You Can Search on Magnetic Tone 1 or Tone 1 or Any Other Tone

If you want to know more about your Creative Tone or someone else’s you can search on that two different ways as well. I just did it and post came up chronologically correct when I searched on “Magnetic Tone 1”. You’ll get older post if you search on “Tone 1”.

We begin a new 13-day cycle today so the vibe of Tone 1 is distinct. For one, the ScR is going up again which it hasn’t done for 3-4 months.

Search on the Word Music to Bring up What I’ve Posted

It’s not listed in Intuitive categories but my guess is I’ve used the music category about 30 times in two years.

Actually, I just scrolled through and saw 55 music videos and wasn’t at the end. So…great stuff.

Music is powerful. Sound creates a frequency of LIGHT. Remember that as you choose music that opens your heart and helps you FORGIVE.

The pop music industry is c+×÷=/ folks. They subvert the constructive power of SOUND to enslave us. It’s toxic garbage. Be careful what you listen to if it’s ego, money, violence and sexual usage.

That noise will bring about the solar flash and kills souls.

Intuitive Categories Updated

I just programmed the site to allow for expanded amounts of intuitive categories so other important ones are coming up. It also appears you can search on Mayan Daily Reading per the year like 2021 and 2020.

Bear in mind I’ve only categorized to March 2022 so far. I still have over 1000 to do.

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