Evidence For Lasting Natural Immunity Against COVID Infection Is Strong, Say Multiple Scientists

I shared this on my business website but because it’s about our evolution via the virus, it is about their planned obsolescence of our human DNA. Meaning, in my opinion, there may have been a plan by another stellar species like the Reptilians, to co-opt human DNA for themselves because they are dying out and replace us with A.I.

It’s pretty simple. They made bad choices in the past and sold their soul to A.I. That is an established fact in the disclosure community. Humans have Reptilian DNA and it’s given us very strong mammalian bodies that reproduce well but we have no A.I. in our bodies unless you’ve followed government mandates.

They cannot pass on A.I. to us naturally. A.I. has no DNA because it has no blood. Even if it did it has no soul and never will. It’s put into humans via microscopic nanotechnology.

A.I. is a massive fail compared to the power of humans, our souls, and natural immunity and they know it. They are routed from our system now so any contracts they have with DS and cabal to enslave and use us are ended.

Here is the article from Collective Evolution “THE PULSE”


  • The Facts: Many scientists have expressed that immunity gained from natural infection is quite robust. Multiple studies have been published expressing this sentiment, yet health policies and mandates like vaccine passes are being put in place that don’t reflect this.
  • Reflect On: Why has the concept of natural immunity, from which the concept of herd immunity is based on, been completely disregarded?

Scientists have been “at war” during this pandemic. Like with so many other global issues today, contradicting evidence and expert opinion on COVID has plagued this pandemic. That’s OK – it’s normal, healthy, and should be promoted within the mainstream, but it’s not. Instead, scientists who oppose what government health authorities say and the information they put out has been subjected to censorship and ridicule.

One opposing argument that doesn’t seem to be attracting the attention it deserves is the concept of natural immunity from COVID and how long it can last. Evidence suggesting that natural immunity is quite robust has not received much attention and has not really been “promoted” within the mainstream.

recent statement by three renowned professors in the field explains,

As scientists, we have been stunned and disheartened to witness many strange scientific claims made during this pandemic, often by scientists. None is more surprising that the false assertion made in the John Snow Memorandum – and signed by current CDC Director, Rochelle Wolensky – that “there is no evidence for lasting protective immunity to SARS-CoV-2 following natural infection.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya from Stanford, Dr. Sunetra Gupta from Oxford, and Dr. Martin Kulldorff from Harvard

This sentiment has been shared throughout the pandemic. Ali Ellebedy, PhD, associate professor of pathology & immunology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis expressed the following in May after publishing a study. The study showed that months after recovering from mild cases of COVID-19, the people studied still had immune cells in their body pumping out antibodies against the virus that causes COVID-19.

Last fall, there were reports that antibodies wane quickly after infection with the virus that causes COVID-19, and mainstream media interpreted that to mean that immunity was not long-lived…But that’s a misinterpretation of the data. It’s normal for antibody levels to go down after acute infection, but they don’t go down to zero; they plateau. Here, we found antibody-producing cells in people 11 months after first symptoms. These cells will live and produce antibodies for the rest of people’s lives. That’s strong evidence for long-lasting immunity.

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis Press Release

Again, this is just one out of countless studies that have looked into it, and there are many that show and point towards long last immunity that can be gained from natural infection. More science is presented later in this article.

The concept of “herd immunity” is actually modeled from the behaviour of natural wild type viruses.

It is now well-established that natural immunity develops upon infection with SARS-CoV-2 in a manner analogous to other coronaviruses…It offers anti-disease immunity against severe disease and death that is likely permanent. Among the millions that have recovered from COVID19, exceedingly few have become sick again.

Propagated by the media, the idea that infection does not confer effective immunity has made its way into decisions by governments, public health agencies, and private institutions, harming pandemic health policy.

Though vaccines are vital tools in fighting infectious diseases – including COVID – we should be mindful of the uses to which they are put and remember natural immunity in our policymaking.  In an environment of worldwide vaccine scarcity, vaccinating those who have been sick with COVID-19 is not only unnecessary but immoral.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Dr. Sunetra Gupta, and Dr. Martin Kulldorff

Privileges for the vaccinated are returning, while the unvaccinated and those previously infected are discriminated against. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) changed their definition of herd immunity to something achieved through vaccination rather than a combination of natural immunity and vaccines. They did so in the Fall, and only after a public backlash did they change it back in January to reflect reality.

Like other viruses, COVID has probably infected well over a billion people, so natural immunity is also doing its work. These scientists do not believe in the push to vaccinate everybody as fast as possible, especially in children where inadequate safety testing has been done.

After all, how dangerous is COVID for children? Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) has killed more children than COVID in the UK. In Sweden, out of more than 1 million school children who were living with no lockdowns, social distancing and mask mandates during the “first wave,” zero died from COVID.

An analysis of millions of coronavirus test results in Denmark found that people who had prior infection were still protected 6 months after the initial infection. Another study also found that individuals who recovered from the coronavirus developed “robust” levels of B cells and T cells (necessary for fighting off the virus) and “these cells may persist in the body for a very, very long time.”

study published in March 2021 suggests that the majority of healthy adults in British Columbia, Canada, have immunity from COVID-19 despite the fact that some of them have never been infected with it.

Just as with the vaccine, if you’ve been infected with a variant it may not be as severe compared to someone who hasn’t been infected.

Dr. Daniela Weiskopf, Dr. Alessandro Sette, and Dr. Shane Crotty from the La Jolla Institute for Immunology analyzed immune cells and antibodies from almost 200 people who had been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 and recovered.  The researchers found durable immune responses in the majority of people studied. Antibodies against the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, which the virus uses to get inside cells, were found in 98% of participants one month after symptom onset. As seen in previous studies, the number of antibodies ranged widely between individuals. But, promisingly, their levels remained fairly stable over time, declining only modestly at 6 to 8 months after infection.

Virus-specific B cells increased over time. People had more memory B cells six months after symptom onset than at one month afterwards. Although the number of these cells appeared to reach a plateau after a few months, levels didn’t decline over the period studied.

Levels of T cells for the virus also remained high after infection. Six months after symptom onset, 92% of participants had CD4+ T cells that recognized the virus. These cells help coordinate the immune response. About half the participants had CD8+ T cells, which kill cells that are infected by the virus.

recent study published in Clinical Microbiology and Infection explains:

Presence of cross-reactive SARSCoV2 specific Tcells in never exposed patients suggests cellular immunity induced by other coronaviruses. Tcell responses against SARSC0V2 also detected in recovered Covid patients with no detectable antibodies…Cellular immunity is of paramount importance in containing SARSCoV2 infection…and could be maintained independently of antibody responses. Previously infected people develop much stronger Tcell responses against spike protein peptides in comparison to infection-naive people after mRNA vaccine.

Furthermore, if somebody “tests” positive for COVID again doesn’t mean they are infectious. In a letter to the editor published in the Journal of Infection, researchers explain that more than half of all “positive” PCR tests are likely to have been people who are not even infectious. You can read more about that and PCR testing, here.

How does natural immunity compare to vaccine immunity? Will the immunity from the vaccine wane? Will people be required to eventually get booster shots, and more after that?

At the end of the day, with all of this information combined with the fact that lockdowns have had catastrophic consequences and may have killed more people than COVID itself, it’s time to start acknowledging that trusting natural infection is trusting science. We have to start dealing with COVID as we do with all of the other viruses we already dealt with and deal with other than COVID every single year. Make recommendations, encourage people, but don’t force them.

UFOs – Why Now?

From Collective Evolution; The PULSE


A discovered US Department of Defense document provides unprecedented insight into why the US government is disclosing information concerning UFOs.

The US Department of Defense is very certainly utilizing, or plans to deploy, sophisticated anti-gravity planes to gain an advantage over its terrestrial opponents. If the document obtained by UFO researcher Richard Dolan from the DNI report is to be believed, the US was in the midst of an informational campaign to gain a significant advantage, which may have been thwarted. The document obtained by Mr. Dolan makes a bold claim that anti-gravity aircraft is already being tested at Area 51 and related sites (based out of Nevada).

The actual objective of the Viper teams, who seemingly work closely in association with with George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell (both stationed in Nevada), might be for Information Operation (IO). Information Operations (IO) are critical to the successful execution of military operations, according to a recently discovered US Department of Defense study document.

“Information is facts, data, or instructions in any media or form,” according to Joint Publication 1–02 (Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, April 2006). Information is also defined as “the meaning that a person imparts to facts via the application of recognized protocols in their representation.”

Perception Management: A Core IO Capability

Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

For those wanting to answer additional existential mysteries, Richard Dolan’s report also cites “Advanced utilization of exotic elements for energy research (ET related stuff).” With former US intelligence member Christopher Mellon and AATIP Director Luis Elizondo alluding to wrecked ET spacecraft on many occasions, it is reasonable to conclude that the anti-gravity craft now being tested were successfully reverse engineered.

Media — New Weapon of War

According to the uncovered document, DoD is using media as a key perception management tool. The document also claims that the media is a force multiplier and a weapon of war. When using media for perception management, the intent is to achieve key objectives such as targeting the mass minds on the inner front of a hostile nation. This aims at defeating adversary psychologically by subverting their public and defense forces and, also, disarming them morally.

According to the discovered paper, the Department of Defense uses media as a crucial impression management weapon. Per the document, the media is also a force multiplier and a weapon of war. The goal of employing media for perception management is to achieve critical objectives such as attacking the minds of the masses on the inner front of a hostile nation. This seeks to mentally defeat the enemy by undermining their public and defensive forces, as well as morally disarming them.

If the Chinese mistake US recon planes for alien spaceships, the US will gain a major advantage.

Stimulate Mass Mentality on the Home Front

Another advantage of using media for perception control is that it awakens man’s dormant tribal impulse. These impulses are directed on transforming the enemy into an evil entity. Examples include Allied propaganda against Hitler and, more recently, Saddam Hussein. The primary target audience is one’s own public.

New Principle of War

According to the article, “media spin” has become a new principle of war. “Media spin” is described as paying great attention to public relations and understanding that public support is a necessary component of military success. At the same time, one must recognise that the media is an important weapon in molding world opinion. The military should not take media coverage of combat operations for granted, and should avoid actions that would alienate public support while maximizing media coverage of success stories. Paying attention to Media Spin is critical for a combat commander in an age where 24-hour immediate battlefield news coverage is the norm.

A friendly reminder that Discovery will show a three-hour UFO special tomorrow with John Podesta, Chris Mellon, and the rest of the intelligence establishment.

Aliens, by the way, exist.

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