Kulldorff ‘Not Surprised’ About Having Been Censored by Twitter, Says Trust in Science Has Been Undermined

Last I checked he was with Brownstone Institute. I feel like dropping off the planet bc of this crap so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on sabbatical.

Dr. Kulldorff is pretty much a heavyweight warrior so I liked his work. He is a straight but I don’t reject people who aren’t like me. Modern science is useful if not altogether correct. It’s just not always right because of the lack of Intuition and respect for ancient ways. Anybody who knows better is censored now.


Jaw Drop…Must Read. Infringement of Civil Rights and Unconstitutional

Now I have to think about what I would say if they tried to pull me over and start wasting my time asking me ILLEGAL questions.

  • 1-How to hold my temper and plead the Fifth. Not tell him anything.
  • 2-I need to have a lawyers phone number ready to sue the pants off of the airport and HSA or both.
  • 3-have the phone numbers ready to call local media and make a huge stink about it so Americans know this could happen to them at the airport.

My info. is easily found on the internet as well and I don’t hide much as my readers know. I have a clean record. It’s not illegal to be a mouthy, smart woman…or is it? Tough. BUT, if they dared to waste my time harassing me in public that is another issue, especially in the name of a Federal Government Agency.

Hippocratic vs. Technocratic Medicine From Brownstone Institute

Hippocratic Medicine is Holistic or Natural Medicine

Source LINK: Hippocratic vs. Technocratic Medicine

“A recent pre-print study in the medical journal The Lancet found that the mRNA vaccines showed no net benefit for all-cause mortality.

Furthermore, CDC data, as well as data provided by life insurance companies stratified by age, showed a 40 percent rise in all-cause mortality among working-age adults (18- to 64-year-olds) in 2021 during the mass vaccination campaign, as compared to the previous five-year baseline. To put this into context, actuaries tell us that a 10 percent rise in all-cause mortality is a once in 200-year disastrous event. The United States didn’t see this kind of spike even during World War II. When age groups were further stratified, life insurance mortality in quarter three of 2021 during the mass vaccination campaign showed even more alarming excess-mortality statistics among middle-aged adults:

  • 81% increase for 25- to 34-year-olds
  • 117% for 35- to 44-year-olds
  • 108% for 45- to 54-year-olds
  • 70% for 55- to 64-year-olds.
  • The mRNA vaccines produced no net mortality benefits for the population.”

Do read the article but the scientist they quote is obviously and A.I. Prophet.-Lisa T.

“According to advocates, this was merely an early experiment for these genetic therapies (one cannot plausibly call them vaccines any longer, even with the CDC changing its definition of vaccine last year to accommodate these products).

Jamie Metzl recently published an article in Newsweek on the future of mRNA technologies with the headline, “Miraculous mRNA Vaccines Are Only the Beginning.” Metzl claims that these vaccines offer an “early look at how the miraculous tools of the genetics revolution will transform our health care and our world over the coming years.” We now have powers to hack our DNA, he opines, and “the new vaccines are perfect early examples of this ‘godlike technology.’” (Emphasis mine.)

These are his words, not mine. Metzl explains, “The vaccines, in essence, transform our bodies into personalized manufacturing plants producing an otherwise foreign object to trigger our natural immune response.” The possibilities are endless, he waxes: “This approach will soon create a whole new platform for fighting cancers and other diseases, as well as for providing enhancements even more profound than vaccination.”

While these transformations were well underway before the pandemic, COVID “supercharged the genetics revolution,” which “will soon touch our lives ever more intimately.” This revolution will include not just enormous advances in agriculture, industry, and medicine, it will also “recast our evolutionary trajectory as a species.”

This is a Drowning, Via Science, of the Covid Narrative That Human DNA is Ineffective in Responding to the Virus. It IS Effective.



Yesterday we had an unnerving experience. Martin Kulldorff has for many months faced takedowns of particular posts at LinkedIn, just as many dissidents against lockdowns and mandates have. But this was different: the platform deleted his entire profile, including his April 10, 2020, posting that was an important part of the history of our time. (They blocked and deleted me too and would not let me back on-Lisa T.)

Having confirmed that the deletion was real and not merely a technical failure, within a few hours, Brownstone published a piece on the topic. The article went viral and was shared all over social media, along with outrage that this could happen to such an esteemed scientist. Within a few hours following that protest, the profile was restored. (social pressure and support that I do not have as a female Lightworker, especially not from academia-Lisa T.)

We cannot prove Brownstone’s role here. As is typical of such cases, people at the company are not forthcoming about precisely what happened. Regardless, to the extent that Brownstone was there not only to provide access to his old postings but also to provide a visible protest is highly fortunate. Undoubtedly many others who have been tossed off this and other platforms are not so lucky. 

The end result we know: such arbitrary behavior leads to self censorship. That’s the idea: to limit the range of debate so that the rulers always maintain the upper hand. Brownstone has become an essential independent voice in such times. 

What follows are some postings this week. 

Kulldorff Deleted: Famed Epidemiologist and Early Opponent of Lockdowns Banned by LinkedIn BY JEFFREY A. TUCKER.   Things are changing fast. The history is being rewritten. It seems designed to whitewash the lockdowns, pretending as if there was never any credible opposition. Great scientists are being made to disappear before our eyes.

It Was All There in the EUA. Why Couldn’t They See it?  BY THOMAS HARRINGTON. In a world where, to paraphrase Zygmunt Bauman, all is liquid and most are driven by the search for fleeting sensations, and where establishing a personal hermeneutic through reading and contemplation is considered quaintly quixotic when not impossible, the mutterings of the authority figure nearby take on an enhanced attraction.

CNN Loves Weathervane Pandemic Pundits BY VINAY PRASAD. Weathervanes have no historical perspective of medicine. They are among the first to call for censorship because they are incapable of rebuttal. I doubt many of them even listened to the Joe Rogan episodes they want to suppress. Among those who listened, I doubt many can accurately summarize what was right, wrong and what remains gray.

Lockdowns Did Not Save Lives, Concludes Meta-analysis BY JOAKIM BOOK. The authors are pretty severe in their final conclusions. Lockdowns didn’t meaningfully reduce Covid-19 mortalities: “the effect is little to none.”

Justin Trudeau Ducks the Great Trucker Revolt BY JEFFREY A. TUCKER. This is the largest and latest example of the revolt and one that could make the biggest difference yet. But it is only one sign among many that the ruling elites in most countries have overplayed their hand. They have arrogantly imposed their plans for everyone else based on the opinions of only a few and without real consultation with experts with differences of opinion or with the people whose lives have been profoundly affected by the pandemic response. 

The Covid Narrative Falls Apart in South Africa BY SCOTT MOREFIELD. The sad, tragic fact is that their measures, from lockdowns to masks to even vaccine mandates, have done little to nothing to curb the spread of this highly contagious respiratory virus, and taken as a whole they’ve likely done more harm than good. 

First We Must Grieve BY JULIE BIRKY.  We need time and space to mourn the loss of hope we had and plans we made, of businesses closed, of church groups no longer meeting, of relationships with co-workers we won’t get back, of trust in institutions, and of our previous understanding of health. Parents, grandparents, children, teens, and community members all need time to grieve for childhoods halted, rites of passage canceled, and celebrations skipped.

When Fauci Told the Truth about Masking BY IAN MILLER.  Fauci knew masks didn’t work to prevent illnesses like COVID. He knew that the evidence on masks hadn’t changed because one of his top employees confirmed that there was no positive impact from masking based on the gold standard of scientific research, randomized controlled trials.

The Reactionary Political Ethos of Lockdowns and Mandates BY JEFFREY A. TUCKER. We’ve lived through an enormous setback, pushed by reactionary elements among the ruling class, but it is likely a prequel to what comes next: a backlash against reaction and toward a new stage of progress. Cycles within cycles. Forces of centralization have had a field day, and a good run of it, but the forces of decentralization are fighting back again with good odds of regaining the narrative again. 

Bureaucrats Riding the Omicron Wave BY MICHAEL TRACEY. Repeat after me: Keep our community safe. Keep our campus safe. We will be safe if you all behave safely. Safety is our first priority. If you’re not with us, you’re with the virus. Still today, at places like Princeton, grievances can often only be aired in private about the constant dreary pronouncements from official authorities purporting to be so very concerned for your health and safety, yadda yadda yadda.

Ontario the Cruel BY LAURA ROSEN COHEN.  The children of Ontario are victims of nearly two solid years of psychologically and emotionally damaging messages emanating from public health officials and social media celebrity doctors about how dangerous they are to the people they love; that they are dirty disease carriers, that they could be ‘granny killers’ and inadvertently pass along a deadly virus to their loved ones. They could murder their grandparents! In turn, many Ontario parents have been rendered so utterly terrified about the exaggerated risks to their children from Covid-19 that they are now fully convinced that all children are a health risk to others. 

What I Saw at the DC Rally BY CLAYTON FOX. During one of the speeches, I can’t remember which, we were implored to turn to a neighbor, and give them a hug. After the first, most obvious hug in such a situation, people often stop, having fulfilled their social duty. But everyone it seemed was looking for a third, and a fourth, making up perhaps, for lost time.

The DC Rally and the Rise of the Resistance BY JEFFREY A. TUCKER. By long American tradition, protest movements manifest themselves most fully in gatherings in Washington, D.C, starting at the Washington Monument and culminating in speeches at the Lincoln Memorial. At long last, after two years of astonishing attacks on fundamental rights that most everyone once believed were protected by the U.S. Constitution, this happened today, January 23, 2022.

Covid Lockdowns Nearly Wrecked My Family and Millions of Others BY DAWN HOPKINS.    When the world shut down and snatched routine from our family, I did not have to be a genius to know the harm that would befall our family; the profound pain and hardship this would inflict on our family. Our family fell into deep despair, but no one cared. If we disagreed with the lockdown, we were grandma killers.

The Italian Government’s Attack on Italy BY JONAH LYNCH.  I do not see any reason to think that the Green Pass will lead to an enlightened age in the Bel Paese. On the contrary, it is rapidly producing a distressing fragmentation of society through the introduction of fear and government presence in all human relations, even the most basic.

The Emergency Must Be Ended, Now BY HARVEY RISCHJAYANTA BHATTACHARYAPAUL ELIAS ALEXANDER.  Americans have sacrificed enough of their human rights and of their livelihoods for two years in the service of protecting the general public health. Omicron is circulating but it is not an emergency. The emergency is over. The current emergency declaration must be canceled. It is time.

Early Outpatient Treatment for COVID-19: The Evidence BY PAUL ELIAS ALEXANDER.   The evidence accumulated very early on in the pandemic that the use of sequenced multi-drug therapeutics (SMDT) under physician guidance was beneficial and that some medications were safe and effective. We refer to repurposed therapeutics that have been regulatory approved and have been used in some instances for decades for other illnesses. 
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