David Rockefeller’s Agenda

D.S. C/_<> https://twitter.com/PowerOurPeople_/status/1569084172651700224?t=OKl6Rt-MxHJFsADsUUGAIQ&s=09

Returning to the Gold Standard. Why is it a big deal? Tzolkin Values

Simon Parkes videos can now be found at https://bitchute.com/simonparkes if they let you register. They are blocking me. And I'm censored on HERE when I tag and categorize. Word Press is abridging free speech as well. I guess they won't last long either if they keep it up. JFK was going to return us to …

The Next 13 Days. I’m using Prophetic Vision and my Knowledge of the Destiny Patterns.

We're looking at destiny patterns on this timeline up to January 20, 2021, Inauguration Day although during this Constitutional Crisis is not set in stone. January 7; Thursday, Yellow 11 Spectral Seed; TODAY. Hammer Day. The public narrative is played, rather poorly, that it's some kind of big deal that Biden is certified. Pence DID …

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