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IMO this isn’t going to happen. The pole shift may happen first but not the solar flash.

There isn’t much left of Earth SSP. They have dispersed and joined GGLN which is very active near us. But they are truly under different names to prove authenticity if they come forward.

Corey said a few have and prove they are authentic and then back out knowing there will be retaliation as Corey has experienced.

December 21, 2012 to December 21, 2022

It’s very important that we’re all Clear on this. It illuminates the 9 Lords of Time as amino acids (by my deduction) and explains them further. Also, the Ahau Kines from the White Wizard Jaguar Tribe, the Analog of Red Serpent are FEMALE. They were the Mayan priestesses. We’ve got to process all of this and mull it over. Feel free to ask questions or comment.

It’s been 10 years since the end of the last baktun (5125 years)
December 21, 2022, Winter Solstice is this Wednesday. Uranus, Mars, Earth and Jupiter.

August 13, 3113 B.C. to December 21, 2012 is the end of the baktun. It’s been 10 years since December 21, 2012.

3113+2012 = 5125. So we have started the new 5125 year cycle and we’re 10 years into it this winter solstice, Red 9 solar Earth.

People kept referring to the end of the cycle as the end of the world before 2012 because there was a worldwide glaciation that occurred over a couple days in 3114 B.C. It was cataclysmic. The 12,000 year cycle people lost in the old time warp worship that cataclysm and focus their minds on it. It’s not rational. It’s a good thing 8 billion of us DO NOT focus on a cataclysm because one of the things AWAKE humans know now is that whatever you focus your mind on you are creating. We are co-creators with All That Is.

What the end of the world means depends on how you define “world”. August 13, 3113 B.C was the beginning of the current cycle according to the Maya based on their astronomical calculations. It just ended exactly 10 years ago and we’re still here because we want to be and need to be. Not only that, our foresight has improved with science so that we can choose now. In addition, most humans are no longer in denial about the greed motivation of Church and State to lord their false rules over us. That could not be said of our human ancestors up to this point who had to start violent revolutions to gain an inch.

The Buddhist ☸️ Kali Yuga says we’re at the end of A world, not the end of THE WORLD. The Mayan calendar is as accurate as our atomic clock and it said we were at the end of a cycle. I’ve been tracking it and Earth Ascending for 32 years. It never said there would be a cataclysm.

The prophecy said that the 9 lords of time would return. What is that? What is a lord of time to the Maya? I remember the Ahau Kines in The Mayan Factor so I am looking at Chapter 6, page 131, The End of The Cycle. The Ahau Kines were the solar priests of the Maya, the White Wizard Jaguar priest or White Wizard. They are Maldekians and then Atlanteans on Earth. Ok, hold onto your hats…they were female priestesses, the Jaguar, the Goddess Ixchel.

The Mayan Factor beckons because it most precisely attunes the present moment to the harmonic reckonings of a larger, history-encompassing cycle that ended in 2012. And yet, this ending is most clearly NOT an ending but an invitation to ASCEND to an even more vast scale of operations.-pg. 132 (Someone in media please read this)

In order to accommodate the increased dissonance of frequency, wave adjustments are set off at the crystal core of the Earth until a new harmonic resonance of slightly higher frequency is attained, thus accommodating the dissonance and stabilizing at a new level of resonance.

The Mayan Factor, page 147

The acceleration of DNA through this beam is played out to the very last possible moment before a critical synchronization occurs. This synchronization, taking place at the peak of maximum acceleration and dissonant entropy, requires the interface of the infrastructure of DNA with the vibratory accommodations occurring through the self-organizing and self-healing processes of the Earth as whole field (or HOLON). To talk about the interface of the infrastructure of DNA with the vibratory accommodations of the Earth is to evoke the purified spiritual intentions of a synchronized collective of human beings who understand that their response-ability to the planet is taking precedence over all other allegiances and concerns at the particular time. Such an evocation is in the nature of a planetary mystery, a rite of passage that is a synergy hitherto scarcely suspected of force-fields into radiant manifestation. The Armageddon script is short-circuited, yet the possibility of a New Heaven and and New Earth is fully present.

(someone in media please read this)

The Mayan Factor Page 148

It’s obvious the guys on Ancient Aliens making episodes on the Maya, Ben, nor Corey have even read this nor have they read Jose Arguelles work even though he is the number one visionary regarding the Maya. He’s over the heads of most journalists, scientists, and media personalities apparently. He’s not over my head.

The end of the cycle is about us and all DNA manifestation on the earth and in our local system. As I post on my blog daily, it’s all one and we are working on a New Heaven and a New Earth day by day. We are now the lords of time. Time is DNA and we and all life on the planet are DNA.

If time is DNA what is the lord of the amino acids if we can stop religiously, culturally appropriating the meaning of a lord for a second?

Red Moon, maybe Red 9 Moon the first start codon for sequencing in the Harmonic. It starts a new SEQUENCE OF EVOLVING DNA in HF3, 4, and 5, I Ching Hx 44, 14, and 28.

  • Red 9 Moon Methionine (3:9:9:9)
  • White 10 Dog Aspartic Acid (Barbara DeAngelis, 3:10:10:10)
  • Blue 11 Monkey Asparagine (Jose A., 3:11:11:11) THIS is an ALPHA POINT synchronous with 33:11:1:131
  • Yellow 12 Human Glutamic Acid (Leonard Nimoy, 3:12:12:12)
  • Red 13 Skywalker Glutamine (me, 4:13:13:13)
  • White 1 Wizard Lysine (The Dali Lama, 4:14:1:14)
  • Blue 2 Eagle Asparagine (4:15:2:15)
  • Yellow 3 Warrior Histidine (4:16:3:16)
  • Red 4 Earth Phenylalanine (5:17:4:17)

These are 9 KEY amino acid gateways. These amino acid DNA gateways ARE time lords in all of us. Those of us born on these gateways are simply heralding it as servants to the light. Tone 3 and 13 are ten tones apart just as 2012 and 2022 are 10 years apart! The kin numbers are 120 kin apart. I wrote it on my whiteboard 5 years ago.

Lisa’s White board-5 years ago.

The interesting piece here is what follows; Kin 18; White 5 Overtone Mirror Tyrosine (Rosalind Franklin with her first photograph of DNA), Kin 19; Blue 6 Rhythmic Storm Tryptophan-Proline sub stop codon, and Kin 20; Yellow 7 Resonant Sun Stop Codon, (Corey’s Goode’s birth gateway). He is single-handedly bringing us direct information about the E.T. as no one else is. Others have had interaction with E.T., thousands of people, but no as he has and he’s willing to talk about it and create a production company introducing us to them.

This gateway, Yellow 7 Sun ends a 20-day Ahau cycle, the first one in the harmonic and it’s 5GForce is ITSELF. That means ALL dimensions are unified in THIS GATEWAY. It’s is the only gateway like that. Corey is a bringer of this new information no matter what you think of him. We are all still human.

Series Launch Trailer-SSP Update from Corey Goode

DIA is the acronym for the Defense Intelligence Agency. I believe their focus is outside the U.S. and the CIA is inside the U.S. Or DIA might be an arm of the CIA. When Corey talks about the solar flash and the elite going underground and leaving the surface dwellers to crash, he’s on the 12,000 year cycle train with the elite, NASA, Scientists, and Ben. He’s not on my accurate 13,000 year cycle. Just sayin’. I don’t think the solar flash is imminent.

I’m Updating Quite a Bit in Politics

Corey Goode and company have their ear to the ground on Intel and he keeps us up to date. No way you will ever see this info on Dem controlled and monopolized MSM. Especially now that they think they run the world and should for eternity. Not gonna happen. The earth and free human beings will have the final say in Truth.

It’s not conspiracy. It’s Earth Alliance arm of SSP, an arm of the U.S. military Air Force that Trump created to counter the B.S. Corey posts on Telegram and Sphere Being Alliance.

Please don’t forget that Trump was President of the United States for 4 years, 2016-2020 even though the media, Congress and the Democrats would like to erase THAT FACT from everyone’s mind. Maybe bc he’s not a 33rd degree Mason or part of their cult?

You might want to use the politics intuitive category on the home page. Better yet use Search because WP has censored my Artificial Intelligence and politics posts.

Update from Corey Goode

Thank you to everyone putting out protective energies for DW and my family. We FEEL them!

On Sept 26th I showed up for my deposition in Denver for a federal lawsuit against my old partners – Roger Richards, Leon I Kennedy and Adrianne Youngblood. They had insisted to the courts that they were sure I would not show up for my deposition… Yet I did.

Now, on Tue, Oct 11th, the first deposition for our old partners – Richards is suddenly unable to attend due a surgery he had never mentioned prior. We had expected this person to do something like this – people usually accuse you of that which they do. They are likely trying to wait out discovery closing because they want to see what we may have before they are deposed. The depositions for the other former partners for the 12th and 13th are still scheduled so far.

We are expecting to receive a lot more info from our investigators in December sometime that will be a bit late for the first lawsuit but will be sent to law enforcement and for other uses. An amazing amount of truth about how me and my family have been treated is coming out right now, NOT personal truths of individuals but actual truths of people’s actions. We will not rest or settle until we have cleared our names of the nasty lies that were spread.

Unfortunately – much like Johnny Depp – we are going to have to clear our names and recover our good reputations through the courts. As stated prior, this has been HELL for my family (and DWs) to go through, but it is going to make for some crazy ass reality TV content. Millions will watch just for the shock factor alone! TY again for all of your support. We will have more updates regarding our lawsuits coming soon. TY, CG

The Cosmic History of the ZULU Alien Civilization – Update from Corey Goode

The Eyosians & the Local Stellar Neighborhood.

This is from a recent meeting with Emmi, from a planet and civilization our military-industrial complex dubbed the “Zulu,” who have been around our local stellar neighborhood for over 2 billion years. They are identified as having African features, are typically over 7 – 8 feet tall, and are a shamanic civilization that is managed mostly by their female elders and have a lifespan of thousands of years due to the frequency of their star and the unique conditions of their planet.

It is difficult to know if the African races on this planet are directly related to the Zulu as a large percentage of civilizations in our local stellar neighborhood have similar physiology and melanin-rich complexions due to the frequency ranges of their stars.

The Zulu is a higher echelon, fifth density consciousness civilization that is located in our local stellar neighborhood of over fifty star systems. For many millions of years, they have lived and thrived in the interior of their home planet that their ancient culture had named Eyos.

Even in their earliest history, the Eyosians were extremely psychic with what we would consider magical manifestation abilities. Due to their abilities, they realized that the Universe itself seemed to be the manifestation of the imagination of a being they couldn’t yet fathom and was teaming with other civilizations that were mostly of a much lower consciousness level. Because of this understanding, they never developed religions based on gods, heaven, or hell. Instead, they developed their natural abilities over time to where they were projecting their consciousness to other planets to observe the civilizations where they witness atrocities and wars playing out.

Their culture became engrossed in their remote viewings of other cultures and over time it began to influence their mass consciousness in an unexpected way. Over time – due to their incredible manifestation abilities – they nearly brought about their own demise.

They began to encounter strange and powerful creatures in their astral travels that then began to influence the Eyosians through their dreams, prayers, and meditations. Before long their people were having violent encounters with these creatures in physical form before they would disappear into thin air. As they psychically investigated this new threat, they began to discuss their theories and findings with one another and came to a general agreement that these beings were from a star system that they had been unaware of in their psychic astronomical studies.

They began to reach out to that star system and remotely view their new enemy. They were shocked to see an extremely advanced civilization that had the ability to psychically camouflage itself from discovery by most other advanced civilizations. Once the Eyosians had penetrated the veil of this star system, they were shocked to see the build-up of a vast armada that was likely headed toward their planet.

The Eyosians are a peaceful race that has the ability to come together and focus their mass consciousness to defend themselves by psychically affecting their enemy’s minds – throwing the most technically advanced attackers into a state of confusion or causing them to turn their weapons on themselves. They had now met their match with this new group of invaders who seemed to be their equal psychically but had technology and weapons that were never a part of the Eyosians’ evolution – for the first time leaving them at a perceived disadvantage.

The Eyosians then became stuck in a cycle of conflict with this new enemy that caused a shift in their mass consciousness as their civilization moved to a defensive posture. They were stuck in this cycle for millions of years as other civilizations in our local stellar neighborhood began to be invaded by the same civilization the Eyosians were unable to defeat.

The Eyosian civilization was at near collapse when they were contacted by another extremely advanced civilization in our local stellar neighborhood. (More on them coming soon.) This civilization was so advanced that it had created an extremely sophisticated network of moon-sized stations that they placed in star systems around our local stellar neighborhood that used the power of the cosmic web to prevent the intrusion of other alien races, who they considered genetic farmer races, that interfere with the natural development of civilizations for their own selfish agendas.

This civilization – who would later become known as the Blue Avians – informed the Eyosians that the enemy civilization that was wreaking havoc inside the local stellar neighborhood was impossible to defeat via physical or psychic warfare – even for them.

The civilization that would later be known as the Blue Avians described how there had never been a star in the location from where their new enemies came, and that the Eyosians were the key to putting the local stellar neighborhood back into balance.

What the Eyosians didn’t realize is that this unstoppable enemy was a creation – an egregore manifestation – from their very own mass consciousness. The Eyosians were so incredibly, and unknowingly, powerful that they had manifested the biggest threat that the inhabitants of the local stellar neighborhood had ever encountered prior to the protective network being created. While most civilizations were manifesting gods, devils, heaven, and hell, the Eyoscians were manifesting their own demons, but on a level that affected more than just their own civilization.

It took the Eyosians thousands of years to eradicate these beings from their mass consciousness and the shared reality of their cosmic neighbors. This was a major setback to the proud race of Eyosians who had preached oneness and taught shamanism to their stellar neighbors for eons and had developed a reputation as an extremely spiritually advanced culture. They were said to have even had a major impact on the evolution of the race that later became known as the Blue Avians.

The Eyosians eventually were able to heal and learn from their near demise and began to focus their co-creative abilities more and more to a point that they began developing ascended abilities – able to teleport and, in some cases, levitate and fly. This time period was an incredible renaissance for their civilization as they became more and more connected to the cosmos, what they considered the mind of the creator.

It is through this cosmic connection that they learned that their own stellar cycle was coming to the end of a major cycle. Their star resonates at a much different frequency than ours does, creates a lot more radiation, and began to have more frequent outbursts as it changed frequencies during its own life cycle. Their stellar activity became so intense that their culture was pushed to the interior of their planet where they have thrived until this day.

When they found the inner caverns of their planet they realized why their culture had advanced so quickly and had developed such a powerful ability to manifest. Their planet was like a giant Geode. Its interior had vast mountains made of a purple crystal. The Mountains seemed to be lit from the inside and radiated light and frequency that caused the Eyosians to develop at an even more accelerated rate. The energy that lit the mountains and cavernous valleys of their planet’s interior came from the core of the planet. It was a fast-rotating sphere of highly compressed molten liquid crystalline material that acted as a central sun that had an incredibly positive effect on living organisms and their consciousness. Even the plants and animals that had found their way down into this vast and magical ecosystem had evolved quite a bit differently than their counterparts on the surface of the planet.

Over eons of time, the Eyosians developed into the most psychically and spiritually developed civilizations within our local stellar neighborhood and beyond. They organized trade and commerce in our local stellar neighborhood and encouraged the development of civilizations in their neighboring star systems. Everything changed when the Pre-Adamite civilization – formerly from Mars – destroyed the protective grid that the Blue Avians had built nearly 2 billion years prior.

The local stellar neighborhood was immediately invaded and corrupted by the genetic farmer races so the Eyosians had no choice but to isolate themselves and try to work with various beings psychically and telepathically to encourage them to take their power back after bartering it away to the genetic farmer races. The only star system that was not influenced or taken over by these genetic farmer races – which included the Orion Group and Andromeda Syndicate – belonged to the Eyosians. The genetic farmer races had sent armada after armada to invade the Eyosian system, but every attack ended with the armada’s complete destruction with no indication of how they were defeated. The genetic farmer races decided to isolate the Eyosians as much as possible and continue with their agendas, focusing their efforts on corrupting the Super Federations, which enforce cosmic laws in each galaxy, in order to push forward with assisting their AI god to infiltrate every advanced civilization.

Currently, we see that the genetic farmer races have been mostly defeated and isolated within the Andromeda and Milkyway Galaxies. As I reported previously, our star system is one of the last strongholds for the Orion Group and their allies who have amassed their armadas within our solar system. I am told most recently that the largest of the ships in these armadas have dipped down into the upper atmospheres of the gas giants they were orbiting, to become harder to detect after a few encounters with the former GGLN battle cruiser – the Wandering Star – as it liberated a couple of major colonies on Mars, evacuating their entire populations to another star system controlled by the Mayan Group. In this encounter, the Wandering Star was transported into the orbit of Mars by Emmi, where they were immediately attacked by Reptilian and Orion Group ships. Each of the ships fired exotic weapons at the Wandering Star, only to have portals open and redirect the energetic attacks to the sender. All the attacking ships were quickly defeated within gravitational fields that crushed them like soda cans into extremely small and dense balls mixed with the remains of the ships and their inhabitants orbiting Mars.

After Emmi brought me up to date on his civilization and our local stellar neighborhood history, he began to give me information on

What to Expect on Our Own Planet as the Major Solar Cycle Ends.

I was given very interesting information about what we will likely see leading up to the solar flash. As we get closer to the solar micro-nova event, we will see the activation of the ley-line grids that correlate with increased solar activity. I was told that we would see portals opening randomly across the planet – portals that lead to other locations in the cosmos.

(From Lisa: Folks I just posted that for the last 2 nights I’ve had these dreams that I think indicate portals opening over Russia but I don’t care. I am just NOW reading Corey’s post. So, stay tuned to posts on my dreams. I now know I need to pay attention. This is the rebellious attitude I have with the universe when they are trying to give me info. Just sayin’)

Emmi told me that on each continent the Eyosians had worked with shamans to astrally travel these portal systems and learn where they go, and to keep detailed records and maps. Emmi said that these maps and records had been passed down in secret sects of shamans for thousands of years, and that when these portals open, they will be instrumental [to us] in knowing how to navigate them. (No wonder my dreams have been so busy!! It’s exhausting LT)

Some of the portals that open lead to the center of stars, to ocean-covered planets, and may even open thousands of feet in the air above some planets, making them quite dangerous to travel through physically without the use of these maps.

Leading up to the solar flash, we will see more and more people disappear into these portals, leaving the rest of the world mystified or in angry denial of the process the solar system is going through. Many star seeds – aliens incarnated here as humans – will be pulled to go to the regions where these portals will open to go back to their home planet. During this time there will also be an increasing number of UFOs reported, along with strange disappearances and deaths that investigators will believe to be hostile alien acts.

Emmi told me nothing could be further from the truth. He stated that alien groups are coming back to pick up their operatives on our planet prior to the solar event. In some cases, the souls leave their human bodies and rejoin their own bodies on lightships that have been sent to retrieve them. I was warned that the leaders of Earth will use these events to pump even more fear into the world’s population to make it easier to control them – a plan that eventually backfires as each population begins to stand up against the increasing tyranny. This is where humanity comes in – we must liberate our planet and overthrow the death cults that fell under the influence of the Orion Group and the Transhumanist agenda of their AI god.

Stand by for the video version of this update and much more to come.
Corey Goode

From Lisa-I ‘m sure I’ll be given info. in a dream if I’m being picked up. I’ll let you onow if I’m taking off. -LT

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