What if There Were Really 26 Frequencies in a Solar Day, not 24 Hours?

If you listened to my podcast, Jose said, accurately, that

“The clock on the wall cannot measure frequency and TRUE TIME IS A FREQUENCY.”

Jose A.

And then I said what Jose did not literally say, but spells out and leads us to, “Time is the 20 amino acids and 13 tones of Creation that manifest the entire biosphere in 4D; us, the animals, the oceans, the plants, the layers around the earth and inside the earth.” “Time is DNA”.

What might the 26 frequencies in a solar day be? I’m literally just thinking about this now. I just have to do the math.🙂

13 x 20 = 260. 28 x 13 =364. These two together are the Tzolkin Harmonic and the 13-Moon solar calendar of exactly 13 full moon cycles that occur in our current  365 day year. Now what?

26 is obviously in The Tzolkin foundationally. The frequencies are the radio-sonic tones on which I’m still researching and writing another book. All 20 tribes and 13 tones pulse to specific areas and joints of the body. But as I post daily, there are 260 specific kin gateways that pulse in the body.

For instance, today is Blue 6 Night so it focuses on the right shoulder FLESH above the breast, front and back and tone 6 is the right elbow JOINT. But those pulse with the rest of the gateway to make 260 unique evolutionary pulses in each kin for 260 days. I don’t always post all of the body pulses because I feel like I’m overwhelming you already but I use the knowledge in my office on my patients bodies and ALWAYS see it in their restrictions physically. It’s all accurate! What’s difficult is teaching humans to let go of mental and emotional HABITS as a therapist.

For instance, today also pulses to the left Yellow Warrior shoulder, obviously, literally physically its support analog, pulses back to right shoulder as Guide Power, is challenged by the left Skywalker thorax/rib cage, and subconscious parental pulse is the left eye. There is a twisting in the body and parents taught the person to SEE life in a restrictive way. I listen, not suggest and eventually they tell me what I ready know.

We have to coalesce the 260 kin into 26 frequencies. I will continue working on it. In the meantime, throw out your clocks and Gregorian calendars and I’ll stop giving the day and time on the podcasts. Duh.

Who Invented the Mechanical Clock?

The mechanical clocks that we hang on our walls and the digital ones on our phones are all just human conceived interpreters of SOLAR SIGNALS from the SUN. They don’t actually receive solar signals accurately. Humans try but because we don’t have an accurate analysis of time, our clocks are never really exact although with our limited knowledge of dimensions humans claim they are exact.

The sun and our Minds control time, not the clock. Clocks have nothing to do with real time. Nature sets time, which we are part of, and it keeps changing since it’s a dimension. If you begin to live in the eternal moment you begin to realize that our Minds and thus our bodies exist in ALL dimensions at the same time which is timelessness. In truth, there is no time at that level. But there IS time just as we DO have a physical body and a physical earth for our learning at this level of perception; even though it’s a type of holographic time illusion. The measurement of the earth rotating around the sun is the beginning of how we measure time on earth and we then set our clocks as an interpretation of it.

I have a problem with that. (of course). Physical movement isn’t the only movement happening as the earth rotates around the sun in the same way that the Tzolkin isn’t only 1D, 2D, and 3D. Time is multidimensional. Even though physicists don’t know exactly how yet nor do they have the math figured out, they have enough math and empirical data to know it’s true.

Mathematical description

The precise definition of the equation of time is EOT = GHA − GMHA

The quantities occurring in this equation are:

Our simple understanding of time right now as far as physics goes is that time is the quantity of photon motion used to measure change in space. My gosh that’s Romper Room. I’ll grant that it includes 3D connecting to 4D there but it’s still locked in by our very, very, very limited 5 senses which causes humans to have extreme, illogical hubris. We think we can see the truth when we don’t even use our intuition or our higher reasoning.

With that cleared up, who invented the mechanical clock that tries to program people’s minds? Yi Xing, a Buddhist monk and mathematician of the Tang Dynasty (618-907A.D.) Given that the earth is billions of years old and humans are only 1 million years old approximately, our minds haven’t been entrenched with this “tool” yet. Mechanical clocks have only been around for about a thousand years. That’s the blink of an eye.

I hope at some point we have a type of Tzolkonic clock that runs on true time; 13:20 and literally does pick up the multidimensional fluctuation not only from the sun but the entire universe. I likely won’t be alive to see it but I trust the universe will allow that to manifest when earth is ready.

Oh wait, that receiver is our bodies. It’s us. We are the interpreters of time because multidimensional time is one with our DNA. Problem solved. I think the real virus are those clocks on the wall, like the T.V. and doctors who tell you “the facts” about your body with authority. Nada. We’re in charge.

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