Visual For the Hologram

Radial Light expands and contracts

When you watch a movie in the theater they don’t show the picture with three different tracks; the image, the color, and the sound. All three tracks are over-layed and synced with each other so that you are watching a 2D movie as though it’s happening in 4D space-time. However, you’re really looking at a flat, 2D screen.

On earth, our bodies and life on earth are over-layed with the earth itself and the interplanetary holon. It is one holonomic projection of mind and intention. They aren’t separate from each other. Seperateness is an epic illusion. You can feel it if you lean into it. The mind can trick us here.

Similar to watching a movie, we believe we’re seeing more than we really are. The movie shows us 4D but we’re looking at 2D on a screen. We sit on our couch and believe we’re IN 4D but we’re really in all the dimensions and densities simultaneously and it’s the unified field. If you meditate with an open crown chakra and pineal gland you can see anywhere in the universe. Remote viewing is not difficult. It’s natural to us. It’s all ONE. Imo the unified field is both exponential and tiny at the same time, like a pinpoint.

The Difference Between Dimensions and Densities

This is important going forward because spatial dimensions are going to completely change with the earth and solar changes in our local system. The dimensions are SPATIAL or height, length, width, and depth; dimensions 1, 2, 3, and 4. The crossover space from 4D to 5D is Time.

The densities have to do with the frequency of different vibrations that allow any DNA form to be visible in the earth’s hologram or what we call “normal”. They are a level of consciousness or utilization of the power of the Mind. They are a stage of evolution.

The fact is, there are many entities that vibrate at different densities around us on earth right now; 120 different species in fact and most of them look much like us but most of us can’t see them. The word on the street Disclosure is we will be allowed contact with these beings in about two years.

You can find further delineation on this issue in “The Law of One”.

Wilcock Did a Presentation on Densities on GAIA

“Time can be moved through the ZERO POINT between polarities.

David Wilcock quoting Professor Simon Shnoll

I just saw this in my notebook. That applies directly to Proline as ZERO in the Sidechain as itself, tryptophan (19) or the Stop Codon (20). Is Proline the zero point in the binary triplet configuration? Is it the pivot point between the polarity reversals in the Tzolkin?

The movement between polarities, positive and negative or protons and electrons happens in the middle of the Tzolkin or the Zone of Transformation, specifically on the G.A.P. kin

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Russian Discovery Challenges Existence of ‘Absolute Time’

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

(Full text of article from summer 2000 21st Century) |Russian scientists discover unexpected regularities in radioactive decay, linked to astronomical cycles

“Two years ago, nearly unnoticed in the West, the Russian biophysicist S.E. Shnoll published a paper in the prominent Russian physics journal Uspekhi Fisicheskikh Nauk1 summing up the results of more than three decades of investigations of anomalous statistical regularities in a wide range of physical, chemical, and biological processes, from radioactive decay to the rates of biochemical reactions.

The evidence points unambiguously to the existence of a previously unknown relationship between fluctuations in the rates of radioactive and other processes in the laboratory, and major astronomical cycles, including the day, month, and year. The implication is, that many phenomena which until now have been regarded as purely statistical in character—such as the distribution of fluctuations in the momentary rates of radioactivity measured in a sample—are somehow controlled or at least strongly influenced by an astrophysical factor, which varies in time in the same way at all points on the Earth.

Vladimir Voeikov, a colleague of Shnoll, comments in the Spring 2000 issue of 21st Century: “Shnoll’s work shows that time is heterogeneous. It is not a Newtonian time. Each moment in time is different from another, and this can be seen in any physical process that you study.”

Albert Einstein, who rejected claims by Niels Bohr and others that the fundamental microphysical processes are essentially, irreducibly random in character, liked to say that “God does not play dice.” Einstein and others pointed to the arbitrary nature of Bohr’s argument: Just because physicists in Bohr’s time could not penetrate beyond the apparent randomness of radioactive decay and other microscopic processes, to find a deeper lawfulness and regularity underlying such processes, does not mean that science is doomed to remain in that state of ignorance forever!

By demonstrating the existence of a universal, astronomical factor influencing the fine structure of supposedly random fluctuations, Shnoll et al. have opened up an entirely new field of scientific investigation which is not supposed to exist, according to Bohr.”

This sounds like TIME SCIENCE to me. Fancy that.

Time. It’s a particle all right. It’s DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid. It’s a particle when manifested in 3D and a wave in 4D and upwards.
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