Another VERY Informative Interview with Michael Jaco

He talks about the praying mantis entity on here. I had a praying mantis (the insect) come to me on my porch steps this summer. I felt telepathy with that thing. It was crazy good and I appreciated it. The mantis are not average. Their insect presence here on earth is truly a blessing.🙏[]=en

Secret meetings near Jupiter decide the future of our Solar System? By Dr. Michael Salla

My sense upon viewing this and reading the article is that if China and Russia are not included in the peace agreement it’s by no means done and there could still be a space war. I agree with Dr. Greer that is unacceptable.

“Agreements have been passed on Jupiter yesterday between the different progressive galactic coalitions and Terran military forces, to share the use and the protection of this star system, regarding economic and military domains in preparation for the future. Territories of action have been set. Terran Humans are officially taking ownership of their system. The US was the lead representative in these series of meetings; they were chosen by the GFW because of their abilities, resources, and goals, best able to guarantee a sustainable and glorious future for off-world humankind.”-Elena Danaan

This is the link o Dr. Salla’s article;

Watch “Randy Cramer – Talks with Tony Rodrigues” on YouTube

Psionic ability. What Randy talks about with regard to to letting sound and music literally navigate you in the rignt direction is attributable to Red Earth tribe or phenylalanine.

Attributes of Red Earth are navigation, synchronicity, evolution, earth keeper, grounds synergy, crystal healer. It applies directly to what Randy is saying.

He is a clone by the way, not a natural human. His interview by Emery Smith on GAIA channel is astounding. Check it out.

Must See Regarding What U.S. Secret Space Program has Reverse Engineered from the E.T.’s

At 54 minutes; Unacknowledged Special Access Projects require criminals to get into the project, at the government level up to and including treason. When you are lying to the President, when you’re denying the President and the Congress information, that is treason. It is illegal. The whistleblowers Dr. Greer initially works with are scared to death. NO NEED TO BE! The projects that they are whistleblowing on are illegally run! Therefore they can’t prosecute you for violating the National Security Act.

Dr. Greer is my direct analog; White 13 Cosmic World Bridger. You can see in this video that he has dedicated his life to his Tzolkin Destiny. Bridging worlds PEACEFULLY is what it means to be a Lightworker, in the light, not in Shadow. My work, with this new book coming up will shore up the fact that we are ONE SPECIES, ONE RACE, and ONE WORLD and it can be proven genetically.

The D.S. AGENDA is to;

  1. Keep the issue secret until they can use it as a foil around a fake UFO threat.
  2. Their projects are so illegal back to Eisenhower would be such a scandal of corruption! Trillions of contracting money off the books. Disruptive Technology in assets in how the world is run. They need to keep that out of the Public.
  3. Control of literal physical power on the planet is up for grabs if they release THE TRUTH. Zero energy costs and pollution! Zero Point Energy NEEDS TO COME FORWARD. Greed. Many care NOTHING about the planet or HUMANS.

The change CANNOT BE MANAGED!!! The Elite have to let go of control! It is human destiny to ASCEND in consciousness, not to go extinct. Our E.T. ancestors won’t allow it. I swear to you. They have the technology to hoax an “End of the world UFO event“. That would NEVER happen. The E.T. want us to survive. We are their progeny. Don’t believe the MSM on that. There is no E.T. war on the surface of the planet. Let’s do this already!

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