Folks, Mitch McConnell and Biden are direct analogs!

You need to see this again since Mitch McConnell’s mind went offline with Biden’s.Their master C$%^& controller, the ICC are now under GGLN martial law. Our solar system is slowly being liberated from these Luciferian Sith hacks.

So, I pull up Reuters news, the only one I follow now, and there it is.

McConnell-Biden Lapses Highlight ICC brain chipping glitches. Lol

“What is Mitch’s birth gateway”? I dial it up. 🫨😯. They are direct analogs from Mars karma, thick as thieves.

No. It’s not advanced linear age as there is no such thing. Their mindset is out of alignment with the predominant frequency on earth now as we evolve or… their brain chips are glitching bc the ICC is under martial law now.

Understand that you can stay young and healthy on any planet as long as you adapt to the CHANGES that are bringing that civilization forward and take a chill pill instead of complaining all the time. Have some fun!

These two buddies, direct analogs, are hard core psychopathic C#$$^ who will get to deal with universe adjudication when they pass. We will all be adjudicated. Pick your friends carefully and your actions.

Mitch is in the center, mediated by Mars, and Biden is on the right mediated by Mars. Remember Trump’s birth gateway comes directly AFTER Biden in the harmonic. There are no accidents, ever.

There is nothing more fun than spinning up synchronicity.

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