The 13 Mayan Crystal Skulls. They could be used to hack into the A.I. Machine world!! We need to be Careful

We only have 12 so far.

The quartz that the skulls are made from cannot be dated. There is no carbon in quartz for carbon dating. These are composed of the highest quality quartz; Peazo electro silicon dioxide.

Crystal is used in all of our information storage devices and can be encoded. Native Americans say they were brought by the Star People or our E.T. Ancestors.

13 is the Cosmic Tone. All Tone 13 Kin intuitively know what this means. We are here to teach.
This seems to be located in the Blue Monkey Time Portal at 30°N–150°W
This could be a hack by A.I. of HF33 to create the technosphere. We should not be naive.
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