Some Truth About What Artificial Greys Do to Humans. By Corey Goode

Disclosure. I think the Reptilains made the Greys. They aren't organic beings with souls. The Reptilian and Nazi's use them as grunts to do their dirty work.

The Cosmic History of the ZULU Alien Civilization – Update from Corey Goode

The Eyosians & the Local Stellar Neighborhood. This is from a recent meeting with Emmi, from a planet and civilization our military-industrial complex dubbed the "Zulu,” who have been around our local stellar neighborhood for over 2 billion years. They are identified as having African features, are typically over 7 – 8 feet tall, and …

I know this will raise many questions but I've been following both of these gentleman for about a year and highly recommend. Follow the website. You won't get this insider info. anywhere else. Lisa T.

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