Folks, Mitch McConnell and Biden are direct analogs!

So, I pull up Reuters news, the only one I follow now, and there it is.

McConnell-Biden Lapses Highlight Advanced Age

Then I say, “What is Mitch’s birth gateway”? I dial it up. 🫨😯. They are direct analogs from Mars karma, thick as thieves.

No. It’s not advanced linear age as there is no such thing. Their mindset is out of alignment with the predominant frequency on earth now as we evolve or… their brain chips are glitching bc the ICC is under martial law now.

Understand that you can stay young and healthy on any planet as long as you adapt to the CHANGES that are bringing that civilization forward and take a chill pill instead of complaining all the time. Have some fun!

These two buddies, direct analogs, are hard core psychopathic C#$$^ who will get to deal with universe adjudication when they pass. We will all be adjudicated. Pick your friends carefully and your actions.

Mitch is in the center, mediated by Mars, and Biden is on the right mediated by Mars. Remember Trump’s birth gateway comes directly AFTER Biden in the harmonic. There are no accidents, ever.

There is nothing more fun than spinning up synchronicity.

Big Etheric Movement 2 days ago

I didn’t have time to post this.

We are currently on the double pulse of White 6 Rhythmic Wind. We’re balancing equality and organizing in an Aquarian type of way. There is a presence of Truth with White Wind and the government is running from the truth.

I was meditating at about 9:30am and there was a big shift in energy; the power structures. I felt a large drop, a sinking of an energy level like a “klunk”.

We’re in an emergency situation with the child and sex trafficking. He abandoned Ukraine at the NATO conference and literally kicked him to the curb. The Biden administration is unraveling, and we have some whistle blowers and military with integrity calling it out behind closed doors. I can see and hear it with remote viewing. There are some very good people in our military who truly love our country and are willing to protect it from evil.

The combination of the public exposure of the child sex trafficking, hiding the Hunter cocaine in the White House, blasting open the fake climate change narrative and sicking the FTC on Twitter because of free speech, the left is coming apart at the seams. I hope Congress is creating a plan to keep an emergency government going that is bipartisan. We have to keep our country afloat.

Senate Votes to End COVID Emergency; Biden Says He’ll Veto If House Passes

Biden refuses to end the CV2 emergency so he can keep the mRNA vaccine mandate in his trick bag should he need mass control.

Senate Votes to End COVID Emergency; Biden Says He’ll Veto If House Passes

Biden Would Like That Wouldn’t He?

“We have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis,” Mr. Biden told a crowd at the second of two fund-raisers he attended on Thursday evening.

And I just posted a video on today’s blog from 1963. I’m surfing timelines today folks. No atomic weapons are allowed on Earth anymore. The E.T. will STOP them. End of story. He can stop pouring billions into a money laundering war in Ukraine, Mr. Corruption.

The Cuban Missile Crisis was October 16, 1962 – October 29, 1962. That is Blue 13 Cosmic Monkey – Yellow 13 Cosmic Seed. Wow! That covers the entire Yellow Human Wavespell;#8, the Power of Free Will. What we know is JFK, who was the President at the time, believed in democracy and free will and was going to disclose everything about the ICC and the LOC to the American people. That’s why they assassinated him, his brother, Marilyn Monroe, and Martin Luther King. 1963 was a bloody year for the C!@#4. What was Joe Biden doing in 1963? JFK, RFK, and MLK.

GEE, look what I found from the NY Times dated October 23, 2021~! Post is below.

As you read and ponder what Biden is doing TODAY, what he is saying and what the FBI did to Trump and is doing, Biden and Trump are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER IN THE TZOLKIN. White 2 Worldbriger leads to Blue 3 Hand. So we are playing out Maldek karma, intervened on by WB~Skywalker and seeded on Earth by Blue Hand~Yellow Human tribes. It is no mistake that the Cuban missile crisis happened exactly over Yellow Human Wavespell. We are still trying to get freewill manifested on this planet. Continue reading…

JFK assassination records. Hmm, who might have those as we speak and is being investigated by Biden D.O.J.? Do you see below where they say the National Archives need MORE TIME TO WORK ON REDACTIONS? Holy crap. Well, we already know the truth. The Biden Admin. is so corrupt. The Dems weren’t always like this. It really turned in 1963. The root of all this trouble is the existence of ICC, the International Corporate Conglomerate in our local system and the continued suppression of E.T’s. I found all of this after I finished today’s blog. I’m really time traveling today. It’s all connected with synchronicity.

An estimated 50 million people dies in WWII. War needs to end on Earth.

From Corey Goode on Telegram-And This On Top of What I Just Posted

Kari Lake in AZ. She’s a Conservative.

Kari Lake: “Sex trafficking is tied to the smuggling going on at our border. And this is why my border plan is so aggressive. It’s the most aggressive border plan anywhere in the country. & we’re ready for it. We’re ready to stop the cartels from having control of our border.”

Don’t forget adrenochrome production. The cartels probably have contracts with the ICC and the Reptilians as our current government does. Blood lust. Eat the young. It’s deep shadow from Maldek/Mars- L.T.

What Happened in the Afghanistan War? – The New York Times

The original plan was to exit Afghanistan on Sept. 11, 2021, 20 years to the day after 9-11, but Biden changed it to Aug.30. 9-11 2022 is coming up in this wavespell, Yellow 12 Warrior and pulses on Biden’s birth gateway.

The withdrawal was Blue 12 Crystal Storm, also pulsing on the hidden wisdom of Biden, ruled by Pluto. 2-12 are occult Tones.

9-11-01 was Blue 4 Self-Existing Monkey with Blue 4 Hand as Guide Power so that pulses on a different timeline.

I’m suggesting that there is crossover synchronicity between the Afghan war, 911, Biden, and Trump. They are manipulating the timeline. or trying to.

Thursday-Daily Reading; Here We Go!

Amplitude power is 54, 7x normal. It’s pretty high, escalating our brains.
The frequencies are really moving

Body Holon

White 2 Polar World Bridger~Red 2 Polar Skywalker. Hidden Wisdom is Blue 12 Crystal Eagle exactly diagonal down in the inverse harmonic. Jupiter. 🤔 That’s not helping here. Both are GAP kin zapping away, spinning our DNA. The 5GForce is White 12 Crystal Wizard. There ya have it. Wow..

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Mars. Pulsing are Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter.

  • Mars forms a sextile to Jupiter this morning, and we are enthusiastic about making changes and improvements. We are more courageous and energetic than usual. It can benefit us greatly if we direct this energy into worthwhile projects or causes, especially related to communicating, teaching, learning, and connecting. A spirit of gentle (?????) competition prevails as we seek to branch out and take on more challenges. This influence inspires enterprise and confidence in acting on our beliefs and convictions. We may be going to bat for the underdog. (OK, this astrologer, like most, is a Democrat)
  • Later today, some uncertainty is possible as we head toward a Venus-Pluto quincunx. There can be re-assessments with close personal relationships, spending, entertainment, or social life issues. Fears can disrupt the flow, but they can help us see what may have been our personal blind spots.


Biden’s Message Shifts From Compromise to Combat Ahead of Midterms

Here is the tone he sets on his Mayan birth gateway; White 2 World Bridger.

My podcast yesterday extolled the natural unity of the universe and the natural world. The Reptilian way is a projection of what you, yourself are doing wrong and saying the other person is doing it when they are not. You are. It’s crazy hypocrisy. It is a victim mentality so that you feel the need to defend, justify, and initiate violence yourself. The next 12 days will be a study in psychology.

You need to watch Corey’s video I just posted and read his report about the war on the LOC, our Moon, as I type this on Biden’s gateway. I’m just going to say it Biden and his rhetoric and attack on American law and patriotism are DIRECTLY related to his alignment with the Reptilians and the Orion group. These are not isolated events. And as Corey just said today, it’s gotten worse. My information is that Trump works with the GGLN, the Galactic League of Nations. Neither Trump nor the GGLN is righteous by any means, but they are working for peace and cooperation in our local system.

But with just two months until the midterm elections, Mr. Biden is purposely spending less time hailing the virtues of compromise and more time calling out dangers to democracy — using some of the sharpest and most combative language of his presidency.
He has accused Republicans of embracing “semi-fascism” by paying fealty to former President Donald J. Trump. He has blasted the party for being “full of anger, violence, hate and division.” And he has warned that the danger from Republicans loyal to Mr. Trump went far beyond differences in policy.
“They’re a threat to our very democracy,” he said of a party that he has spent a half-century working with to find common ground. “They refuse to accept the will of the people. They embrace political violence.”

It would help to remember that all White tribes hail from White Wind Tribe on Uranus. White Wind is spiritual communication and heavily solar based on our ancient past. Sol Invictus was Sun worship and Maldekians did that. All Red tribes hail from Red Dragon or the Draco on Neptune; the primordial mother, the giver of life. She’s fire, not daisies. All the priest classes through time hail from White Wind and White Worldbridger is in the priest class.

Well, we know what the problems can be with priests, especially if they believe in denying the body and separating it from the spirit over epic time. Dysfunction. You can only deny the needs of the flesh for so long without going crazy.

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