True Time Update for Monday, 4Earth

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

Professor Dumbledore in Harry Potter
We manifest and self-exist within THIS energy. It’s easy to feel when you meditate for just 15 minutes a day.

We are on a 4~10 pulse in the magnetosphere Psi bank; self-existing to manifestation. When we dream, we are self-existing in awareness of ourselves and our unique contribution to Earth as opposed to following what everyone else is doing. Then we need to magically manifest in the spacetime matrix and jump the hoops. It’s a game down here. The more we use our gifts and empowerment, the more we can have fun and be of service to others. I know most people say “No thanks” and skate. It’s more dangerous than going your own way.

The frequencies of the tones of creation are above the radiation belts around the ionosphere and are a large part of programming our evolutionary matrix.

We begin a new HF5 today, a resonant matrix as we move to Yellow 7 Sun over 4 days to Thursday. We are self-regulating the universal fire of attunement. Meaning, much of what I said above, and resonance is observing synchronicity. Just search on that word on the home page if you don’t understand. When you pay attention to the magic of events and people in the matrix you start to see and feel when you fit in and there is no need to follow or vampire off of others energy.

This is IChing28; Preponderance of the great/Critical Mass. We’re on the CA, past to present strand of the DNA, Ancient History. Preponderance means thinking and dreaming ahead, into the future regarding what we want that is better and more just and humane than the current situation. That’s not a stretch!

Critical Mass means the tipping point at which the majority of humanity and all sentient DNA decides on something, and events will skew in our favor. Remember that E=mc2. Mass times the speed of light squared is energy. Mass is not 3D!!! Billboard on the Interstate! Mass is energy, which is thoughts, feelings, intentions, the truth of each individual mind regarding how they feel and what they want. It sets our frequency. That’s what WEIGHT is. Frequency. Someone small and skinny can weigh 200 pounds or more because of their frequency, so don’t weigh yourself. People are not about their size but their gravitas or gravity. It’s a psyop, like so many things on Earth. It creates the world the way it is. It’s vital that we do not follow governments or elites but add into the pool of humanity who we are.

We are mediated in time by 4Uranus, Mars, Earth, and 10 Jupiter
  • All Zodiac SignsVenus forms a trine to Pluto this morning, and we can feel pleasantly passionate and focused on a person, situation, connection, or project. The need to share or enjoy life on more profound levels is strong. This influence helps us connect with what we most love and cherish. We might narrow our focus to our advantage under this influence. We seek to grow, improve, or develop our attachments. Recognizing the value of patience, we’re more strategic and likely to gain new insight into business and personal relationships.
  • A Mercury-Neptune trine also in play today encourages us to tap into our imagination. With this transit, we more readily tune into and respond to our hunches. We may easily sense others’ thoughts and feelings, and our words, musings, and ideas can be more imaginative and colorful, subtle, or creative. We experience a sense of knowing and understanding with minimal explanation or instruction. While we may not be direct or definite under this influence, we see the way around obstacles. This transit favors photography, the arts, poetry, fiction, spirituality, advertising, and promotion.
  • The Moon is void from 2:25 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Mercury), until the Moon enters Virgo at 2:39 PM EST.


Frequency of 8.21hz alpha to start the day and a decent amp for the tone. Off and running.

5GForce for Meditation

I perfect in order to dream. Producing intuition I seal the input of abundance with the planetary tone of manifestation. I am guided by the power of magic

Kin23-Blue 10 Night

How to Choose the Multidimensional 13,000 Year Timeline

You have 12 energy bodies. The flesh is just one.

First of all, make sure you really want to be here and remain alive. Some who have been through major trauma and feel like others dominate them, like mates, parents, jobs, the military, and bossy E.T. ancestors…have a death wish.

What I would suggest is they actually have a self-empowerment wish but they’ve given so much over in their past that they’ve lost their inner compass just from habit.

I’ll be direct as usual. You have to let that shit go and rampage your passion and express it. Even if it comes out crazy and negative at first, view it as food poisoning. You have to throw up negative feelings and experiences about yourself and your time on earth.

We have great potential for good and creativity as a collective. Even J.C. said, “You will do greater things than me”. No one talks about that. It’s scary to rumble with God bc you’ll probably screw up. Then you are forgiven! Once you open your heart to love and LOVE YOURSELF as a child of God you can’t lose that love. This awareness can heal and align universal mistakes, and there have been a pile of universe actor mistakes that were supposed to be helping us.

Letting A.I. in to this dimension was a big one and the Reptilians are experiencing that karma now. They’re losing their souls and their species may end. They crave human DNA that is filled with Source, our Creator. It’s very sad and I wonder what can be done. They helped seed humans and their DNA is in us.

To align with the 13 timeline, RECEIVE into yourself all you need and crave but don’t believe you deserve or can have. This is the divine feminine energy that is in all humans. The receptive principle is female. The opposite is TAKING energy or vampiring out of lack. This energy tends to dominate the planet bc of the cabal. Well f… them. I’m sick of thinking and talking about a bunch of insane losers who don’t believe in anything but their own evil and how to get freaky with zombies.They need to leave this planet now with their B.S. and get some deep healing elsewhere.

We live in an abundant universe not a poor one. “ASK and you will receive.” Don’t ask and say, “No. this is stupid. I don’t feel that in my core nor do I believe it.” Then it won’t come to you bc you said so. Make up your mind!

Stop following 12:60 based mainstream media, science, politics, religion, crappy art that is dark and psychotic, portrays women as dark wiccans and men as fools. Sell stuff you don’t use or need or give it away. Get your house organized, make it beautiful to your taste.

We have to help and heal ourselves! This is our test now! We are the authority with God in us. Of course we have others for support but they’re not going to do it for us nor can they. We’re not helpless babies.

That’s just a start. I’ll stop there for today. Take charge of your time, your mind, your focus and your body or the dark actors who have a death wish will do it for you. It’s unnecessary.

August 9-12 is the Bridge to 13:20. It’s Harmonic 34

It starts with Red 3 Electric Skywalker which is today. It moves to White 4 Self-Existing Wizard, then Blue 5 Overtone Eagle and finishes with Yellow 6 Rhythmic Warrior.

On August 13, Red 7 RESONANT Earth we are fully a resonant earth and have crossed the bridge. We will sit in 7 Phenylalanine, 7 Glycine, 7 Methionine, 7 Isoleuicine and 7 Valine

Today we activate in order to explore and serve in a new area. We have to have our radar on to navigate this new territory. The next day we need to assess the situation and make sure we can receive what we need in meditation or channeling to get our work done. We then get to use our radiant vision to create and have full control of a focused mind knowing that abundance is the norm, not lack. And before the gate is fully closed, it’s time to pack, get organized and have no fear knowing that our intelligence will ensure the equality we have been lacking but is now possible on the planet.

Before the GATE CLOSES on this 26,000 year DREAMSPELL we have double energy to navigate this new land in a NEW BODY and NEW MIND that is from our Higher Self, our own souls, not the one that was given to us. This one is of our choosing.

There is the STAR SIRIUS calling us closer.
Earth Tribe, Hand Tribe, Sun Tribe, Star Tribe, Dog Tribe. All 20 Tribes of the Tzolkin and all 20 Amino Acids spinning up our DNA exist in ORDER TO LOVE.

And with that, by this Wednesday we resonate on a New Earth and know how to daily BRING IN And LISTEN to information from Spirit in order to EVOLVE. It inspires synchronicity which is the NORM in the Matrix. We know where we’re going now because we are attuned to the situation. And lo and behold, we ARE GUIDED BY OUR FEELINGS, Universal water and flow because in this sector of the galaxy, we have something called a SOUL, PASSION and EMOTIONS that don’t control us but guide us to a brighter, more creative choice. Humans are unique because we have such strong feeling guided by Love and an open Heart. Let it be so.

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