Saturday Daily Reading; Earth is a Place of Healing. We Came Here for That Reason After Tiamat

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Blue 9 Solar Hand in the 260-day matrix. Red 5 Radiant Skywalker is our 5GForce. The Skywalkers led the operation of escape after the Maldek explosion. The World-Bridgers executed it.

Earth, Saturn, Uranus, and Maldek are pulsing. Earth mediates Blue Hand~Yellow Human. We landed on earth after the Tiamat explosion because we could heal and evolve here. Humans had been through the dark night of the soul with Blue 9 Solar Night guiding (Saturn). The closing of the Uranus/Earth Time Tunnels also occurred because the orbits were thrown off balance. That can be seen in Red 9 solar Earth. The radiant Maldekian Wizard’s wisdom told us we should come to Earth. That is White 5 Radiant Wizard, the Hidden Wisdom. Did the nefarious entities on Jupiter and Saturn really destroy Tiamat on purpose? The story from Ra, The Law of One paints it thus and attributes it to Lucifer. It’s not a happy thing nor easy to accept that it happened in our solar ring. Folks, cleave to your own inner light from Source. I will podcast on this continued story.

The stories are all there in our evolving tRNA that became our DNA. The human race is alive because J.C. meant it to be so. We are his children and his friends despite the evil that has been thrown at us. Earth and humans have a destiny that will play out and we have help.

The Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Earth with many synchronicities with today’s destiny oracle.

  • The Moon spends the day in the sign of Pisces, and it’s a time to ease up just a little. The Pisces Moon is compassionate and spiritual and favors winding down and connecting with our intuition. (Blue Night) Even so, there can be some disconnect between our emotions and intellect with the Moon’s opposition to Mercury this afternoon. Minor disagreements, especially about sensitivity to feelings, are more likely now.
  • The Moon’s sextile to Uranus (Red Earth antipode) tonight helps us go with the flow, but we’re heading toward a Sun-Saturn opposition, exact tomorrow, and feeling restricted or blocked can figure strongly. While this tense energy doesn’t overrule the Moon-Uranus sextile, it can certainly overshadow it.


Thursday; Evolution of Isoleucine, the Amino Acid Charged with Knowing, Healing, and Accomplishment

Isoleucine, like other branched-chain amino acids, is associated with insulin resistance: higher levels of isoleucine are observed in the blood of diabetic mice, rats, and humans. Mice fed an isoleucine deprivation diet for one day have improved insulin sensitivity, and feeding of an isoleucine deprivation diet for one week significantly decreases blood glucose levels. In diet-induced obese and insulin resistant mice, a diet with decreased levels of isoleucine and the other branched-chain amino acids results in reduced adiposity and improved insulin sensitivity. In humans, a protein restricted diet lowers blood levels of isoleucine and decreases fasting blood glucose levels.



The Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) of the U.S. Institute of Medicine set Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) for essential amino acids in 2002. For isoleucine, for adults 19 years and older, 19 mg/kg body weight/day.

Nutritional sources

Even though this amino acid is not produced in animals, it is stored in high quantities. Foods that have high amounts of isoleucine include eggs, soy protein, seaweed, turkey, chicken, lamb, cheese, and fish.

Isoleucine is a branch chained amino acid (BCAA). In plants, some enzymes involved in BCAA biosynthesis are the targets of several herbicides used by farmers. Because of their importance in human and animal nutrition and agriculture, the biosynthesis pathways of BCAAs in higher plants have been extensively studied and well characterized (Singh and Shaner, 1995Binder, 2010).

The articles on Isoleucine that I’ve read say that it exists in “higher plants” which means plants of relatively complex or advanced characteristics, especially vascular plants (including flowering plants). In plants, the conversion of threonine to 2-oxobutanoate is the first and also the committed step towards isoleucine biosynthesis. This reaction is catalysed by threonine deaminase/dehydratase (TD) (Fig. 7A). 

The take from this is, if you are a vegan or want to be and would like to eat necessary amino acids from plants, find a high quality, ORGANIC source for your plant food. Grow it yourself if you can and don’t use herbicides.

We’re evolving Isoleucine, Glutamic Acid, Alanine, Phenylalanine and 5Lysine
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