David Icke is banned from entering most of Europe after Dutch government deemed the ‘lizard people’ conspiracy theorist a ‘threat to public order’

Folks, he is Blue 2 Polar Monkey hitting the News today. It doesn’t get more synchronous than that since that is today’s gateway. I like his work. He is April 29, 1952. Look it up yourself. He is Taurus Sun.

He is synchronistically Blue 2 Polar Monkey with this happening on his gateway.
He is a Venusian with appetites~2~12 pulse. Very tuned in to the collective. He is a threat. Good! God speed to him.
Look at his Draco-Reptilian karma as his antipode. There are still D.S. contracts started by the Draco with current ruling Reptilian. He’s not wrong, but he came back to help us out of this where before he may have been on their side. Note his White 12 Dog Hidden Wisdom. Communal love ❤️ is in his books. He’s written 30+. They’re on Amazon.


November 4, 2022 by Daily Mail Reporter

Icke is an advocate of the belief a race of ‘lizard people’ have taken over the Earth. (Sounds like the Reptilians to me). Former footballer and broadcaster was also booted from social media in 2020. Icke claims the Covid19 pandemic was the fault of Jews and 5G network towers. He has now been banned from 26 countries in Europe’s Schengen travel zone.

The government of the Netherlands has banned British conspiracy theorist David Icke from entering most of Europe for two years amid fears his planned presence at a weekend demonstration in Amsterdam would spark unrest. Icke, 70, is a prominent advocate of the belief that a race of lizard people have taken over the Earth by posing as human leaders.  (That’s not far-fetched-Lisa T.)

He was previously kicked off Twitter for spreading misinformation surrounding Covid-19, with some of his wild claims suggesting that Jewish people and 5G mobile phone towers were behind the pandemic. Dutch Justice Minister Dilan Yeilgöz-Zegerius told reporters Friday that freedom of speech and the right to demonstrate were fundamental rights, ‘but they are not limitless.’ Dutch immigration authorities said in a letter Icke published on his website that ‘there are concrete indications that your arrival in the Netherlands poses a threat to public order.’ (That means he’s powerful)

A decree from the Dutch government bans Icke from 26 countries in Europe’s passport-free Schengen travel zone.  On his website, the former Coventry City and Hereford United footballer called the ban an ‘extraordinary, over-the-top response.’ The demonstration in Trafalgar Square London in 2020 was against Lockdown, Social Distancing, Track and Trace & wearing of face masks.

Icke played as a goalkeeper for Coventry City’s youth team in the 60s and 70s before playing intermittently for Hereford United. He had been expected to address a demonstration Sunday by an anti-authority group called Together for the Netherlands. 
Law enforcement authorities have said the gathering was expected to draw counter-demonstrators, including far-left groups. It is not the first time Icke has been refused entry to a country. In 2019, Australia canceled his visa ahead of a speaking tour. He made controversial unproven claims about the virus on several internet platforms, including one that suggested it is linked to the 5G mobile network. (All the brilliant academics at Brownstone Institute probably agree with him.) The action came after Facebook and YouTube took similar action in May 2020.

He also attended a mass anti-lockdown rally in Trafalgar Square in August, organized by Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers, and urged police to ‘stop serving the psychopaths’. 
After Icke’s footballing career was cut short due to arthritis, he made a career in sports broadcasting before he was marginalized for peddling anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Saturday Daily Reading-Stabilizing Illusion, the Material World We See

Body Frequency

In HF 43 the IChing Hx 63 controls the evolving nucleotide is CCC Proline which is a sub stop codon next to Yellow Sun Stop Codon. It means “After Completion” This is the electric process; formulate the free will of service bc the HF ends with Yellow 3 Human.

The 5GForce is Red 12 Moon, kin 129-collective flow of feeling.

Blue 2 Polar Monkey Asparagine mediated by Venus-Kin 171

Venus pulses to both thighs up to the navel from above the knees. Tone 2 pulses to the right knee joint. Monkey tribe pulses on the left side of this area. Tone 12 is the hidden wisdom is the left knee joint but White Dog is the left foot.

Asparagine is needed to produce many proteins but also plays other roles. Asparagine helps to break down toxic ammonia within cells, is important for protein modification, and is needed for making a certain molecule that transmits signals in the brain (a neurotransmitter).

Hx63 is 60 degrees N and 90 degrees West. It’s right in the center of Hudson Bay. This is the portion of the planet body, like our bodies, evolving it’s light body per the movement in this harmonic. Hudson Bay is the summer home of up to 50,000 beluga whales! Each July and August an estimated 50,000 beluga whales migrate south into river estuaries that flow into the Hudson Bay. The whales use this estuaries as their grounds to feed, molt (shed skin), and give birth.


Earth Frequency ScR

Amplitude is 4 but it doesn’t look that way.

Interplanetary Frequency

We are mediated by Venus. Pulsing are Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury.

All Zodiac Signs
3D Muggle Madness
  • The Moon spends the day in the sign of generous, honest, courageous and loyal Aries.
  • With the Sun’s alignment to the true South Node of the Moon today, we should watch for holding onto something that no longer supports our growth only because it’s comfortable or familiar. Unexpected events or feelings may take us off guard with Venus opposite Uranus today. Our feelings, attractions, or people in our lives can surprise us now. Some instability, restlessness, and rebelliousness are themes in our social interactions. Our needs for comfort and togetherness appear to clash with the desire to be free and independent. Indeed, we can experience sudden infatuations, whether with people or material items, that later prove less appealing. As such, it’s not a good time to start a significant financial undertaking or relationship — not until rebellious feelings pass and we gain a better sense of how we honestly feel. Falling back on old patterns of relating won’t work now. Still, if we can separate rebellion from a sincere need for change, we might open ourselves to new ways of relating that accommodate our diverse needs.

From cafeastrology.com

Friday Daily Reading; Fifth Density G-Forces are HF33 kin From Wed. to Sat. This Week

Body Holon

Today is Kin 171; 43:11:2:171

It is worth noting that kin168-171 fifth-density G forces create HF33. Yellow 2 Human, Blue 1 Monkey, White 13 Dog, Red 12 Moon. They go backward from the way they flow in HF33 so there is a type of reversal here. I believe these are implicate order HF33 gate codes that raise the vibration of our DNA as we evolve forward because they are 5th density. It reverses any hack so the Universe gets its way with DNA evolution in our system.

  • Theme is Blue 2 Polar Monkey or 2asparagine-magic. Pulse is to the left abdomen, thigh, and gluts.
  • Analog is Yellow 2 Polar Star or 2leucine; Art. Pulse is to the other side the same area as above.
  • Guide Power this morning is Blue 2 Polar Night or 2alanine-abundance. Pulse is to the right shoulder.
  • Antipode this afternoon is Red 2 Polar Dragon or 2cysteine-memory. Pulse is to the right eye and head.
  • Hidden Wisdom is White 12 Crystal Dog or 12asparticacid-companionship. Pulse is to the left foot.
  • 5gforce is Red 12 Crystal Moon or 12Methionine-flow of feelings. Pulse is to the right foot.

Earth Holon

“Solar maximum – Wikipedia” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_maximum

The sun is reaching sunspot/solar maximum for this 11.3 yr. solar cycle. But we’re also at the end of a 12,000-year cycle and maybe a 120,000-year cycle!. The human species is about 1 million years old. The sun is 4.603 billion years old. The earth is 2.5 billion years old. We need a correct perspective on the context of these cycles.

Ben is a conservative survivalist like many people in MI. They build bunkers and, use cash only and stock up on food for the coming apocalypse. I appreciate some of what he’s doing but when you teach catastrophism it’s like reading a favorite bedtime story to your child. They get hooked on the emotional fear rollercoaster instigated by the scary 😨 stuff and make incorrect conclusions. Then he complains when his viewers aren’t rational adults.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Venus.


Neptune rules Pisces and mediates Red Dragon~White Mirror pulsing to both eyes and the head.

  • The Sun enters Pisces today, where it will transit until March 20th. During this cycle, altruistic feelings guide us. We are less motivated to take action than we are to feel, imagine, and dream. A “what will be, will be” attitude reigns, and a sense of universal correlations leads the way. Pisces rules empathy, selfless love, devotion, and wisdom. Its shadow side involves self-pity, a feeling of being victimized by life, passivity, and avoidance. We prefer to believe and trust, giving things/people the benefit of the doubt until they prove us wrong. We might often tune out problems or conflicts during this cycle rather than tackle them head-on, hoping they will iron themselves out. Prosperity flows when we’re connecting with our hearts, being kind, and helping others. The need to withdraw or retreat to restore our energy is strong from time to time.
  • The Moon continues its transit of organized Virgo today until 10:51 PM EST, when it enters diplomatic Libra.
  • The void Moon occurs from 6:19 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a trine to Pluto), until the Moon enters Libra at 10:51 PM EST.

From cafeastrology.com

Thursday Daily Reading; Polarizing Illusion in the Matrix

Note: The presence of HF33 has been noted on my posts for the last 4 days. I found something else. The 5th dimensional G (Galactic) forces since Yellow 12 Star (A G.A.P. kin) on Monday have been THE KIN IN HF 33; Red 12 Moon, White 13 Dog, Blue 1 Monkey, and Yellow 2 Human going in reverse. So today the 5GForce is Red 12 Moon. This HF43, which ends tomorrow is obviously a major pivot in the DNA spiral turning it around.

The mediating planet is Venus today which trine Jupiter. The Sun is aligned with Saturn which rules the Guide Power.

I polarize in order to play. Stabilizing illusion I seal the process of magic with the lunar tone of challenge. I am guided by the power of abundance.
  • Theme is 2Asparagine or Blue 2 Polarizing Monkey;This dimension is an illusion.” “This material dimension is reality.” and the controversy can polarize in circles. The Tzolkin and a million years of ancient wisdom says we live in an illusion. It’s a MIND projected holographic reality. Moderns call it a simulation. Our collective DNA is creating the double strand in every cell of our bodies and it’s two timelines. What is real is the intention from our souls. We’re in our own movie folks. Our Mind and Will INTENDS and WANTS to be here and so we are. We are powerful creators, magicians. The Mind is Electromagnetic. That’s why they say “Be careful what you wish for with heart and mind.” It has to be both to manifest or it won’t appear in Time.
  • Analog is 2Leucine or Yellow 2 Star. Beauty, harmony, and elegance are helping to MOTIVATE our intention. It needs to look and feel cool for us to want to play. Right? The two worst things on this planet are mean spiritedness and boredom, imo.
  • Guide Power is 2Alanine or Blue 2 Polar Night. We’re guided by our stabilized INTUITION abundance, and our dreams.
  • The Antipode this afternoon is 2Cysteine or Red 2 Polarizing Dragon. Challenging NEEDS for nurture and our Mothers are in our consciousness on some level. This is creative, supportive energy we may be pulling on.
  • The Hidden Wisdom is 12AsparticAcid or White 12 Crystal Dog. This is the remedy today; group loyalty, affection, and love. Reach out or respond to someone reaching out to you today. It’s going to take me a bit to come out of my scamdemic shell but I will meet one on one with a friend. At least we can do that.
  • The 5GForce is 12Methionone or Red 12 Crystal Moon. We need to start to emotionally flow our communal emotion about everything that has occurred. The anger is palatable but it was time for people to wake-up to the lies. That’s never easy. One thing humans are professional at is believing what they WANT to believe, not what’s right in front of them. This goes right along with the illusions we create. Lies create big illusions and telling your truth and feeling your truth creates reality. So living your truth will get us to ascension and out of this mess.