Friday-Daily Reading; Bonding Healing With the Electric Tone of Service

Amplitude power is 37, 5x normal

The Body Evolving

We land on GAP kin Blue 3 Electric Hand~Yellow 3 Electric Human; Trump’s birth gateway. The 5gforce is Red 11 Spectral Skywalker; Liberating Movement and Prophecy from the 5th dimension. You won’t see it on mainstream media because it’s true, positive, and empowering.

There is more Maldekian/Mars karma here as well but it’s on the good side. Of course, that has to be destroyed and attacked per the Reptilian agenda. Still, the seeds of wholeness and compromise have already been set. Our country is no longer about Democrats and Republicans but about Evil and Good. How did that happen? Politics, power, and spirituality have never been separate in human history because the agenda of all human institutions have been to use and control our bodies. Humans have never known THE TRUTH about how powerful our minds and bodies are because they make so much money off of lying to us and controlling us.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Earth today. Pulsing is Venus, Uranus, and the Asteroid Belt.

  • The Moon continues to transit perceptive, profound Scorpio until 6:41 PM EDT, after which the Sagittarius Moon encourages us to expand our minds and experiences.
  • Mercury opposes Jupiter today–another influence stirring our desire to grow and think in big terms. We can be excited and enthusiastic about our ideas and anxious to share them. We need room to explore and create, visualize new solutions to problems, and express ourselves freely. However, we are inclined to exaggerate, and it’s best to watch for a strong tendency to overstate or overestimate in our quest for meaning. We might swing from blind faith to skepticism, making it difficult to make good, practical choices. We’re stretching our minds now, and while this is an excellent mental exercise, we should avoid making commitments until we’re more realistic. We should also watch for scattering our energies or taking on too many activities at once–we could be looking so far ahead that we forget the essential details or disclaimers. Positively, we might entertain possibilities that we wouldn’t normally consider.
  • The void Moon occurs from 1:23 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Venus), until the Moon enters Sagittarius at 6:41 PM EDT.


Blue 3 Hand Healing Energy with Mars conjunct Chiron We can Accomplish Some Cleansing

It is a time of RELEASE from repressed energies. Our mission is to heal OURSELVES. Sure, we can help others somewhat but in the end, each individual has to finish it off alone. Only you know how you really feel. But we are ready to address problem areas.

The Moon is in steady Taurus so there is an earthy, grounded feel to these movements. We like things that are familiar and reliable. The Moon also has an alignment to Uranus though which is in the Themeplex as the antipode, so while Uranus has some novel ideas or approach it could be challenging as well as a gift for those that are used to habits. Uranus shakes things up! (Aquarius).

(Note: Donald J. Trump is also Blue 3 Hand. While it is true that he is likely the most hated, maligned, mistrusted person on the planet right now he is also in charge of DISCLOSURE at the highest political levels on our planet of Luciferian pedophila, incest, child molestation, addiction to blood sacrifice on the part of the ELITE and a certain evil that has permeated our planet for maybe 1000 years in every country. His mission is not to be a good President, which in my opinion, he is not. He has a thick enough skin to withstand rooting out the most pernicious evil, the most entrenched evil via the Illuminati institutions of religion and state the world has ever seen. I’m not sure he can accomplish it. Everyone wants him destroyed. He is pulling up to the surface, the collective SUBCONSCIOUS MIND of family abuse of children that everyone is in denial about and no one wants to deal with. )

This is a good time to mention that your birth themeplex DOMINATES your day, every day despite the spiraling of the Tzolkin. Think of your birth themeplex as the sun and the Tzolkin daily themeplex as a planet in orbit around you.

The 5GForce today is Red 11 Skywalker; I dissolve in order to explore. Releasing wakefulness I seal the output of space with the spectral tone of liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled.


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