ScR is up 46% in Case you Feel Dizzy

It also causes muscles spasms and brain fog.

It’s up 46% in the last 30 minutes at 2:30pm EST
At 2:30pm EST the amplitude power is 39 and rising. To be expected with the antipode at noon Blue 2 Polar STORM. Tryptophan and lightening wind things up.

We All Have to Use Both Legs and feet to Walk But Not Both Arms and Hands For All Activities

I was just meditating before bed (Friday night) and was told that in order to activate the axis of the eternal present, the brain and spinal cord QI that will lead to physical timelessness, we all need to raise the frequency of the upper body above the navel.

When we were kids no one tried to train us to use one leg more than the other leg. We walk with both evenly all the time. That’s why we’re so earth, sex, money clenched. We’re constantly taking in earth energy through our feet.

But we have 4 limbs, not two and we are heavily manipulated to write with ONE hand, usually the right. And not all kids are taught to type or play the piano. If teachers encouraged kids to use both hands to write and draw and in ALL activities, our species would up-level quickly.

The hindrance is that due to our machine focused world and the way we’ve engineered houses, cars, offices, etc. it makes our upper body and brains imbalanced. They are right handed biased.

Whatever the prevailing science is on making people right handed and not ambidextrous is incorrect and unheathy for the evolutionary empowerment of the human species because we need to balance our brains.

Who might push the right-handed narrative? All of our institutions and the media who are currently trying pushing A.I. and trying to turn us into a machine planet.

We also need to use our digestive organs less which means eating less food. The energy the body spends preparing, digesting and eliminating food is too excessive for a lightbody. It causes aging. Eating causes aging!

If we want to ascend past pigs, cows and dogs we need to not only be two-legged standing upright but eating less food, using all four limbs equally and self-generating (tone 4) more inner light.

What do billions of stars have in common with your DNA? – Helix

We’re made of stardust. The source of protein amino acids is geologic and cosmic.

Elements like hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus, and oxygen are all formed in the bellies of stars. These same elements combine to form molecules like adenine, guanine, thymine, and cytosine (the nucleotides in our DNA). In this way, our DNA is made of stardust.

The article

The Tzolkin Maps Our Multidimensional Conscious DNA Cells. The I Ching Maps our Holographic 3D Manifestation

The Chinese hexagrams are ancient and spot on. They are in the center of this image as the 6 line trigrams. The 5D Tzolkin harmonics are below that as the smaller black numbers. This is sort of, generally, a computer program but it’s conscious free will so the destiny quality is limited. No one can ever 100% predict what the bulk of sentient life will choose.

We owe much to the Chinese culture for being a library of human history over the eons via the I Ching. That and Chinese medicine and QI are just what our manifested bodies need.

I’ve posted much on here regarding how the 64 I Ching hexagram overlay 64 harmonics or sections of Earth that comprise 8 earth plates. It is mapped out in Earth Ascending with latitude and longitude but not terribly precise.

So when we go through the earth changes the hexagram will give us exact location coordinates IN SPACETIME and the Tzolkin will give us the place on the timeline which is 5D multiverse but merged with all of the 3D holons.

This can seem complicated but the hexagrams are where the rubber meets the road. The Tzolkin is where our minds meet the sky and as we know, earth and sky ARE ONE. We traverse one with a vehicle or a body and the other with our minds. Such is earth.

Sunday-New Podcast on Time is a FREQUENCY, not measurable by a clock. Our bodies measure and absorb the frequency.

The biosphere frequency is measured by the Psi Bank, the magnetosphere, called the ScR or the Schumann Resonance.

The Psi Bank/Magnetosphere

Monday-Podcast on the Nature of the Atoms in our Bodies

# 1, their masks are not preventing anything from being in contact with your body. #2, the issue is rarely ever THE JOINT. The correctable problem is the connective tissue to the joint; muscle, tendon, and ligament filled with blood that controls the bone. But they won’t touch you nor do they know how.; even an area the size of a quarter which is my treatment area size. I cure people. They CUT them.

The tech they use to splice DNA and play with it is CRISPR. I had a patient, Red 13 Cosmic Dragon, who had a fiance who was a geneticist who used to be in the military and used CRISPR. I gave her a copy of my book, “Time is DNA” to show him and I never heard from her again. LOL. This happens all the time in my office. My information is a threat the Newtonian Materialism and people’s careers that are built around horse and buggy information. So be it.

PSA; Your M.D. doesn’t know this. They aren’t taught any physics in med school even though physics’ root word is PHYSICAL. God forbid they would understand the movement of energy in the body. They need to get with the program or go out the back door.

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