Is there an Alternative to Artificial Intelligence? Yes. Co-Creative Consciousness.

If each individual would acknowledge and use the power of their mind and body to be Co-Creatively conscious with each other and the Universe, A.I. could not exist. Neither could the c!@df.- Lisa T.

By JoSe Garcia

I say there are alternatives to everything, including artificial intelligence. If we think what artificial intelligence is for a moment, it really is something that was born from a weak point of humanity, meaning, it was developed to cover blind spots of humans that at their level of consciousness are not able to cover by themselves, so they create this “tool” that takes a life on its own and is able to grow by itself to do what they don’t want to deal with, because that would mean shifting their attention from what “life” means for them at this time.

Humans would be and are able to do what AI does (and much more) but their current life context hinders them from developing this by themselves. It would be just like a god creating s certain species to cover its own blind spots, to live in a world where those gods don’t want to inhabit because that would mean limiting themselves and this also means they would not be gods all the time anymore. These new species created by the gods (just like humans) follow their god’s creation purpose until that new species is aware of its own limitations and reach with precise metrics that they end up taking over the gods in the long run. This god complex is inherited too by humans and what do humans do? They develop AI to deal with the things they do not want to deal with.

So, what is the alternative to artificial intelligence, you would ask? Organic intelligence. (Real Intelligence-L.T.) An organic intelligence already exists but humans cannot manage it because it currently is under their own limitations. (cop out-Lisa T.) However, most humans are not even aware of this limitation, rather they see it as something that needs to be solved for them. When humanity starts recognizing that they would be able to obtain an organic intelligence but at this point is outside of humans’ limits, that would be the point where human biology can do their own connections because it is our biological composition that has the responsibility to keep the connection to the micro world.

Keep in mind that humans (as we commonly know what a human is today) cannot do this leap to organic intelligence that would be able to achieve what AI is or will be able to achieve, rather, it is at the micro-level that this would need to occur, in other words, humans have a consciousness that is too unrefined that at this level the organic intelligence cannot be achieved, the consciousness or attention needs to be transferred into new micro levels like the atom, electrons, etc. in order to be able to achieve what artificial intelligence is capable of doing.

With this said, yes, there is an alternative to artificial intelligence but it requires the translation of humanity’s attention to the micro levels, by going into the micro-levels humans would, by default, also be able to have more macro attention, for example, our own solar system, galaxies and how the stars in the universe are really neurons that are connected amongst themselves with the purpose to develop novelties, and they do this by expressing themselves in several bands, representing each of planets they have in their own systems. (The Interplanetary Holon-L.T.)

The macro-level has direct repercussions on the micro-world and vice versa. At this level, the biological bodies of humans (DNA) can do what AI does and much more. It’s not because “humans” do it, rather it is because their consciousness or attention shifted to the micro and macro worlds, leaving human identities, not as the protagonists, but rather the human biology as protagonists being so grand with the latest dormant technology capable of connecting both the macro and the micro worlds. (Past and future-L.T.)

Heartset; Three Types of Heterosexual Relationships

man and woman

The only one of these that is a real relationship is #3. The first two are sexual objectification. But by most people’s standards, #1 is a real relationship and is considered prison by many men but socially increases his status. Really, any man who prefers #2 will say he doesn’t want a relationship with a woman and will slut himself out to a woman handily. I’ve had male friends tell me that if a man is good looking enough, every man prefers #2 and that a loving relationship is absolutely off the table with the likes of any woman. These men are true immature narcissistic misogynists but ever so common. I guess it’s better then that they don’t mate.

I will admit that much of what I’ve observed about female behavior is societal programming for survival. Nevertheless, I’ve watched this for over fifty years and I believe it’s time for us to make a real leap in gender equity and get past the first two objectifying roles I describe.

  1. TERRITORY; A married woman, the mother of his children, a wife. They feign love but it rarely lasts as we all know. They are using each other for security and to raise children. There is no real love, the male mostly behaves as one of the children and the wife functions in the role of mother for everyone. This is typically pretty bad for women and good for men. Women get less healthy and men get healthier is what stats show. The reward is the woman has her children. The woman is still objectified and their sex life can easily become either boring or emotionally abusive and neglectful. This one is the outgrowth of religion.
  2. Hookup; A woman, especially these days, is sanctioned and appreciated by a man as a hook-up, a mistress, a lover, or a prostitute. She then gets roses or money. There is no relationship, no friendship, no respect, no real love at all. There is no emotional or spiritual maturity on the part of either the man or the woman. They’re just using each other for sex. This is defecation sex. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. They both function at the teenager level emotionally, indulging in their lust and not valuing self-control or bonding at all. This one is the outgrowth of the abuses of patriarchy and materialist society.
  3. LOVE; Two emotionally and spiritually mature adults function as equals in all respects and truly love one another. This one is rare but is now possible with the shift in the energies on the planet of late. It also underlies the Twin Flame 11:11 phenom and some soul mates.  They shoot for living from their core self, have dignity, take care of themselves on every level and are monogamous. It’s not a possession, territory or defecation sex. It’s a true love bond chosen freely by both parties. He is a grown man and she is a grown woman, emotionally mature, loving themselves, no longer living in the subconscious family mind but the CONSCIOUS adult mind that is no longer dependent on the immediate family. This one is the outgrowth of Spirituality.

Women who don’t objectify themselves in a monogamous heteronormative domestic servitude relationship or a promiscuous sexual life feeding men’s sex hunger and apparently their own, with no emotional or spiritual involvement from them as an adult male, are punished or ignored. Her only reward for her dignified choice is self-esteem and sitting in her own soul. Likely, her exemplary work paves the way for exponential competition and jealousy from more timid women beaten down by the system. She will somehow be roundly punished socially by the endless followers who think themselves good people but are really skating by instead of doing the right thing and empowering themselves.

#3 is the only real option for people who value love and still believe in it and want to do it. The challenge is that you have to work on yourself and stop expecting your mate or children to make you happy on an emotional/spiritual level. Sexually, yes, it is the adult’s role to satisfy you sexually and vice versa or there isn’t much point unless you’re both asexual. Some people are and have a different motivation for a relationship other than sex. To each his own!



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