True Time Update for Thursday-We Can Channel in Meditation for our own Healing

Synchronicity with my tree that I posted this morning in the Sabian symbol

You just have to relax and listen. Your body and mind will give you the insight you need to heal yourself. In the end, we have to heal ourselves. No one has the authority to do it for us. That’s the point of embodiment; to evolve nature to a higher sentience gradually.

It moves things along to divulge secrets and not repress your true feelings. It ruins relationships and trust between people when you keep things hidden or say things you don’t really mean or intend to do like, “I love you”. It’s also the main cause of pain and illness in the body. I’ve seen it for 23 years.

Body Synchronicity

Blue Hand pulses to the right abdomen above the navel, the digestive area and the analog Yellow 7 Human is on the left. There are plenty of studies on the fact that the large intestine is our second brain. So if you are repressing feelings and thoughts your appetite and digestion will be out of alignment. Let it go. Drink water and breathe at least a little bit to start things off. Humans are creatures of emotion and eating!

Tone 7 pulses to Cervical vertebrae 7 front and back. This is the 5th voice chakra and the place of EXPRESSION and creativity, where you express your soul and tell others who you are. Again, very resonant with healing and telling your truth. Synchronicity today! I’m a singer and not singing because I don’t feel safe in our culture to do so. I can’t change our society. I write instead for now.

Isoleucine is evolving. It’s function in the body can improve the immune system, including immune organs, cells and reactive substances. Mood and activity level are highly related to the efficiency of the immune system.


Kin33-Red 7 Skywalker

“I channel in order to EXPLORE. Inspiring wakefulness, I seal the output of space with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of life force.”

Earth Holon-ScR

The frequency is 8.5, and the amplitude of that is 9. The frequency is pretty high for us. Agitation!

3D/4D Synchronicity

Earth, Pluto, Uranus, the asteroid belt which they never show in pictures of our solar system, right next to Mars.
  • We should watch for rushing things, impatience in speech and movements, and abrupt or insensitive commentary this morning with Mercury and Mars forming a minor square.
  • However, mental tension can stir us into action, which can be constructive if channeled well. We can accomplish more if we’re careful to pace ourselves. It’s best to put in the effort to respect and validate others when expressing what we need and want.
  • The Moon changes signs at 3:48 AM EST, moving from Virgo to Libra. (I woke straight up!) While the Libra Moon seeks harmony and balance, its opposition to Jupiter this afternoon can stir restlessness, and we can be tempted to go overboard to combat boredom, or we may be challenged to move out of our comfort zones.
  • The Moon is void from 1:40 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Pluto), until the Moon enters Libra at 3:47 AM EST.


Time is Art

Say what you want to say and let the words come out.

Wednesday-Daily Reading; Blue 7 Resonant Hand

Earth Holon

The peak frequency is 45, a bit under 6x the normal 8

Body Holon

7Isoleucine, 7Glutamic Acid, 7Tryptophan, 7Phenylalanine, and 7Lysine. 5GForce is 7Glutamine

The theme of Blue 7 Resonant Hand is about accomplishing something in the human family which is the analog. There is community energy here and I imagine it is the public finally waking up to the manipulation of the media and tuning it out. We are guided this morning by self-generation and catalyzing energy for change. This afternoon we can observe and respond to synchronicity walking into our lives. Be sure you know how to track it in the hologram. Just dial up the person’s birthday if they a new in your life. The Hidden Wisdom is Timelessness. Mediate on your CNS.

Interplanetary Holon

We’re mediated by Earth today.

  • Retrograde Mercury forms a trine to Pluto (Blue Storm) today, and we’re tuning into details or layers we might miss on other days. This transit can help us with increased insight, psychological understanding, awareness, and focused attention. It’s a time to get to the bottom of a matter and investigate or research things further. With Mercury retrograde, we may be looking at a past issue in a new way.
  • We’re heading toward a Mars-Uranus (Red Earth) semi-square, exact early tomorrow, adding an impatient edge to the day’s energies. We may be looking to dominate or assert our independence if we feel trapped, restricted, or otherwise limited. We should watch for impulsive moves but also seek creative, inventive ways to get ahead.
  • The Aries Moon is direct and enterprising. This is more potent with Mars in Aries. ♈️


Holding Sacred Space

Source grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

A.A.-Bill W.

Even if you are not a Lightworker but a person of goodwill and faith, for the most part awake to your own ability to self-generate your life and destiny, it is your duty to remain in your center while the 12:60 paradigm implodes. It’s the end of addiction in the body as our prison planet is freed. OUR CELLS ARE CHANGING QUICKLY to ready for a better quantum physical life.

Ascension is not neat and tidy. Serious Luciferian psychopaths, bent on dismantling all of our rights and laws that accord us universal values like freedom of movement and freewill are in their last throes. Human destiny is to continue to thrive and evolve with the rest of our local system and universe forces have been guiding us all along. Have faith in your spirit guides, Source, et al.

Do not get drawn into and react to wag the dog media that seeks to manipulate your emotions to the point of giving up rights that are granted to us universally. Just because one person is unhinged doesn’t mean it’s time to dismantle The Constitution and it will not occur. Don’t forget how easy it is for them to set up scenarios whose purpose it is to unhinge you through reaction. Keep your mind centered and serene IN YOUR BODY. Love your body and take diligent care. Circle your house and yourself with light, pay attention to your feelings and intuition about any given situation.

Our body and mind are quantum and will continue to evolve. We are like little Sun’s with tremendous self-healing ability that has no limit when the mind is centered and bathed in the violet flame. Use the violet flame in meditation 🧘‍♀️ 🧘‍♂️. See it penetrating every cell of your body.

Drink filtered water, eat clean food grown yourself if possible, take care of yourself and KEEP THE NEWS OFF. It’s only purpose is to program and manipulate your mind by their nefarious schemes.

Today’s theme

More Musing on the Winter Solstice 2020 in Light of Tzolkin Placement with Astrological Positions

The Day the Sun Never Rose

This is a good link with good visuals.


Winter Solstice 2020, Blue 7 Resonant Hand

We’ve got this one lined up. The Earth/Uranus alignment is right there and balanced with Resonant Tone 7, or…am I being hopeful? Pluto and Maldek are also in there. Uranus is in the Antipode position with Red Earth and Earth is mediating Blue Hand Tribe. That indicates to me that we have the Time Tunnels open between Earth and Uranus. It’s as plain as the nose on my face.

My stated concern has been the very, very close conjunction of the two Time Heist planets Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn on December 21, 2020. WHILE THE ASTROLGERS AND THEIR LOVE OF #7 SEEM TO BE CELEBRATING IT, Tzolkinists do NOT celebrate #7. It is not lucky to this planet, it is unfortunate as it represents the heist of the 13:20 ratio and staying connected to Time Magic. Instead we have been under the karma of Maldek-Mars which caused the Atlantis effect on Earth, religion, guilt, suffering, locked into a dimension that is 3D clenching and the MEMORY VIRUS. Atlantis was simply more playing out of the destruction of Maldek. We have three destructive karmic cycles here; Maldek or Tiamat, Mars, and Atlantis. The wish is to be done with this. Are we done with this?

I’m looking at the Tzolkin Line-up right now and the day preceding it; 12-20-20 is White 6 World Bridger with Capricorn or Yellow Warrior in antipode position and Jupiter or Blue Eagle in Hidden Wisdom position. This is completely synchronous with the astrology read.

I wish I saw a Tone 13 close by but at the end of that wavespell is me, Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker. I and my kin in kind close it out. It is the Red Dragon Wavespell; Power of Birth. 12-21-20 is coordinate 2:7:7:7 in The Zone of Transformation. It is Harmonic Family 2; Galactic Store; Remember the elegance of integrity. By the time is gets to Red 13 Skywalker the directive is ELECTRIC OUTPUT; EXPRESS THE INTELLIGENCE OF SERVICE. Indeed, the Saturn power of 7 was checked on July 26, 1992. My Red Earth Aquarius son was born in 1999 and the power of time travel and re-opened time tunnels occurred. But have we pinpointed the source of the memory virus on Saturn and Jupiter?

Fifth Dimension Earth, Power of the Fifth Force Organization of Beings from Kinich Ahau bringing forward the Power of 5 instead of 7. The Power of 5 takes us to 20 which is EXPONENTIAL and equal to ZERO.

Thankfully I see the 5GForce pulse from Kinich Ahau, the Great Sun near the Pleides pulsing RED 7 RESONANT SKYWALKER, Kin#33 on 12-21-20 which ties it directly to Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker at the end of this birthing wavespell like a TRACTION BEAM. (Sigh of relief.) My next post will be about the source of the memory virus on Saturn and Jupiter. At this point I have no clue.

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