What We Know About the Flying Objects Shot Down Over North America


We’re not going back to the way it was. We are not going back.”

Harry Petsanis, Yellow 10 Seed on the phone yesterday.

Look at the map. Which time portals are these folks? White Dog, Blue Monkey, Yellow Human diagonal LINE, the HF that we’re in right now that pulses to HF33.

  • 60°N–165°E White Dog Portal
  • 30°N–150°W Blue Monkey Portal
  • Equator–105°West Yellow Human Portal

These are 4D TIME PORTALS, not 3D, but the Chinese are the source of the I CHING through Fu Xi. They understand time to some extent but probably not like our U.S. military or the Germans in particular. They are all cooperating, I believe.

They are trying to disrupt our Helpers from securing the new time spiral THAT IS IN OUR FAVOR.

Live Feed on Twitter Regarding Chinese Intervening in our Skies

I listened for about an hour, ⁹but it was mostly drama from male authorities who were speculating and hand wringing. They were very irrational responses based on speculation and denial about how long all world governments have been dealing with UFOs. They are real and not balloons!

Also, all of the sources cited are MSM, so not to be trusted. And it’s 99% men dominating as authority. What a joke.

These so-called authorities are still whipped by the Feds and MSM. So… we all need to use our own intuition right now.

The majority of shootdowns have been over Lake Michigan and Lake Huron by our military. The vibe here in Michigan is very good today, and I’m holding sacred space for all I’ve blogged on for the last four days before any of this happened with China. Our helpers ARE securing the new timeline FOR US, and those who can not take the ascension energies over the next year or two will struggle or leave. I and thousands of others have been teaching now for 3 years, so you’ve had a heads-up.

My inuition is that the Watchers are securing our new timelines for ascension in the cosmic grid that bridges 3D and 4D, and the Chinese are trying to sabotage it, possibly with U.S. government, C@#$% complicit with them as the C…. is global. They are Satanic and will not succeed.

🙏 Lisa T.

Gordon Chang on Virus Explosion in China, Xi Jinping Losing Control, and CCP Gearing Up for War


Psycho-cultural impact of the the new solar cycle 25. Remember, HUMAN EVOLUTION changes the Sun. The sun then gears up and responds to the entire collective of the biosphere.

Can we control our own evolution as an individual? You bet! That’s the purpose of this blog and everything I write. It’s epigenetic. Whoever controls your mind controls your time which is your body.

Let’s hope it’s you steering your ship. 💜✌️☝️👍💪🙏. If everyone pivoted we’d be in good shape.

COVID-19 May Have Been Connected to China’s Bioweapons Program: GOP Report

It certainly was a bioweapon. Dr. Chavez contended from the beginning that it was an artificial virus. The posts are on here. He was a lone voice in the wilderness at that point.

He’s not picking up my calls so I don’t know his status. Poor guy.😔

The posts are popping up as Related below. Cool.


White House Responds After Protests Erupt Across China Over ‘Zero-COVID’ Rules

White House Responds After Protests Erupt Across China Over ‘Zero-COVID’ Rules.


Ok, but why are there still mask policies in the U.S. and people STILL talking about itand wearing them?. And healthcare offices are the only ones still mandating mask wearing? As though a virus would only live there and a paper mask would stop it. Some humans are bizarre.

It has nothing to do with a virus and everything to do with control and intimidation of humans who are evolving forward and waking up.

The E.T. Are Heavily Monitoring Countries With Nukes

I feel it very strongly. They are enforcing the agreement with the Earth Keepers that was agreed to when humans came here as refugees from Maldek. I believe this tension between the government, their people, and the E.T. are raising the Schumann Resonance.

No nuclear weapons allowed again. The GGLN (Global Galactic League of Nations) has the authority to shut them down to protect the Cosmic Web. They’ve already done it previously.

Frankly, most G7 countries have no reason for being on earth if they can’t play with their bombs, decimate the planet, enslave the human race, eat humans as Reptilian snack, and turn it into a machine world. I think it’s time for them to leave so we can clean things up and have a life…WITHOUT THEM.

Ciao baby…anytime now.

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