You Can Search on Magnetic Tone 1 or Tone 1 or Any Other Tone

If you want to know more about your Creative Tone or someone else’s you can search on that two different ways as well. I just did it and post came up chronologically correct when I searched on “Magnetic Tone 1”. You’ll get older post if you search on “Tone 1”.

We begin a new 13-day cycle today so the vibe of Tone 1 is distinct. For one, the ScR is going up again which it hasn’t done for 3-4 months.

Search on the Word Music to Bring up What I’ve Posted

It’s not listed in Intuitive categories but my guess is I’ve used the music category about 30 times in two years.

Actually, I just scrolled through and saw 55 music videos and wasn’t at the end. So…great stuff.

Music is powerful. Sound creates a frequency of LIGHT. Remember that as you choose music that opens your heart and helps you FORGIVE.

The pop music industry is c+×÷=/ folks. They subvert the constructive power of SOUND to enslave us. It’s toxic garbage. Be careful what you listen to if it’s ego, money, violence and sexual usage.

That noise will bring about the solar flash and kills souls.

There Will End Up Being 675 Daily Reading Posts

I’m almost done categorizing. The most accurate way to search on diverse information on your tribe is to type in your amino acid. I’m noticing that Word Press isn’t computing “Red 8 Moon” very well, and not the edits to the images I’ve made, even though I’ve categorized and tagged it properly.

So, for instance, if you are Red Moon (today) or interested in Red Moon, search on Methionine and you should see posts from 2020 until now. I only have 60 posts to go. I’ve bothered to keep these for your benefit so you can see how the changing tones change the day for your tribe. It’s worth knowing. You are affected by all 13 tones on your tribe day.

If you were born Yellow Sun or Red Moon you begin and end RNA sequences for the entire human race. You are a different kind of kin, mediated by Pluto and Mercury, very fluctuating, communication oriented planets. Mercury remains mysterious to me.

  • Yellow Sun-Stop Codon
  • Red Dragon-Cysteine
  • White Wind-Glycine
  • Blue Night-Alanine
  • Yellow Seed-Valine
  • Red Serpent-Serine
  • White World Bridger-Threonine
  • Blue Hand-Isoleucine
  • Yellow Star-Leucine
  • Red Moon-Methionine (Start Codon)
  • White Dog-Aspartic Acid
  • Blue Monkey-Asparagine
  • Yellow Human-Glutamic Acid
  • Red Skywalker-Glutamine
  • White Wizard-Lysine
  • Blue Eagle-Arganine
  • Yellow Warrior-Histidine
  • Red Earth-Phenylalanine
  • White Mirror-Tyrosine
  • Blue Storm-Tryptophan-Sub Stop Codon (just type in the A.A.)
  • Proline-Sub Stop Codon (not a tribe but I’ve blogged on it)

There are Two New Categories that have Popped up for Searching

The Covid 19 category is super informative, scientific, Dr. Chavez focused, an interesting timeline review, and extremely depressing for me to look at. I had to stop.

I’m convinced this has been about injecting humans with nanotech, not a virus. Although according to Corey, the purpose of virsuses is to mutate our RNA. In the Urantia Book they say they regret that evolutionary decision.

Simply, there is a lot of money to be made by the c@#$% by working with the ICC to cram A.I. down our throats. They will signally fail.

And the guys who did the interview today on Collective Evolution need to be told that scamdemic has been hatched by the c$%^& since 2009.

The second category is Michael Salla. I’m pretty sure he is on the right side of things, partially.

I Will Be Creating a Stand Alone Site and Leaving Word Press

I’ve already spoken with my Site manager. The site address will remain the same. We just have to transfer the DNS.

They are failing at pulling up requested posts by category when typed into the search box. That is very basic and not acceptable.

And I think you should see ALL OF MY CATEGORIES by clicking on something, not just their intuitive ones which allows them to send you, via algorithms, to wherever they want, to see what they want you to see.

They don’t want to you to see the deeper layers of my site. Yeah, that’s not the nature of my subject matter unlike most blogs on here.

Onward hopefully this week.

The Mayan Daily Readings in Categories

They are really lining up chronologically quite nicely now, all the way to February 2022. I’m almost done with the year. Then on to 2021.

It’s incredible to scroll through and see how phenomenally high the Scumann Resonance became and then dropped below 8 after October 5, 2022. You can see it with your own eyes.

We live in an MSM world where only today exists. Then you can never reference what came before. They help erase your memory daily of natural processes. Not good. So don’t watch it or respect it. It’s not our Source of Truth folks.

My posts help you REMEMBER your body and how it changes with the earth.

I’m So Sorry.

I can’t apologize enough for being remiss on setting categories for my 2500 posts. Lesson learned. Sheesh. I’m not perfect.

My brain gets on fire writing and I just keep writing. Much of this info. is important for you to understand what is happening. Please look at the new categories that have come up. And they are chronological.

The Mayan Daily Readings are not all there yet in order. They have tidbits of other info. too And you can search on your specific gateway or someone else’s. I’m almost done with 2022.

Intuitive Categories Updated

I just programmed the site to allow for expanded amounts of intuitive categories so other important ones are coming up. It also appears you can search on Mayan Daily Reading per the year like 2021 and 2020.

Bear in mind I’ve only categorized to March 2022 so far. I still have over 1000 to do.

Updated Home Page

I just added a Search Box on the Home Page under Intuitive Categories so you can use it to search the main categories. I’m tagging everything too by general subject. I also just read that Word Press is updating the site on Nov. 1 which is this coming Tuesday. The intuitive category numbers are not updating as I fix them!

If you type “podcast” in the search box they come up chronologically.

If you type “covid19” in the box you will see all the posts I did in communication with Dr. Chavez when chaos and control was let loose, dating back to May2020 which was when he was in his lab, pre-stroke. These are some meaty posts.

As I use the search box, it looks at the words ON THE POST first before it looks at the category. Sheesh. That may change once the intuitive categories updates. So, to see the Mayan Daily Post in order search on “Daily Reading”.

This blog should function as a library for you. And no one else is approaching Time as DNA as the Mayans have suggested, as I am, so it is important for the future of science and health, which are both collapsing at the moment. The void needs to be filled with empowerment for humans.

The main categories are:

  • Daily Reading
  • Mayan Daily Reading
  • Podcast
  • Youtube
  • Public Figure Birth Gateway
  • Tzolkin Matrix Analysis
  • Propaganda
  • Corey Goode
  • Ascension
  • Earth Changes
  • Timelines
  • Light Body
  • Science
  • Schumann Resonance
  • Synchronicity
  • Lisa’s Predictions and Visions
  • Gender Disparity
  • Gender Balance
  • Astrology
  • Astronomy
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • E.T.
  • Empowerment
  • United States
  • Intuition

Holistic Health posts can be found on my other blog at

There are about 2500 posts just on this blog. The ones above are just for the Mayan posts. Before that I posted on relationships, men, women, etc. Gender balance is a huge part of ascension and balancing the light body so it is appropriate. I hope everyone is practicing that in their lives.

Categorizing and Tagging

This is turning out to be a big job but I want all of my 2500 posts and information accessible to you. I wish you had a search box right on the home page but instead Word Press gives you intuitive categories that dominate my posts.

To that end I will make sure that all the posts over the last three years are categorized with one of these. Then they will come up chronologically.

  • Mayan Daily Reading
  • Podcast
  • You Tube
  • Public Figure Birth Gateway
  • Propaganda
  • Tzolkin Matrix Analysis (nerdy)
  • Ascension
  • Timelines
  • Light Body (tagged health)
  • Science (nerdy)
  • Schumann Resonance (which are posted daily and alone)
  • Gender Balance

Then I will tag based on the subject matter.

From 2013 to 2018 I posted on relationships which is already a main category. There is also a lot of prose also which may need a category later. I guess I haven’t gotten that book published yet. I have it on my hard drive. There are nine years of posts on here.

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