What We Know About the Flying Objects Shot Down Over North America


We’re not going back to the way it was. We are not going back.”

Harry Petsanis, Yellow 10 Seed on the phone yesterday.

Look at the map. Which time portals are these folks? White Dog, Blue Monkey, Yellow Human diagonal LINE, the HF that we’re in right now that pulses to HF33.

  • 60°N–165°E White Dog Portal
  • 30°N–150°W Blue Monkey Portal
  • Equator–105°West Yellow Human Portal

These are 4D TIME PORTALS, not 3D, but the Chinese are the source of the I CHING through Fu Xi. They understand time to some extent but probably not like our U.S. military or the Germans in particular. They are all cooperating, I believe.

They are trying to disrupt our Helpers from securing the new timeline THAT IS IN OUR FAVOR.

The DNA Double Helix as Time.

I love this post. Because I remember falling off of my chair seeing the synchronicity when I heard Corey say this. At the time I was on Twitter and posted what I thought and a lot of people got what I was saying. Corey e-mailed back quickly and said it was fine for me to quote him in my book.

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