then back out knowing there will be retaliation as Corey has experienced.

My HUGE thanks to Follower M.S.

When you see “oops. This page is not available” I believe it’s me deleting a post because I wanted to.

Meaning, although you all would have likely appreciated the post, I’m trying to kick the habit of always giving the disclosure men a voice when there needs to be gender balance. Women need to lead on this but don’t and it’s highly dysfunctional.

I was raised in this society so it’s my habit to let the man’s low voice speak first. I’m sick to death of it. People like listening to a man, studies have shown.

My destiny is to lead and wear this difficult cloak. I know that and I can take the hits. I already do. Men who see my YouTube videos tell me I need to be a blonde. Men in my office make comments to me all the time and hit on me instead of coming for medical treatment they desperately need.

Straight women need to stop indulging men in objectifying us. Women do it to each other too. There is nothing wrong with beauty but men should not put us IN THAT BOX first. It’s up to us not to let them.

My son says it’s our generation. I totally see that the young people are not like that. And notice that is the middle-aged and older people making a ruckus about DISCLOSURE. The kids could care less. I’m not sure that’s a good thing. A.I. is preying on them. It keeps me up at night. Freaking Elon Musk. The kids don’t like him though.

I just know females of all ages need to lead equally with the men as we go forward. I’m trying to watch myself on this issue but it feels futile. Fortunately I’m literally not capable of kissing anyone’s ass ever.

Major update From Corey Goode

The Operation to Liberate the Solar System 2025-2033/34:


The battle to liberate Mars occurs at the end of the year 2025. The ZULU/Eyosians transport the Wandering Star and a small fleet of GGLN and SSP Alliance Ground Forces to Mars as the larger GGLN-led fleet enters the solar system to confront the armada of Orion Group and Galactic Federation of Worlds vessels who have gathered around Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. A fierce battle ensues between these space armadas from 2025-2032 as the allies root out every vessel and breach every base that the Orion Group and their allies have inhabited for tens of thousands of years. Most of the ET bases exist within dimensional pockets that have to be invaded and ‘collapsed’ one by one.

Trump suggests the Mar-a-Lago documents were bound for his library. But advisers say he’s rarely talked about it.

He can’t talk about it!

This article is a bit long but it is fascinating with regard to what rights ex and future Presidents have to their records or records kept by the government that THEY had a hand in creating, such as…

E.T. contact. Someone has already spoken to Trump about the inhabited universe and for all we know he has met some of them. What we DO know is that he is a believer. We also know that he doesn’t like the military secrets with regard to E.T. any more than we do.

What if that’s what all the hullabaloo is about? I think it is. Remember, he is the one who proudly started the U.S.Space Force and picked the flag for it.

The Space Force is a branch of the Air Force


SSP Update From Corey Goode

Mini-SSP Update

I have been having quite a lot of contact with the Anshar and Zulu elders in recent weeks. After quite a lot of healing, balancing karma, and coming into emotional and energetic balance finally they are imparting quite a lot of wisdom and other perspectives to me. Both groups are extremely excited and pleased with my recent progress and are sharing information that they had only alluded to prior. I am processing the information and figuring out how to share the information in digestible servings.

I have also been getting more and more briefings about the former GGLN civil war from the SSP Alliance. I am pleased to report that with the help of Emmi the GGLN colonies that had been tricked into implanting brain chips by the Rogue Galactic Federation have been liberated and are now under the care of Mayan healers.

The ‘Wandering Star’ flagship of the federation of free colonies has been clearing out Reptilian, Orion, Dark Fleet, and the Rogue Galactic Federation since my last briefing. Emmi, of the Zulu, has been onboard assisting the GGLN flagship to turn the enemy’s attacks against them into suicide missions. Emmi teleported the fleet into the middle of enemy battle groups drawing their fire.

Emmi redirected these incredibly destructive weapons back onto the originator of the attacks ending each of the battles very quickly and decisively. They have isolated the enemy to a little over a dozen ‘strong-hold star systems’, including our own Sol System, where they are trapped and making their desperate last stands.

The Orion Group and their allies are incredibly dug into these remaining star systems (Within our Galaxy) and much of the endgame will be fought by the inhabitants of those star systems whose governments have made deals with the Orion Group. Our solar system is still very much under the control of the Orion Group with the active support of the Human leadership of this star system. The biggest fight is yet to come, and it’s in our very own backyard!

I also received an update on the Pre-Adamite leadership that had been in stasis in Antarctica for thousands of years that were recently awakened and then removed from the planet. They have been put into another type of stasis until the Galactic Trials begin. The New Guardians are working with the Guardians of the closest cluster of Galaxies to us. These Galaxies have all dealt with the same AI infestation and conquest by enemies similar to the Orion Group within their own Galaxies. The way these Galactic trials work is absolutely stunning and beyond words.

If our Galaxy goes the way the majority of our sister Galaxies have, we will once and for all be free of the Orion Group, the Rogue Federation, The Reptilians, and the AI god that they have been on a crusade for. As I alluded to above, we have a part to play and that part is standing in our own power and not letting the secret government that rules our star system to represent us in the Cosmos. Until we do so we will continue to pile up karma from their actions and atrocities throughout the Galaxy.

I will be releasing more information in the very near future.
Corey Goode

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