How Brain Cells Communicate

Who sees the Tzolkin in there? Omg. The DNA and the patterns of its movement are the Tzolkin. Binary, radial, cooperative, and more. All the attributes of the Tones of Creation are there.

It’s not just brain cells! All of our cells work similar or exact which means our MINDS are in every cell of our bodies which holistics have said forever. Who is listening?

It’s Crunch Time Folks for Our Brains, Our Eyes, and Our Minds as we Are Ascending. The CNS is on Stage, the Axis of the Eternal Present IN OUR BODIES

Our Universe Hears our Thoughts and Feelings.

This is head-focused.

Be super circumspect, meaning;

  • Take brain supplements like Fish Oil, Evening Primrose, Bilberry, and LUTEIN!! I use Ocuvite.
  • Get your eyes checked. Our vision is going to change. It happens in the occipital lobe of the brain which is right behind the PINEAL GLAND. That has to be spinning now. Covid changes the occipital lobe and covid continues to mutate. It’s just a virus and is not going away. Everybody’s vision changes but how many people realize it’s because their brains change. Your eyes are ONE with your brain. The doc said that Covid has been shown to cause small blood clots and small strokes. My guides at the time, in 2019, told me that it opens the pineal gland to stimulate changes in the occipital lobe.
  • Nix any negative emotion. Don’t fight with anyone. That has absolutely been shown to affect the brain, caused by the mind obviously. Turn off the T.V. and keep media to a minimum. Live in peace.
  • Get some Sound Medicine alignment and Reiki alignment. I do so much of it in my office and people really benefit from it. I’m busy. We all have to uplevel our 12 chakras with Sound Medicine and meditation. It’s not really a choice if you want to stay on the planet and survive end-times madness.
  • Don’t hesitate to get counseling talk therapy if psychologically you’re in too much fear and anxiety. Prayer is great for that as well. J.C. is always with us.
  • Do your best to nix alcohol and cigarettes unless you have a plan to go out in a blaze of addiction glory. I’m not judging, at all. Anyone is free to leave in any way they want with no judgment.
  • Ascension is a literal physical event. Changes are going to happen in the body. Just stay calm and breathe. Drink a lot of water and rest.

Observe How Your Brain Feels on High ScR Days

Today the ScR frequency is 8 which is normal and my head feels great. I feel very happy, energetic, no pain, no brain fog. I was a zombie when it was 60. However, late this afternoon it went up to 17 and although I’m fine, I feel rebellious toward human error and seek to avoid it.

The S.R. frequency has only recently intermittently shot up, maybe in the last ten years. So for those of us who are over 50 and spent our entire lives at S.R. 8, our bodies will struggle to adapt to the high numbers. This is interesting from an evolutionary standpoint because the kids and 20-somethings just chug along and aren’t even affected by these epic frequencies. They came to the planet to help humans ascend in consciousness, especially the millennials who many adults like to criticize.

If you are older and want to stay on the planet for the next 40 years I recommend you adapt to the young people in mind and body and stay positive in attitude toward them.

Neither mind or body have any limits. My son does listen to some of my wisdom which is just common sense to our generation but what comes out of his mouth as far as wisdom silences me. Me…silent. He and his friends have never been any different. Just be supportive of your young adults and listen to them.

Re-Program; Moving from Subconscious to Conscious Mind


Please read this short article.

From the Old Brain to The New Brain

Some of the scientists who study the brain (neuroscientists, behavioral psychologists, etc.) believe the vagus nerve or spindle neurons that connect the prefrontal cortex (new brain) to the insula (old brain) may be the communication superhighway that links the conscious (new brain) to the subconscious (old brain). The subconscious brain may be using this very superhighway to communicate intuition, gut feelings and insight (aha moments) to the conscious brain.”-Thomas C. Corley

The latest neuroscience is investigating and talking about the “new brain” or the “conscious brain”. Humanity has been sitting in and using the subconscious mind for most of our existence (1 million years). The subconscious mind comes from parents, family, town, local provincial environment.  It has totally helped us survive in a tribal world that expects certain behaviors. All of our institutions have grown up around it. It’s a sponge, defines our local reality, and is subjective. There is nothing objective or conscious of the subconscious mind!  It pretty much defines brainwashing and most people’s reality on earth!  But in the case of the evolving brain, that’s a good thing.  You have to understand and be able to get on with the locals to survive. Consciousness doesn’t happen overnight. 

But, as we can see by how pluralistic and expressive all people the world over are becoming and boundaries morphing, we see symptoms of humanity moving into the new brain or the conscious mind.  It is just now occurring. Technology linking everyone is sort of the “leg up” here.  We are starting to have unity of mind.  That will morph too as our reality moves into the conscious mind and we express ourselves as individuals who are inter-dependent.

Many that have been working in the holistic, spirituality, or paradigm shift movement have predicted this change since the 1970s, and have been experiencing events that are indicative of moving INTUITION in particular from the subconscious mind to living and manifesting in the conscious mind. The hippies started it. Most of my adult life (35 years from ages 20-54) has been defined by using my intuition IN my conscious mind and pushing my subconscious mind to the background.  That is not usual but that’s what I did. The proof is in my new book “Healer”.  There is no way I would have been able to overstep subconsciously created, “reality-based” events that were foisted on me if I was not residing in my conscious mind.  The Universe had my back and I was cared for.

While it may be true that all thoughts originate in the provincial subconscious mind, those of us that have not accepted our upbringing as the totality of reality, didn’t like or agree with our upbringing, or felt our upbringing fell far short of real love, want to move quickly into our conscious brain, or “new brain” because we’re happier and feel more in charge of setting our destiny.  

Intuition “up”

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