Friday Daily Reading; What Transcends Intuition?

INTENTION or YOUR WILL while dreaming, either awake or before sleep, transcends intuition. It’s powerful, mysterious, and deep. It involves your destiny. And because you’ve been given a body you are deemed a co-creator with all that is which no one on this prison planet has a right to take from you. They can’t. But you can give it over by default if you don’t see your own power or are afraid of it.

We’re at the end of the Blue Monkey Wavespell; Power of Magic

It only takes 35 seconds of focus on one wish, dream, or intention to get it moving into manifestation. The keyword is focus and you cannot doubt what you wish for. Be careful what you wish for. Mull it over first and make sure it’s what you want.

Intuition is easy. It’s no different than watching a show. Intuition usually reads what is going on outside of you. When you use your intuition on yourself you have to be prepared with that magnetic mirror to see the truth.

When I do internal intuition and examine my strong will, it’s because I’ve lost my patience with error and control on this planet that is oppressing the earth and all life on it. It’s because I want to see GOOD and JUSTICE finally manifested on this planet because it’s what ALL LIFE on earth deserves! Love. Life is about love. At that point, the universe gives me all kinds of signals, numbers repeated, and literal messages to assure me that they are helping me, and the other humans are not at a level that I should react to. It’s not even about patience anymore. It’s about accepting that we all make our own reality. If we create a good one we need to sit in that and not acknowledge the B.S. around us or go out and participate in it. We didn’t create it. Others did. Don’t be co-dependent. This is a kin on which you can really feel how to create your own type of abundance.

Body Holon

Our theme, Blue 13 Cosmic Night is 13Alanine, supported by 13Histidine. Guide Power is 13Isoleucine, Antipode is me, 13Glutamine and Hidden Wisdom is 1Mirror which is the holographic plate that reflects Bohm’s holomovement. You can read further about White 1 Magnetic Mirror on Page 123-134 of “Time is DNA”.

The attributes today are cosmic abundance, intelligence, accomplishment, prophecy or prophetic education to see ahead, and magnetic meditation. The 5GForce is Red 1 Magnetic Earth or Magnetic Synchronicity,

Earth Holon

The Sun is still acting up and will continue to. But I disagree that it has to be apocalyptic. Watch out for the media telling you that. The changes will be real but the species doesn’t have to end and really should not. The c%^&* should and its corrupt institutions, not us. They’ve tried to monetize this planet with “Time is Money”. Wrong. “Time is LIFE and US” They can take a hike with my blessing.

Blue 13 Night is a Signal kin at the solar plexus of the planet whose job it is to receive info. from the cosmic web or planetary ELM paths that are illuminated on here. The astronomers know all about the cosmic web.

The time portal is 30 degrees south–120 degrees east at SW Australia by Lake Moore.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Saturn, Earth, Mars, and Neptune. The rest is by

  • The Moon spends the day in the sign of Virgo, harmonizing with Uranus and Venus this morning. This Moon transit is particular, intelligent, (YELLOW WARRIOR) and helpful–we see the details more than the overview. Its aspects encourage cooperation and inventiveness. We can feel pleasantly motivated to take care of business, get organized, or attend to important details. (SATURN)
  • With Mercury and Jupiter forming a semi-sextile, there can be some inability to settle on a particular idea, opinion, or project. (no biggie) However, we’re thinking positively, and we bounce back quickly from disappointment with this transit.

The vibes delineated here are all spot on. Have a great Friday. 🤗🥳

Thursday Daily Oracle; The solar alignments are in Synchronicity with 13Alanine or Blue 13 Night. S.O. video

We’re at the end of this 13-day cycle on the CA timeline. Blue Night is the 4th archetype.

I endure in order to dream. Transcending intuition I seal the input of abundance with the cosmic tone of presence. I am guided by the power of accomplishment.
  • Theme: 13 Alanine or Blue 13 Night; dreaming, intuition, abundance.
  • Analog: 13 Histidine; Yellow 13 Warrior or intelligence, questioning and fearlessness.
  • Guide Power this morning: 13 Isoleucine or Blue 13 Hand; accomplishment, healing and knowing
  • Antipode this afternoon; 13 Glutamine or Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker (me); Exploration, wakefulness and space.
  • Hidden Wisdom at dusk; 1 Tyrosine or White 1 Mirror; reflect order and endlessness
  • 5GForce; 1 Phenylalanine or Red 1 Magnetic Earth (See the S.O. video about the electromagnetism of the earth.

Astrology from Cafe Astrology

  • Venus forms a trine to Pluto this morning, and the need to share or enjoy life on more profound levels dominates.
  • This influence helps us get in touch with what we most love and cherish. We might narrow our focus to our advantage under this influence.
  • We seek to grow, improve, or develop our attachments.
  • Recognizing the value of patience, we’re more strategic, and we’re likely to gain new insight into business and personal relationships. (Saturn mediates theme and analog today)
  • Mercury forms a creative quintile to Neptune (White Mirror is mediated by Neptune) this afternoon, and along with the Pisces Moon, we’re especially idealistic, spiritually aware, and sensitive.
  • These influences encourage us to get in touch with our imaginative, compassionate side.
  • Boundaries dissolve, and we are disinclined to make definite or firm plans, conclusions, and decisions, preferring to allow for possibilities.
  • We might avoid confrontations or challenging situations now. It’s a good time to dream, inspire, and seek inspiration.

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