Synchronicity and a Big Sliver

My right hand and the huge sliver that entered it last night. You can see the red line to the right and the big vein it missed.

I was walking up the stairs of my 100 year old house and put my hand on the painted wood, thick rail when I felt this go into my hand.

Mind you, yesterday I asked the universe to move things along waking up my right fire hand that has a bit of neuropathy from my neck injury.

This is what I got…like natural acupuncture which stimulates QI to move. It didn’t really hurt but was like…wth?

I always remain calm during physical events. I don’t know why. I didn’t turn the light on for the stairs because I didn’t want to see it IN my hand and freak out. Instead I felt the end of it and got a good hold of it, thinking decisively.

It was so big, I knew if I pulled it out very slowly and remained calm it would come out in one piece and not hurt me. I succeeded and just put Neosporin on it. My hand is feeling more alive.

That’s earth. Sometimes our bodies and brains need an injury or a jolt to heal and evolve. This is not a cakewalk planet. It’s rough and tumble so just remain calm and slowly pull that sword out of your chest that didn’t hit an organ and put heavy compression on it. Lololol.

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