How is Gravity Related to DNA?

“Gravity is a TWIST in space-time. So gravity could be DNA in space-time or 4D. Or gravity causes the twist or the DNA, to come into space-time from the cosmic web. It rains down from our local system.

Time happens at different speeds depending on the gravitational pull. We know that from planet to planet the length of one day is different. So time depends on gravity.

The space in between large galaxies is compressed and stretching and so is time.

Energy (which is a literal manifestation of A THING) is produced from the friction of the expansion and contraction of space-time. An example of energy is heat or fire. Fire is a noun. Fire is a literal thing. So is friction and it is the result of the movement of space-time. Please ponder this. It’s not abstract. It’s literal.

Gravity is the engine of time.”

Corey Goode

These notes I just found came from listening to Corey Goode talk about his time off-planet on the YouTube video. He gave me permission via email to include his quote in my book, “Time is DNA”.

It can get a bit wild out there.

Synopsis of “Time is DNA”

Synopsis of “Time is DNA”


Genetic determinism and Newtonian Materialism have had the human body in a prison for about 400 years, genetics less so. Mendel began genetics in 1866 which is very recent in human history, only 160 years ago, so we’re early on in really understanding what our existence on our planet consists of.

Essentially, it consists of time defined as the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. That’s a pretty general definition but it includes the perception of time as both a noun; existence, and a verb; continued progress. In that way, I find it handy because it includes the dimensions up to three and then the bridge to the fourth dimension as time. There is no separation between dimensions one through four and my book makes that clear. Examining them is a matter of mental perception.

My second book, The Tones of Creation, will take us up to the higher densities past the fourth as we’ll be examining soundwaves, frequency waves, lightwaves, and all manner of sound frequency in the universe that changes the manifestation of the hologram in time. It will include an examination of radionics from the 10 planets in our local system and will likely be more complicated than this book which is why I’m writing it separately.

“Time is DNA” is organized in two parts; a specific but condensed illumination of the archaeology of the Tzolkin as the scientific foundation for the examination and illumination of this ancient oracle as far as patterns and math and an explanation of what other scientists have said about issues relating to the Tzolkin.

My guess is the most surprising part for most people will be my hypothesis that the 20 amino acids that make up all DNA/RNA are time itself. Another surprise to 13 Moon Calendar followers and Tzolkin students is that the Mayan Archetypes found on the Yucatan Peninsula are pointing exactly to the 20 tribes of time as the 20 amino acids. I caught some flack on that. No problem. People get attached to their pictures. The fact remains, the reason the Maya were expert timekeepers is that they were expert genetic-keepers and left that information on the planet for us.

A kin is a day and a person. They said it a lot and no one listened because of cognitive dissonance. I did listen and looked at it. So did Jose Arguelles but he didn’t “say it” as succinctly as I am. Jose was an artist and visionary, not a scientist.

The tables in Part 1 are actually a type of assay. There is the G.A.P. kin table, Amino Acid Sequencing table, The Crossover Polarity table, The Binary Triplet Configuration table, Alpha and Omega Points table, DNA Nucleotides converted to Binary Computer Code, the I Ching Hexagrams Converted to Binary Code, and the Mayan 0-19 Code. I analyze what I’ve found at the end of each one but I really need some microbiologists to eyeball them and give me some feedback. There are specific amino acid patterns illuminated by the Tzolkin Harmonic and I am not an expert on the nature of amino acids and their relationships to one another. I do know some of it though.

Part 2 consists of

  • Sheldrakes Morphogenetic fields in affinity with Tzolkin Synchronicity
  • Epigenetics and the 11.3-year sun-spot cycle organizing the Tzolkin
  • Electrical Polarity of the Tzolkin
  • The Van Allen Belts around the earth as the Psi Bank
  • The Tzolkin projected through the Sun as the source of the Aurora Borealis
  • Protein Folding
  • Holograms and holomovement
  • Physics of the Tzolkin Movement
  • Implicate and Explicate Order
  • My TSR equations and Math (Time Science Research)
  • Tzolkin Synchronicity
  • The effect of following the Tzolkin on Mindset

It’s only 144 pages so true to my nature, I don’t beat around the bush. I present what I see and have observed for 30 years in condensed form.

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