Harris Says Social Media Companies Should ‘Cooperate and Work With Us’ on ‘Protecting Our Democracy’


Her statements are PRO-CENSORSHIP and unconstitutional. She should be taken out of office for suggesting we continue to use the FBI to abridge Free Speech! I am not surprised. Isn’t it ironic that the Democrats can’t stand or DO Democracy.

There is ramped up control energy in this HF55 harmonic. Fear mongering.

#1- She is in no position to “demand” anything in a constitutional democratic republic when her role is just V.P. We are called to be bipartisan not a monoply of one party.

#2-The Left are the ones abrigating all of our laws, traditions and rights for their very special, holy and sanctified version of anarchy. It’s called “Their way or the highway” because everyone else is wrong but them. They believe the Democratic party is righteous and altruistic. The opposite is true. That’s called a self sanctimonious dictatorship and they are blind to who they are, and how very co-dependent and corrupt they have become.

It is quite amazing how psychologically daft they are.

NYTimes: Voters See Democracy in Peril, but Saving It Isn’t a Priority

This MINDSET is going to create the solar flash. Human apathy about free will and self-existing action with integrity is self-destructive. That is if this poll is correct. It could be propaganda.

U.S. coastlines are most likely going to be gone. It won’t be the Sun’s fault. It just follows our evolutionary orders, which for now are set by MSM.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine’s Birth Gateway

The Ukrainian Flag

Look at this next to Putin’s gateway which I just posted. They are each other’s analog and their G.P. and Hidden Wisdom are reversed. Ukraine’s flag is a perfect synchronicity of Putin and Zelenskyy; blue and yellow which are analog colors.

They are each other’s support, or they would be if Putin wasn’t so locked on destroying democracy in Ukraine and acting on the impulses of his LMS shadow self.

Who is the real enemy here? Biden? I’m remote viewing and seeing faces and names we don’t know. It has to do with access to labs. It’s a data war as well as a political ideology.

The politics of Ukraine take place in a framework of a semi-presidential representative democratic republic and of a multi-party system. Zelenskyy has accomplished a lot in a crystal tone environment of community and cooperation. God help Ukraine.


In Russia, the Red Serpent time Portal is located in Northern Russia at 60°N–75°W. There is or was Reptilian influence/control up there.

Ukraine’s coordinates are 48° N–31° E so it is SE of Russia closer to the White Dog time portal which is at 60°N–165°E in the far eastern area by the Bering Sea, West of Alaska. Ukraine is on the western border of Russia in the Europe region.

I’m Fairly Sure Word Press is Censoring Me

My stats have dropped to almost zero way too quickly. That’s completely abnormal. In addition, after I post and hit publish it just circles and circles until I ignore it and hit save. None of that is normal either.

This will only take a second…THE PEOPLE are the lightning once everyone wakes up.

I may have to pull all the money I pay WordPress to host me and get a stand alone, untouchable host. I hope they see this.

This global censorship cannot win against the will of 8 billion humans on the planet supported by the universal law of FREE WILL.

And, they cannot nuclear bomb or virus biological bomb 8 billion people BECAUSE THE FREAKING Global Galactic League of Nations IS SHUTTING DOWN BOTH OF THOSE DESTRUCTIVE AGENTS.

The only thing the universe is waiting for is the mindset of the majority of humans to stand up and feel the power IN THEIR BODIES and claim it. Then the dark actors are done for. If you are waiting for someone to save you you are waiting in vain. God is IN US. We are watched over and helped but they won’t do it for us.

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