White 3 Electric Dog-Monday Synchronicity Journal-1/23/23

The bottom dropped out of the ScR amplitude at 2pm EST. I couldn’t move. Better soon.😊 it’s 7 now.

Today’s date is an 11 (1+5+5) and Blue 11 Spectral Monkey is the Hidden Wisdom so dissolving magic is afoot. I find people like to be negative more than positive so they create a take-down all the time and think it’s being done TO them when they are doing it themselves with their powerful MINDSET.

It is quite a phenom to watch. I teach and do the opposite which is why I’m mostly ignored. I came to this planet to help not to believe we’d hit a critical mass through aelf-generation. We could though!

This constant talk of a solar flash is completely miscreating. There is nothing imminent. WE CREATE IT WITH OUR MENTAL FOCUS and the prophets teaching it know it. Are they paid to rile people up against the sun? It’s certainly not helping.

So, has the military promised they and their families an underground bunker so they have their asses covered? Colorado Springs must be a special place for underground bunkers for the elite.

WE ARE CO-CREATORS. God is ONE with us. Watch what you give your attention to, feel, think, follow, and believe. It is programming your mind to MANIFEST whatever you focus on. Abe-Hicks 101.

You absolutely can control your focus so build up your body in a positive manner just for starters. The only thing we can control is ourselves which is our contribution to the planet.

The Earth Holon-ScR and the Psi Bank Weather

No sun here at all tells me everything about the Psi Bank. The earth needs her balance back. I’ve never seen it like this in Michigan.

The amplitude is still 39.
The frequency is 8 and nothing is going up. Be good and do good.👍

This is J.C.’s birth gateway and Jose is the Hidden Wisdom. Our timeline is CA, past to present in the ancient world, I Ching Hx 24. So 3 Dog is in a twirling dance with 11 Monkey ∞. It does this daily and especially in your own birth gateway with your inverse harmonic. I just posted on it. However, for individuals it occurs in your entire birth harmonic, not just your birth gateway. Take a look at that. It really determines your sensability in Time.

The 5GForce is White 11 Spectral Dog, Kin 50.

“I DISSOLVE in order TO LOVE. Releasing loyalty I seal the process of heart with the spectral tone of liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled. I am a polar kin. I transport the white galactic spectrum. I am a GAP kin so I spin for 3 solar days.”

In the Tzolkin, you never read that you’re guided by anyone other than your own power doubled. That’s the deal and it has to do with YOUR BODY, your focus, your QI, your choices, your health and your healing. That is THE SAME THING as changing your Mind and Spirit. Your Body IS your Mind and Spirit AS TIME.

3D and 4D Synchronicity-Astrology and the Tzolkin

We are mediated by Mercury in Time but in 3D it will square Saturn a bit, I suppose as some discipline for those that keep habitually creating destructive energy by following instead of focusing themselves on their own business.

3 Mercury, 3 Asteroid Belt, 3Pluto, 11 VENUS
All Zodiac Signs
The Sun is now in Aquarius and making it’s revolutionary influence felt everywhere.
  • The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius until 12:37 PM EST, after which it moves through Pisces. We’re more objective with the Aquarius Moon.
  • The Moon hooks into the Venus-Saturn energy, and with a Venus-Saturn parallel, we continue to take our interactions, pleasures, relationships, and money more seriously this morning. (Our Hidden Wisdom Blue 11 Monkey is mediated by VENUS)
  • The Pisces Moon brings on a need to unwind, go with the flow, or accept and forgive. It awakens our need for spiritual refreshment or an escape from everyday life.
  • However, today’s Mercury-Saturn semi-square points to potential delays or miscommunications. We may need to manage some inconveniences in our communications and transit.
  • The Moon is void from 5:21 AM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Venus), until the Moon enters Pisces at 12:37 PM EST.

From cafeastrology.com

Tuesday Frequencies-White Dog Love with Solar Tone 9

I’m calling their hand on this one. There has been no solar love in Michigan for two weeks. No sun. Cloudy every day, warm and raining. It’s going to be in the 60’s next week in OH. I said five years again I thought we would gradually turn into a rainforest here.

The Moon in Gemini is aligned with retrograde Mars in 3D. In 4D that is theme, analog and guide power PULSE. SYNCHRONICITY.

We are in a new HF58; Spectral Process to formulate the Free Will of Liberation as we move to Yellow 11 Spectral Human hitting on Thursday.

This is I Ching Hx16; Enthusiasm/Harmonize. The is in the furthest upper left, NW corner of the I Ching Square of 8. So 0-45 degrees latitude and 90-60 degrees longitude. The nucleotide is TGT or Cysteine Red Dragon

9aspartic acid, 9 Methionine, 9 threonine, 9stop codon, 5asparagine. Mercury, Mercury, Mars, Pluto, and Venus

The 5GForce to level up is Kin #70, White 5 Dog;

“I empower in order to love. Commanding loyalty I seal the process of heart with the overtone tone of radiance. I am guided by the power of endlessness.”

How do you command loyalty? I wish I could do that. It’s not human nature to be loyal IMO. Ah, thus you have to command it, as they do in the military. But then is it real?

ScR Earth Frequencies

The amplitude is 5
The frequency is 8

The 4D time portals in this harmonic are Moon, Dog, Monkey, Human;

  • 60°S–105°W
  • 60°N–165°E
  • 30°N–150°W
  • Equator–105°W-Yellow 11 Human is where the entire harmonic is pulsing. But the White Dog Portal looks like the location for IChing 16; Alaska region.

There is also this. Crazy.

Powerful Winter Storm Hits Plains, Midwest After Causing Deaths, Power Outages in California


All Zodiac Signs

We’re mediated by Mercury in 4D and the Moon is in Gemini. SYNCHRONICITY.

  • The Moon spends the day in pleasant Gemini, keeping things busy and moving. This transit brings out the chatty in people and a strong desire to keep things stimulating, even if that means hopping from one project to the next.
  • The Moon’s alignment with retrograde Mars this afternoon fires up emotions, but we may have a hard time finding satisfying channels for pursuing our desires.
  • Venus heads toward a sextile to Jupiter as the day advances, exact tomorrow morning, and we’re exceptionally cooperative and ready to give one another the benefit of the doubt. (The Hidden Wisdom Position is mediated by Venus; Blue Monkey). This influence stimulates a mood or atmosphere conducive to tolerance, consideration for others, warmth, and openness. We are more forthcoming, optimistic, and generous than usual.

From cafeastrology.com

Wednesday Frequencies-We Stabilize Our Hearts by Going Through Challenges

Body Frequencies

Professor Dumbledore on Transits 🧙‍♂️

Freedom within the cosmic order.

We hit White 2 Polar Dog today landing on a GAP kin so the 4D energy spins for 3 days.

White 2 Dog, Red 2 Moon, White 2 Wind, Yellow 2 Sun, and Blue 12 Monkey. We have the start codon and the stop codon in one gateway and it’s a GAP kin.

I surmise that the tRNA is revved up in 4D with the combination of these two factors. Think of the fact that every 4 days, the harmonic, in 3D, we have 20 tRNA cells spinning in each gateway time portal. This is the power of 5 which turns to 10 which turns to 20 which is exponential. Exponential time is just eternity or timelessness.

So take in the irony of the fact that WITHOUT TIME MANIFESTED IN 3D (us) THERE WOULD BE NO TIMELESSNESS. The people who say there is no time couldn’t be more wrong. It’s just a Dimension of mind and a very necessary one or the timelines wouldn’t be so vigilantly guarded by our helpers.

Why do people think that just because something is MIND, or thought, it isn’t literal? Why do people think that just because you can’t use your 5 senses to observe it it isn’t literal? It’s indolent. Millions of people can read and pick up other dimensional movement. Don’t call people names just because they are HSP intuitives and you’re not.

Earth Frequencies

Only one more week until the Light returns; Winter Solstice.

Our planet has by no means stabilized yet over billions of years but it is no longer in its infancy. The days of the Dragon fire and Sulphur are past. Now we contend with the varying needs of all evolving DNA on the planet. To that end, 320 tech and aerospace companies in the ICC view earth and all life as a commodity to be used and thrown while they hoard the money.

This blog is part of the remedy for that. Time is not money. Time is DNA and it needs to be cared for and used wisely, not abused.

Amplitude is 7

4D time portal– 60 degrees N–165 degrees E i far Easter Russia by the Bering Sea, West of Alaska

5Dgforce-White 12 Crystal Dog, Kin90.

“I dedicate in order to love. Universalizing loyalty I seal the process of heart with the crystal tone of cooperation. I am guided by the power of spirit.”

Interplanetary Frequencies

We are mediated by Mercury with Uranus, Pluto, and Venus are pulsing in 4D. The Moon is in Virgo.

All Zodiac Signs
3D Muggle Madness
  • With today’s Sun-Neptune square, we can struggle with our direction. If we’ve been lacking inspiration or motivation, we can feel it more acutely now. This influence tends to diffuse energy and blur boundaries. We may deal with disorganization, impracticality, or a temporary energy drain. Ideally, we come up with ideas for refueling.
  • This transit challenges us to consider our needs for inspiration and imagination, which might conflict with our plans and goals. We may need to confront the areas of our lives where reality isn’t measuring up to our ideals. Until we find ways to incorporate more spirit into our lives, it’s hard to feel motivated. Still, it can be a time of increased spiritual awareness and vision, even if we initially struggle with this. There may be detours or distractions to deal with now.
  • Sun-Neptune amps up uncertainty, and we can either go with that flow or resist it and feel a little lost temporarily until we regroup.
  • A Venus-Saturn semi-square is also in play, and there can be some diffidence in our interactions. With this transit, we can be cool with our sentiments and emotionally distant. Anxiety or troubles with our feelings and affections are likely.
  • As the day advances, a Mercury-Chiron square comes into influence, pointing to possibly strained, unnatural communications. We can be more sensitive to criticism than usual. We may doubt ourselves when solving problems or learning and expressing ourselves. Even so, a temporary dip might boost our motivation to improve.
  • The void Moon continues today until the Moon enters Virgo at 3:46 AM EST.

Thursday-White 11 Spectral Dog, July 7, 2022

Body Frequency

Please look at your app from another-world.net for today’s images representing the amino acids

The Amino acids evolving in our tRNA cells are 11asparticacid, 11methionine, 11asparticacid, 11stopcodon, and 3asparagine.

  • Aspartic acid is one of the building-block amino acids that are responsible for synthesizing proteins and regulating hormones in the human body.
  • Methionine (L-methionine) is a nutritional supplement as well as an essential amino acid found in food. Methionine is required for normal growth and repair of body tissues; it cannot be made by the body, but must be obtained from the diet; thus, it is considered an “essential” amino acid.
  • A stop codon is a sequence of three nucleotides (a trinucleotide) in DNA or messenger RNA (mRNA) that signals a halt to protein synthesis in the cell.
  • Asparagine is needed to produce many proteins but also plays other roles. Asparagine helps to break down toxic ammonia within cells, is important for protein modification, and is needed for making a certain molecule that transmits signals in the brain (a neurotransmitter).

White Dog is a Polar Kin whose job is the receive transmissions from the Cosmic Web.

Earth Frequency-ScR

The White Dog time portal is located at 60 degrees north, and 165 degrees east in far eastern Russia by the Bering Sea, West of Alaska. Google Earth isn’t letting me see it. Maybe Google it in your Google Earth and see if they let you see the time portal. The military keeps them off-limits to civilians because they are multi-dimensional. They can use them but we can’t. Same story, different day.

The peak frequency is 24, 3x normal. The site says it’s calm.

The Sun

It’s not reacting very much to Local Wide DNA because we’re calm. The ScR shows that as well. Take a look at the grid on the link below to spaceweathernews.com. This link shows the GOES plot. It’s not rocket science to read it. There are only low-level solar flares today. No M-class or X class. As I said, it’s because of the DNA frequency, the Mindsphere of the local system is calm.


The G.A.P. Kin

The BIG NEWS is that we have two days of Galactic Activation Portals which pulse to an entire week because it’s a DOUBLE PULSE of White 11 Dog and Blue 12 Monkey. The energy started when I was posting warning you and now it will continue to July 11, 2022, just for this initial post. The entire apocalyptic cycle goes into October 2022.

This is the apocalyptic pulse I kept posting about in the Psi Bank. As I said, it may be a personal shakeup in your life, in your body, or both. OR, it could be a collective shake-up. The problem with that is they LIE to us all the time and half of the huge events that occur we never hear about if it doesn’t fit into their narrative or they aren’t the ones causing it or using it for fear-mongering. Use your intuition. On my end, my body is having an earthquake, flesh, and nerves and I am shrinking quickly. It’s freaking me out. I just keep drinking water and resting. My diet is so clean it’s sick! LOL, I no longer eat processed food or sugar. That’s just…nuts right? I don’t want it. I’m not suggesting anyone else do it. It’s just what my body holon wants in this ascension.

White 11 Spectral Dog is a Galactic Activation Portal which means that in the Psi Bank or Magnetosphere of the earth, the effect of this kin lasts for 3 days. The G.A.P. kin is in sync with astronomical cycles. It is proof that the coordinate Life is 13:20, not 12:60. We’ll start by noting the Moon Cycle. Today is the First Quarter Moon. Tomorrow will be the waning gibbous moon so the energy of the G.A.P. kin is a transition point between the moon cycles. Tomorrow we have the same thing with Blue 12 Monkey as a G.A.P. kin so there are reverberation 3 days before the G.A.P. kin, on the day of, and 3 days after it. This will be doubled because there are two in a row. I just posted a more in-depth explanation of the G.A.P. kin.

You can see White 11 Dog next to the White Dog icon on the left and go right 3 squares to the Green box

Interplanetary Frequency; 3D Astrology

We are mediated by Mercury today. We’ve got Red Moon as the analog and we have Pluto mediating Yellow Sun which is the Stop Codon today. ALL ELEVEN’s, the Spectral tone so something is being dissolved. The Oracle is in synchronicity with astrology as usual.

  • The Moon spends another day in relationship-centered, gracious, and fair Libra. This Moon is balanced and compromising, and its trine to Saturn this afternoon is steadying and clear-headed. Harmonizing is more important to us than usual with this Moon. Its square to Pluto tonight can mean our fear of betrayal, whether from the universe or a person, can lead to distrust. We should watch for swinging from a desire to be fair to suspicion, which can be confusing.
  • The void Moon occurs from 9:04 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Pluto), until the Moon enters Scorpio the next day, Friday, July 8th, at 1:15 AM EDT.

From cafeastrology.com

July 7, 2022 is White 11 Spectral Dog

Read that. Mediated by Mercury. And through July 13 follow the tribes mediated by Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Those are the planets named in the science post that was in spectacular alignment. If they don’t understand the connection they should be reading this blog!

This is either a dress rehearsal or the real enchilada.

Just for the record, I’m 99% sure our Watchers and Helpers can immediately step in as a bridge in communications when our entire satellite system goes down. I highly doubt we’ll descend into the cataclysmic stone age as Ben Davidson is predicting. For god’s sake.🙄

Friday-Personal Sovereignty Motivated by Love

When that occurs, natural reciprocity, and willingness to share flows. There is no fear of selfishness with sovereignty when there is love. There is a distinction between Higher Self sovereignty and identity sovereignty that is going to defend the identity no matter what. We hold on to our identities and defend them when we don’t feel sovereign in our souls. That sense of sovereignty comes from Source In Us. That connection is the reason why meditation is so important.

Our Evolution

4asparticacid, 4methinine, 4threonine, 4stopcodon, 10asparagine

We have the start and stop codon controlling things today; Red Moon and Yellow Sun🌞, and doing so under self-existing Tone 4. This is an opportunity to create more sovereignty over your body, time, and mind. The impetus is White Dog love and companionship. That’s nice as long as you can find a human in affinity and not dysfunction. Someone who loves you would never ask you to sacrifice your sovereignty nor would you do it to them. You’re always mutually considerate and reciprocate. It’s a two-way street, give and take. Blue 10 Planetary Monkey is manifested magic through mental focus. The 5gforce is White 10 Planetary Dog so this gives us support to manifest all of it in 3D.

Magnetosphere Psi Bank Status

The peak frequency is 37

The Local System

This is in high synchronicity with the oracle today. We are ruled by Mercury.

  • The Moon spends the day in Aquarius, and we’re impartial, kind, and progressive.
    • Transits today facilitate creative interactions. Independence, equality, and freedom are vital to feeling emotionally satisfied right now. We are cooperative and open to change.
  • With Uranus sextile Juno, this is a good time for friendly energy in our relationships. We can be together and give one another space at the same time, accepting and respecting individuality. Interactions are fresh, progressive, and inspiring. (exact synchronicity with what I said above.)
  • Still, the Moon’s square to Uranus tonight can stir restless or rebellious feelings. Rules and limitations are harder to accept. (This is monkey business and not to be taken seriously tonight. Venus mediates.)


Monday Daily Reading; White 9 Solar Dog on 4/18/22

We are in a new HF 58; Spectral Process, formulate the free will of liberation. I Ching Hx16; Enthusiasm/Harmonize. The Overarch DNA Nucleotide is TGT-Cysteine or Red Dragon. Meditate to 248.4 Hz

This merges exactly with HF58 in the Tzolkin. They both govern DNA evolution.
I Ching is 3D, and Tzolkin is multi-density.

Earth Holon

Peak amplitude is 17, 9 points above normal. At least it came down which means people have calmed down likely due to the Holiday break.

Body Holon

We land on Solar Tone 9 which pulses to the left elbow.

  • The theme is 9Aspartic Acid or White 9 Solar Dog; love and loyalty. Pulse is to the left foot and leg.
  • The Analog is 9Methionine or Red 9 Solar Moon; the universal flow of feeling. Pulse is to the right foot🦶 and leg🦵.
  • The Guide Power is 9Threonine or White 9 Solar Worldbridger: death/change. Pulse is to the right upper lung area.
  • The Antipode is 9StopCodon, or Yellow 9 Solar Sun🌞; Christ Consciousness. Pulse is to the right crown chakra, top of the head.
  • The Hidden Wisdom is 5Asparagine or Blue 5 Radiant Monkey; Magic. Pulse is to the left thigh, buttock,, and abdomen below the navel.
  • The 5gforce is 5Aspartic Acid or White 5 Radiant Dog. This is pulsing in occult relationship with the Theme and pulses to the left leg and foot to the entire etheric body.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Mercury today.


He is in full-scale Sun Watch mode today. I am in Earth Watch and our local planets mode. The CMEs are not hitting earth because they are hitting other planets in our system that are also evolving. Their DNA is pulling on the Sun, Earth, not as much. This is today’s S.O. and yesterday’s is underneath it.

  • The Sun forms a square to Pluto today, and putting our trust in others (or in life/the process) can be difficult. This aspect, possibly through discord, helps us identify areas of over-attachment. We might clash with those in authority, or we’re frustrated as our sense of responsibility or fear of loss in our professional or public lives conflicts with our personal plans. We may act compulsively and find it difficult to let go and unwind. Positively, circumstances now can push us to discover our own power — power that comes from a strong sense of self rather than superficial energy derived from manipulating people into doing what we want them to do. It’s best to aim for self-control now. It’s important to avoid trying to force matters that should naturally take time to unfold. We should also watch for a bit of paranoia or suspicion that works against us. This aspect can bring fears and buried matter to the surface.
  • The Moon spends much of the day (until 10:18 PM EDT) in intense, perceptive Scorpio, before entering spirited, optimistic Sagittarius.

From Cafeastrology.com

Wednesday-8Aspartic Acid or White 8 Galactic Dog; Love, Loyalty, Helpful Companion

The vibe of this animal is at the top of the heap

I harmonize in order to love. Modeling loyalty I seal the process of heart with the galactic tone of integrity. I am guided by the power of timelessness.

Kin 190 of The Tzolkin-The Dreamspell

What is the role of aspartic acid in the body?

Aspartic acid is one of the building-block amino acids that are responsible for synthesizing proteins and regulating hormones in the human body.

Aspartic acid comes in two forms: L-aspartic acid and D-aspartic acid. L-aspartic acid becomes part of proteins synthesized in the body and is responsible for encouraging the production of antibodies that support the function of the body’s immune system. (that is destroyed by the vaccines.) D-aspartic acid is not used to synthesize proteins. It is typically found in the pituitary gland and the testes, and is involved in the regulation, release, and synthesis of testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH).

LH is responsible for regulating when a woman’s ovaries release an egg during her menstrual cycle and encouraging sperm production in men.

Aspartic acid is involved in the synthesis of four essential amino acids in humans: methionine, threonine, isoleucine (BLUE HAND), and lysine (WHITE WIZARD). Methionine (RED MOON) is used in the metabolism; threonine (WHITE WB) is used in the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the immune system; isoleucine is used in energy regulation; lysine is used in growth and muscle turnover.

Saturday Daily Oracle; Kin# 130. We take Flight. The Dragon Genesis is Complete. This is a Mega Omega Point or End Point in Our Evolution. It’s the End of an Inhale From Galactic Center

This harmonic turns in on itself∞.

Yesterday, the hidden wisdom, Yellow 2 Human is the kin at the bottom of the harmonic as the theme. Today, the hidden wisdom will be the theme tomorrow. Tomorrow, today’s theme will be the hidden wisdom. And the next day, Yellow 2 Human is Red 12 Moon’s hidden wisdom. It’s a lemniscate that opens the gateway as a spiral energetic, DNA key. It’s evolution.

Body Holon

The Trinity

The theme and analog are Father/Mother, the hidden wisdom is the Human Son/Daughter, The antipode is The Holy Spirit the Guide Power is Eternity or Timelessness

  • Theme is White 13 Cosmic Dog: God the Father, THE MALE as a god; perfect love and loyalty. 13 Aspartic Acid
  • Analog is Red 13 Cosmic Moon; God the Mother, flow of cosmic universal feeling the loom of the 13 moons, THE FEMALE as a goddess.
  • Guide Power is White 13 Cosmic Magician/Jaguar: Timelessness or eternity guiding human ascension
  • Antipode is Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun; Christ Consciousness through The Holy Spirit. 13StopCodon. The DNA sequence ends.
  • Hidden Wisdom is Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey, which is also tomorrow’s theme. A human being has been born through this union into an evolutionary seed of monkey; The Son/Daughter manifested in human form; 1Asparagine
  • The 5gforce is white 1 Magnetic Dog or magnetic love and loyalty pulsing exactly with the hidden wisdom, Blue 1 Monkey to manifest the human son and daughter in one person; Christ Michael.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Mercury. The Moon is in Aries which aligns with Red Skywalker. Sun in Capricorn and retrograde Venus align. We’re reassessing our situation with grounded issues. Venus and the Sun will soon be semi-sextile Mars causing us to parse whether to be direct or indirect.


Earth Holon

Big Cosmic Ray health alert ⚠️ on cosmic tone 13. Synchronicity.

I will look up the time portal for White Dog today in a bit.

Tuesday-Radiant Love and Loyalty

Body Holon

  • Theme is White 5 Radiant Dog or 5Aspartic Acid; Love
  • Analog is Red 5 Radiant Moon or 5Methionine; Radiant flow of Feelings
  • Guide Power is White 5 Radian Mirror or 5Tyrosine; Meditation
  • Antipode is Yellow 5 Radiant Sun or 5Stop Codon; Enlightenment
  • Hidden Wisdom is Blue 9 Solar Monkey or 9Asparagine; Magic
  • 5GFORCE isWhite 9 Dog or 9Aspartic Acid; Solar Affinity

Interplanetary Holon

Our main mediating planet is Mercury today. Sub-mediating is Pluto, the Sun, and Venus

Mercury, courtesy of NASA
  • With a sesquiquadrate between Mercury and Neptune this morning, we tend to perceive situations in an impractical or overly optimistic way.
  • It can serve to diffuse our concentration or focus.
  • Synchronicity; However, Mercury and Mars are heading to alignment, exact tomorrow, and we can end up mentally wired later today. Mercury mediates today.
  • Synchronicity; The Moon spends most of the day in Capricorn, aligning with Pluto there. The Guide Power is mediated by Saturn and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn
  • The Capricorn Moon is resourceful, sensible, ambitious, and earthy.
  • We crave results, preferring to see the reality of a situation.

Today’s Sabian Readout.

It should come up on today; Nov. 9, 2021, but if it doesn’t just type it in. Then click on the links. There are 9 or 10 other alignments to look at. Beats indulging in Social Media.


Sun in Scorpio 18 (17° – 18°)

We can raise ourselves to the level where we are the ones who
​decide and determine what will occur
“Freeing ourselves from patterns of limiting beliefs”

Woods rich in Autumn colouring
Woods rich in autumn coloring. Synchronicity.
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