It’s Just About Our Bodies

To control your time and love your time you have to control your own body and mind, love it, and take care of it. Stay in your personal vortex in as much self created personal vibe as possible.

You’ve heard of your bodyclock. Well that IS THE REAL CLOCK and it is totally synced to the Sun, the earth, the Moon, the local system and its cycles. This couldn’t be simpler or more ancient. It is tuned into the Biosphere.

We don’t even really need any 2D calendar to look at. We just need to pay attention to the light, the seasons, our precious trees, flowers and insects, our mischievous animals and deluded but funny humans.

Time as the body is not hard folks. I think it’s common sense when you feel your body and engage your senses. It’s better to be alone than to compromise your authentic self to be around others. Do you want to live or not? Giving control of your life and soul over to others is a slow, painful, unnecessary death. There is no love in giving up what you want and need to a great degree, just to fit in or to please others.

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